Celestron NexYZ 3-AXIS Universal Smartphone Adapter
Celestron NexYZ 3-AXIS Universal Smartphone AdapterCelestron NexYZ 3-AXIS Universal Smartphone AdapterCelestron NexYZ 3-AXIS Universal Smartphone Adapter
Celestron NexYZ 3-AXIS Universal Smartphone AdapterCelestron NexYZ 3-AXIS Universal Smartphone AdapterCelestron NexYZ 3-AXIS Universal Smartphone Adapter

Celestron NexYZ 3-AXIS Universal Smartphone Adapter

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Celestron NexYZ 3-AXIS Universal Smartphone Adapter

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About this product

Model:  cel_nexyz_adptr
Part Number:  81055-CGL

NexYZ connects your smartphone to your telescope, spotting scope, binocular, monocular, and microscope, so you can capture images and video through the eyepiece.

“US and International Patents Pending”

NexYZ fits any eyepiece from 35 mm to 60 mm in diameter, including telescopes with 1.25” and 2” eyepieces, spotting scopes, monoculars, and binoculars. NexYZ will also attach to microscopes by adding the included microscope adapter ring, which takes the usable diameter down to 25 mm, the size of a standard microscope eyepiece. A strong spring and a threaded twist lock provide a two-level strong and secure grip on the optical instrument’s eyepiece so you can image with confidence.

NexYZ also accommodates a huge range of smartphones. The phone platform is fully adjustable and can fit any device—usually with the case still on. Even larger “phablets” like the iPhone 8 Plus and the latest Samsung Galaxy devices work perfectly. The secure platform easily stands up to the weight of these heavier devices.

If multiple people want to capture a shot through your optic, NexYZ’s simple spring-loaded clamps make removing and replacing one device with another quick and easy. NexYZ is the ideal solution for star parties and group bird walks where everyone wants their own shot of the action.

Easy as X-Y-Z

What makes NexYZ different from other smartphone adapters? The three-axis adjustment. Most adapters rely on you placing your phone perfectly on the platform and only offer limited adjustment in two axes. But NexYZ gives you the power to place your phone on the platform, centre it over the eyepiece with the X and Y knobs, and then move up or down over the eyepiece until you have the entire field of view in your shot.

And even though this adjustment is ultra-precise, it’s still quicker and easier than other adapters. From start to finish, the process only takes about 30 seconds, including the time it takes to insert the phone into NexYZ, attach NexYZ to an eyepiece, start the camera app, and centre the camera over the eyepiece using the knobs. If you switch phones, eyepieces, or optical instruments, you will need only slight adjustments to re-centre the camera over the new eyepiece.

You can switch your image from portrait to landscape by turning the padded eyepiece clamp and readjusting the X, Y, and Z axis to realign your phone with the eyepiece.

NOTE: NexYZ fits telescopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, monoculars, and microscopes. It will not fit riflescopes. NexYZ will work with most phone cases, but if you have an especially large phone case with built-in batteries or a folio-style case, Celestron recommends removing it for optimal use.


  • NexYZ connects your smartphone to your telescope, spotting scope, binocular, monocular, and microscope so you can capture images and video through the eyepiece
  • Works with a wide range of mobile phone models, including all the latest devices from Samsung, Google, and Apple
  • Unlike other adapters, NexYZ features three directional knobs (X, Y, and Z axis) that perfectly align your phone’s camera with the eyepiece in seconds so you are ready to snap the perfect image
  • NexYZ stands up to rigorous field use thanks to its robust, durable construction with a metal frame and polymer body

Smartphone Adapter Instructions

  1. Connect The Adapter
    • For Telescopes, Binoculars, and Spotting Scopes

      Squeeze the lever to open the clamp. Position the clamp around the eyepiece and release. Tighten the safety lock.

    • For Microscopes

      Please choose one of the two provided adapter rings that best fits your microscope’s eyepiece and secure it in place. (You may need to remove the eyepiece from the microscope to install the ring.) Then, follow the instructions above.

  2. Attach Your Phone
    • NeXYZ works with regular phone cases, but you must remove “folio-style” cases. Extend the slider. Place your phone on the platform, ensuring the bottom touches the rubber base. Release the slider. Your phone is now secure and ready for imaging.
  3. Align and Shoot
    • Open your camera app. Position your phone over the eyepiece using the X and Y axis knobs. Then, use the Z-axis knob to move closer or further away from the eyepiece until you have achieved your desired framing. Finally, adjust the focus using the focuser on your optics and snap the image.

For further NexYZ Imaging Tips and Tricks, check out our knowledgeable base file here

Customer reviews

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Opened the door to smartphone astrophotography
25 March 2024  | 

The difference this bit of kit makes is incredible.
I use my adaptor on the eyepiece of a pair of Celestron 25 x 100 Skymaster binoculars. Whilst it's not perfect, it's a solid 8 out of 10 in terms of improvement vs trying to take a shot, through the eyepiece, with your smartphone, by hand.

It does take some setting up to align your phone lens with the centre of the eyepiece, and once set up, any small knock while you're out there, in the dark does throw the alignment out - at least this is the case on my set up.

The whole adaptor clamps securely onto the eyecup of my binoculars and the X,Y & Z adjustment controls make finding the centre of the viewfinder quite easy.

I'd highly recommend this product.

Rating (max 5):  
Celestron NexYZ 3-AXIS Universal Smartphone Adapter
28 February 2024  | 

Great bit of kit, good quality and well made, fitted to my Samsung A71 without any problem, You do need to line it up with your telescope eye piece which is best done during the day and never needs adjusting again, Thanks to the team at Flo for getting it out next day to me.

Rating (max 5):  
Xyz phone adapter
21 March 2023  | 

Great bit of kit solid well built recommend

Rating (max 5):  
Great service from FLO as always!
25 July 2022  | 

I canít help you in your decision regarding the product as of course itís been cloudy since I got this item. FLO were amazing however, and I cannot praise them highly enough. The reviews for this product are great and I cannot wait to try it out.

Rating (max 5):  
Smartphone Adapter
10 March 2022  | 

Great sturdy product and easy to use. Plus, great service.

Rating (max 5):  
Takes some getting used to but good results
03 March 2022  | 

Worth getting used to in daylight before you try it out at night.
Very secure but a trick to getting the phone holder pulled back without moving the scope.
Make sure you use as long exposure as you can on the phone for DSOs

Rating (max 5):  
Excellent adjustability but not perfect
22 February 2021  | 

Arrived in good time and well packaged, thank you. I have only tried this attached to my binoculars so far and I have found the range of adjustments very good and easy to use with my small iPhone SE attached. I have found that it is quite easy to inadvertently drive the X-Y axis into the Z plane such that the bracket bends, but that is something that I just need to keep an eye on. Once adjusted it should be avoidable. I have found the eyepiece grip wanting, the unit is heavy even without the phone, but the combined weight of my small iPhone SE and the holder means that it droops meaning that the phone is not perpendicular to the axis of view. The phone holder is also not completely square with the axis of view either which exacerbates the droop issue mentioned above.

On the face of it the Celestron NexYZ-Axis is a nice idea and is reasonably solid feeling for a plastic item, it is difficult for me to compare others of this type as I have not tried any other phone holder, and keeping things in perspective it is just for taking fun pictures with your phone, but it just doesn't feel 5 stars.

Rating (max 5):  
Good phone holder
11 January 2021  | 

At first sight this seems like it might be an overly complicated piece of kit. There are so many adjustments! But once mastered, it provided a solid mount for my phone that was easy to remove and replace on my astronomical binoculars.

Rating (max 5):  
Game Changer
30 December 2020  | 

What can I say, this is a game changer for taking images through your telescope. Nice and sturdy and lots of adjustment. If you have a bulky phone case then you might want to consider a more slimline case, as it can be difficult to get the camera lens close to the eyepiece if using say a 7.5mm. Apart from that its great. As I'm finding out, in the astronomy game you get what you pay for! Highly recommended for me, great holder! FLO are fantastic to deal with 🙂

Rating (max 5):  
First impressions
29 December 2020  | 

Speedy delivery from First Light at a good price!
Works well but only tested in daylight do far.
Noticed you cannot connect earphones to iphone to use as shutter release, since cable is obstructed by cradle.

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