ADM Dual Saddle upgrade for EQ5 and CG5

ADM Dual Saddle upgrade for EQ5 and CG5

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Model:  adm_eq5_cg5_dual_saddle
Part Number:  DUAL-CG5

The original and BEST dual saddle.

Replaces the standard Skywatcher EQ5 or Celestron CG-5 saddle with a dual-saddle device that enables both the popular Vixen (Skywatcher/Celestron) and Losmandy type dovetails to be mounted directly to the mount.

Manufactured from premium quality black-anodised 6061 Aluminium and stainless steel. 

The split clamp design provides an extremely solid locking surface with maximum contact along the entire length of the saddle. Stainless steel guide pins and spring-loaded design maintains the proper dovetail angles.  


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06 November 2023  | 

Nicely engineered. Fits exactly, and does its job. I feel much happier entrusting my telescope to this, rather than the eq5 clamp, which was damaging the little Vixen dovetail I was using.

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A permanent and professional solution for a real problem
24 October 2023  | 

The SkyWatcher EQ5 is great little mount with a lot of potential - but SW's original method of securing a Maksutov of moderate mass to the declination head looked to me like an awful accident waiting to happen and previous reviewers seem to agree. I noted as soon as I put the scope together, setting the tripod to north (I've always used a stable fork mount before) - that having just one retaining screw in the middle of the OTA's fulcrum, with a tiny steadying locking screw wasn't going to inspire the least bit of confidence about telescope support. I would have been worrying about this instability all through an observing session (and before I went to sleep as well...)
Fortunately, ADM have designed and engineered this dual-sized saddle to reassure worriers like me and I have to say that it's a well-thought out solution to the EQ5's instability problem for heavier Maks, or whatever optics you might have. One has to be realistic about the loading mass for such a lightweight mount.
Replacement assembly was straightforward and trouble-free, though the dec. gear alignment needs care after re-assembly - be prepared for a bit of fiddling to get it right. The ADM kit was originally designed to replace a Celestron C5 saddle, but there were no problems with alternative hex bolt placement, etc.
When you think what the dec. saddle has to do, supporting all the delicate hardware for observation, I think it makes sense to upgrade - effectively fit and forget...

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A genuine upgrade
24 September 2022  | 

Everything I have had, made by ADM, has been really high quality and this is no exception, well made, beautiful fit and finish, plus works a treat too. Very simple to fit, two bolts to remove the old saddle, four to fit the new, one as it is in two parts, takes around a minute. The only minor niggle is, if like me you have the motors fitted, a bit of fettling is required to get the motor to fit, nothing major, the hole needs filing out , as the slot isn't wide enough, and some kind of shim is needed between the bracket and the motor, I made one but a few steel washers should work nicely. I appreciate that this item is about 60% of the price of the mount, and may put quite a lot of people off, but it really is worth the outlay as the price is a fraction of the cost of any of my telescopes. I would highly recommend this saddle to anyone in the market, solid bit of kit.

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ADM saddle upgrade
20 October 2021  | 

Dithered about whether or not to get this for ages but one evening when my scope and camera were pointing to zenith it slid slightly in the saddle so that made the decision for me. Had no idea how beefy this saddle upgrade is compared to the one supplied with the EQ5 mount and certainly much better than using the smaller screws to secure my telescope. The upgrade is really easy to swap them over and there is no chance of the telescope slipping now. As always quick dispatch by FLO.

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EQ5 upgrade
22 March 2021  | 

I recently upgraded from the original EQ5 mount saddle , after noticing a small fracture in the original saddle, replacing the saddle was very easy, the new upgrade is a great option, make of solid steel not cast, really secures the telescope, I wondered how I managed without this upgrade previously, definitely peace of mind knowing my equipment is safe and secure, definitely worth the upgrade, highly recommended, great product, great price.

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26 February 2021  | 

Arrived the day after I ordered it. I needed a secure saddle as I had just written of a £1000 ccd camera when it and my telescope slipped out of the EQ5 saddle. Luckily I was covered by my house contents insurance! I was slightly apprehensive as the ADM was designed primarily for the CG5. After reading the instructions I totally disregarded them and just used common sense to fit the saddle to the EQ5. Completed the upgrade in a couple of minutes. It’s really rock solid ! Holds my equipment well with no chance of slipping. Thoroughly recommend this upgrade if you value your equipments safety.

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Excellent bit of kit
03 May 2018  | 

A couple of weeks ago I was imaging M51 which was overhead. My Altair LW 66ED-R + Canon 60D was attached to a Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Synscan. When I came to pack up the single lock screw on the original SW saddle was loose even though I had really put pressure on it when setting up. I needed something more substantial and came across this item. Very well engineered, a solid bit of kit. It was easy to instal and I now feel confident when pointing at the zenith. Well worth the price. Recommended.

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ADM Dual Saddle
26 July 2015  | 

The saddle is very well made, solid, and heavy. It weighs 2pounds 14oz as against the original fitting’s 8½oz. It has the feel and look of a piece of professional equipment. The adaptor grips the dovetail rail very firmly indeed and has proved completely secure carrying my Helios 6 inch refractor which weighs a hefty 19 pounds just for the bare OTA and no less than 21 to 22 pounds in actual use. I am very pleased with it.
Please note that I am not recommending that anyone else should overload their EQ5 as much as I do.
Paul, Margate, Kent.

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Great upgrade for my cg5
01 February 2015  | 


I have just upgraded my cg5 gt mount with this saddle from ADM. Installation is very easy. I didn't have to remove a engine assembly at all (attached manual is wrong). Looks and fits great.

Highly recommended!


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Superb upgrade
09 May 2012  | 

Just what i needed for my CG5. Can now use my Losmandy equipped Celestron C9.25 plus all my Vixen dovetail scopes.
Also far easier to use than the original saddle.
Only downside was the DEC motor attachment slot was not large enough to accept the M6 bolt. Had to do a small amount of big deal though.

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