We kept our promise

1 Comment4 January 2013  |  Steve

The BBC Stargazing Live series of programmes with Brian Cox and Dara Ó Briain is nearly upon us! The first episode airs next Tue 8pm on BBC-2.

Some will remember how incredibly successful the last series was. The programmes generated a tidal wave of people interested in beginning astronomy. This chart shows the increase in traffic to our website through the period 1st Dec 2011 - 1st Mar 2012.

Posted Image

It was wonderful seeing so many people wanting to observe the night sky but it put a serious strain on the astro retail industry because the number of enquiries more than doubled as importers/distributors ran out of stock! We apologised as best we could and promised to invest in additional premises, more staff and to carry more stock. We have kept our promise smiley

We moved into larger premises and have another additional unit (we were going to use it as a showroom but it is now full of stock!). We have employed another full-time member of staff SteveB and Megan has joined us part-time to help with dispatch. We have also upgraded our helpdesk and website to make it easier to for you to email questions and receive a response.

We can't promise there won't be stock shortages but we have done all we can to make this year's 'Brian Cox affect' more manageable and less disruptive.



Tim Jardine
05 January 2013  |  20:15

In a time of recession it is very encouraging to see a forward thinking company planning and preparing for the future.
Thanks for another year of great service FLO.