ADM Mini-Max-Guider Guidescope Saddle
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ADM Mini-Max-Guider Guidescope Saddle

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About this product

Model:  adm-mini-max-guider
Part Number:  MINI-MAX-F

The ADM Mini-Max Guidescope is a convenient and easy to use alternative to guidescope rings.

Enables you to quickly align, or purposely offset, two optical tubes to find a suitable guidestar for autoguiding.

Based on ADM's larger ADM Max-Guider, the smaller Mini-MAX is designed for use with the Vixen-type 'V' series dovetail bars to reduce overall weight to under 2 lbs yet easily handle a guidescope or finderscope under 10lbs.

Offers a generous 10 degrees of Azimuth adjustment and 5 degrees of altitude adjustment.

CNC machined from aircraft quality 6061 black-anodized aluminium and stainless steel for a beautiful finish and durability.  

The Mini-MAX is 6.4" long and adds approximately 2" of height (from top of dovetail on OTA to bottom dovetail on guidescope/finderscope)

Female Version

The underside is a vixen-type female dovetail.

Can be mounted piggyback on an inverted Vixen-type dovetail or Side-By-Side on a Dual Mounting Bar using a male-to-male Vixen-type dovetail adapter inserted into one of the Side-By-Side saddles.

Male Version

The underside is a vixen-type dovetail that will fit into an existing side-by-side system. The base also has five tapped holes for attaching directly to ADM side-by-side plates.

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