ZWO Methane CH4 20nm 1.25'' Filter

ZWO Methane CH4 20nm 1.25" Filter

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Model:  zwo_ch4_125
Part Number:  ZWO-CH4

A useful filter for imaging Jupiter, Saturn and other planets. 

CH4 (methane) filters are recommended for CCD or CMOS cameras with good sensitivity in the IR part of the spectrum, at around 890nm. I.e. ZWO ASI185 and ASI224 cameras are a good match for this filter. To a lesser degree, astro-modified DSLR cameras (with their IR-blocking filter removed) can also be used. 

This filter is in a 1.25" (31.7mm ) anodised aluminium filter cell with an inner filter thread, so it can be combined with other similarly threaded filters. 

It is supplied in a plastic storage case.

Note 1: This filter is designed for photographic use. It is not suitable for visual astronomy.

Note 2: Large aperture (8" or larger) Newtonian telescopes work best because their large apertures provide lots of light, and mirror optics don't absorb the IR part of the spectrum. 

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