Celestron Starpointer Pro Finderscope

Celestron Starpointer Pro Finderscope


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Model:  cele_starpointer_pro_51635
Part Number:  51635
Brand:  Celestron


Celestron 2 Year Warranty

Celestron products include a two year warranty except binoculars and spotting scopes which have limited lifetime warranties.

Spend less time centering your target and more time stargazing with Celestron’s new StarPointer Pro finder.

Traditional red dot finderscopes were originally created for shooting sports such as airsoft guns and shooting sports. StarPointer Pro was designed for astronomers by astronomers to provide the easiest experience locating celestial objects in the night sky. 

While a red dot can obstruct your desired target, StarPointer Pro projects two circular LED reticles. Just place your target inside the circles and it’s ready to view in the eyepiece. The circles also serve as a measuring tool while starhopping. For added convenience, StarPointer Pro offers a 40 mm optical window with a large field of view.

StarPointer Pro attaches quickly to any telescope and secures with a dovetail connection and finger knobs. No screwdriver needed!

Get more out of every stargazing session with StarPointer Pro.


  • Designed by astronomers for astronomers, allows you to precisely zero in on your target
  • Projects a dual-circle reticle, not a red dot that can obscure your subject
  • Larger 40 mm optical window offers a wider field of view so you can acquire targets quickly and easily
  • Brighter LED for easy visibility during the day
  • Easy dovetail connection; no tools required
  • 1 x CR2032 battery included
  • Mounting brackets included: 1x Large Schmidt-Cassegrain, 1x Small Schmidt-Cassegrain, 1x Small Telescope with dovetail mount and 1x Small telescope with holes for threaded posts
  • Dimensions: 6"x2"x3.5"
  • Weight: 142g / 5oz

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Poor quality
Monday, 4 September 2017  | 

It very much looks the part but it has a cheap plastic feel to it.
One of the bolts would not thread so I couldn't attach the dovetail bracket so I brought two longer bolts and job done.
The new bolts only cost 28p but that's not the point.

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Designed by Astronomers ?? Made cheap and ......
Wednesday, 23 August 2017  | 

Disappointed with this. Build quality is very flimsy, Thumscrews tight on one loose on the other mounting rail fitments.
Looks good but that's all I can say about it that's positive.
The only reason I chose it was that it fits in the finder shoe on my Mak 127 and there is no room for a Telrad where its not obstructed by the diagonal /EP. Surprised Celestron put its name on it.

Rating (max 5):  
Not perfect, but much better than the old one
Friday, 30 October 2015  | 

This finderscope was purchased to replace the standard red dot device which came with my 8" Celestron SCT, 10 years ago. This unit claims to improve upon the old Ďred dotí, and by and large it does. The glass display area is much larger making it easier to look through. The red dot always obscured the star you were looking for, but the new display has 2 concentric circles. The star is placed in the centre of those circles, and remains visible throughout. The adjustment knobs are easy to find, and more importantly are a completely different type to the on/off switch. With the previous model it was all too easy to accidentally move the alignment knobs when trying to turn it on. The battery is the same type as the old one, (CR2032) so my stock of replacements can still be used. One thing that hasnít changed is that the battery compartment is still on the bottom of the unit. In the old unit, the battery often slipped on to the floor while trying to get it in and out. The battery is now secured by a screw cap which opens using a coin as a tool. However, there isnít enough room between the finder and the body of the telescope to use a coin while it is on the bracket. Therefore you are forced to remove the unit from the mounting bracket and turn it upside down in order to change the battery. The old finder required screw bolts to fix the unit to the bracket. The new one comes with bolts with a thumb screw which should be easier. However, I was not able to tighten the thumb screw bolts sufficiently tightly to grip the mount. The holes in the plastic are probably just a little too small and the resistance too great. It might be possible to wear the hole down by working the bolt in and out a few times. Since the mounting bracket is identical to the old one, I simply used the bolts from the original unit, and tightened with a screwdriver instead. The previous on/off switch was hidden on the side, but the new one is on top, and the 2 white dots which will line up if the unit is off can be seen much more easily.

It is certainly worth the upgrade.

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