Askar 80PHQ 0.76x Full Frame Reducer
 Askar 80PHQ 0.76x Full Frame ReducerAskar 80PHQ 0.76x Full Frame Reducer 

Askar 80PHQ 0.76x Full Frame Reducer

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Model:  askar_phq80_reducer

The Askar new 3 inch 0.76x full frame Focal Reducer.

The new Askar 3 inch 0.76x full frame reducer, features a triplet optical design and has been introduced specifically for use with  the 80PHQ Telescope.

It provides a focal reduction of 0.76x reducing the focal ratio from F7.5 to F5.7 and a reduced focal length of 456 mm.

Thus effectively shortening the exposure time and dramatically increasing your field of view and allowing the astro imager to capture more data in a shorter period of time.

Located Focuser side is the multi-functional four-piece photographic adapter, which can be connected to the end thread of the focuser. The backfocus is the standardised 55mm and the Reducer also has a built-in M48X0.75 (2 inch) filter thread that allows you to screw on filters conveniently.


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