ProAstroGear Black-CAT Mount connects ZWO ASiair, EAF & guide scope to William Optics RedCat 51
ProAstroGear Black-CAT Mount connects ZWO ASiair, EAF & guide scope to William Optics RedCat 51ProAstroGear Black-CAT Mount connects ZWO ASiair, EAF & guide scope to William Optics RedCat 51ProAstroGear Black-CAT Mount connects ZWO ASiair, EAF & guide scope to William Optics RedCat 51ProAstroGear Black-CAT Mount connects ZWO ASiair, EAF & guide scope to William Optics RedCat 51

ProAstroGear Black-CAT Mount connects ZWO ASiair, EAF & guide scope to William Optics RedCat 51

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About this product

Model:  pag_black-cat_mount
Part Number:  PAG1

New Black-Cat Mount from ProAstroGear 

The Black-CAT mount connects a ZWO ASiair, EAF and guide scope to the William Optics RedCat 51 and SpaceCat 51 telescopes. The mount includes precise gears that allows the EAF to control the focus of the scope.

The benefit of the gears compared to belt is that the gears don't bend the tube of the telescope as the tensioned belt does. Backlash of the Black-CAT Mount gears is minuscule compared to the backlash of the EAF gear box .

All Black-CAT Mount parts are made of wear resistant ASA plastic and the mount has been tested to work in cold environment (even below -25° Celsius, -13° Fahrenheit) for months with no issues. The ASA plastic withstands heat up to 80° Celsius (176 Fahrenheit) and UV-light without bending or deforming.

Black-CAT Mount fits perfectly to RedCat 51 and SpaceCat 51 scopes with the old and new style William Optics Single Mounting Rings.

Black-CAT Mount is super easy to install and all necessary screws, nuts and washers to connect ASiair, EAF, Vixen style shoe for guide scope and William Optics Saddle Handle are included with the Black-CAT Mount. 

What's in the box

  • Black-CAT Mount Body
  • Big and Small Gear
  • M4 hex screws
  • M4 Square Nuts
  • M4 Flat End Screws
  • Washers

Downloads / Manuals

The following manuals and downloads are available for this product:


Black-Cat Mount Assembly Instructions (PDF)

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Great Widefield Scope
15 July 2023  | 

After having a complete nightmare with tilt and backfocus using my 2600MM and Samyang 135mm I was warey of trying another wide angle scope. Ok it's not as wide as the Samyang but not much difference in FOV. Viewed my first images of the North American Nebual with this set up and the stars were excellent in all corners. Loaded a frame into ASTAP to check tilt etc and there was barely any, tiny bit on one side but not even worth trying to dial out. Very pleased with the quality of the images and the build of the scope. Great service from FLO as always.

Rating (max 5):  
11 June 2023  | 

Works well AND they provide useful detailed instructions and loads of spare screws and hex keys. I do not understand why astronomers accept such rubbish documentation from most suppliers. These guys do what everyone else should do.

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Great price of kit for mounting the ASIair Plus
09 November 2022  | 

Although this is primarily designed for using the ZWO EAF (which I don't have yet ..) with the Redcat 51, the mounting of the ASIair Plus really helps to tidy and securely sort my rig out.
This bracket is very sturdy. Not cheap, but, IMHO, worth the money.
The only downside is there is not enough clearance from the usb ports to my Canon 70D to plug in the cables.
The work around is to have the camera upside down, which enables full and easy access to all the ports.

Rating (max 5):  
Tidy solution for using ZWO EAF, guide scope and ASIAIR on Redcat 51
27 July 2022  | 

Mount was easy to install and makes for a neat installation. Some care needed in alignment so EAF cog meshes nicely with the lense 'drive' wheel but easy to put together. EAF operates smoothly. Advantage over other mounting solutions is that the Redcat is mounted directly to it's plate. Axis balance is good. Only (minor) gripe is that you need to dismantle unit to remove ASIAIR.

Rating (max 5):  
Fast service and no issues
02 March 2022  | 

On-line purchase was efficient, item was dispatched and delivered promptly with no issues. Excellent service.

Rating (max 5):  
Handy indeed
07 October 2021  | 

Nice affordable piece of kit enabling use of an EAF with your Redcat/Spacecat 51 telescope and I look forward to even sharper images

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Black-cat mount for Space-cat
07 July 2021  | 

Having previously had my ASIAir Pro attached to my Space-cat handle with IKEA Furniture safety brackets, I was delighted to find a new piece of kit designed to do the same with the added bonus of housing a EAF. Really impressed with what’s in the box. Seems well thought out, designed and manufactured. Easy to install without instructions. Did a quick test with the EAF and worked perfect first time. Looking forward to using it ‘in anger’ soon…I hope! Considering the price of astro kit generally, this is well worth £50! Usual great service from FLO too! 👍🏻

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Efficient mounting system
12 June 2021  | 

A well made mounting system specifically for the RedCat to accommodate the EAF, ASIair and handle/guide-scope. No problems fitting or adjusting the various component parts. I was concerned there may be some backlash in the gear but it appears to be minimal and no more than I was getting with a previous belt based system. Was delivered far quicker than I expected so once again top marks to FLO.

Rating (max 5):  
Great set up for zwo eaf and Redcat
24 May 2021  | 

Well made and fits together easily, comes with a lot of screws of varying sizes. None of which are labeled. The instructions make reference to using xx mm screws easy to use the wrong one as some of the size differences are small. I've attached my eaf a guide scope, and a red dot finder.

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Black-Cat Mount
19 May 2021  | 

I received yesterday.

Initial impressions are good overall, build quality is what you would expect for 3d printed parts and for the price I would say it's good value when compared to other options available.

Didn't really have any major issue installing other than the guide could be better, for example it doesn't state anywhere that the big gear needs to be installed a specific way round and this caused the gears to not engage properly.

Only real issue is that as the big gear is only teethed on one half so that there doesn't seem to be enough play for the focuser to move through its full movement, but with careful positioning you can cover 90% so hopefully won't be any issue with focusing.


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