Astro Devices Vamo Traveller Encoder Kit (311,296 Steps)

Astro Devices Vamo Traveller Encoder Kit (311,296 Steps)

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Model:  ad_ad_encoder_kit_vamo_current
Part Number:  ad_ad_encoder_kit_vamo

Astro Devices Vamo Traveller Encoder Kit (311,296 Steps)

When purchasing digital setting circles for your telescope, you’ll also need to have encoders installed on your scope - without these, your DSC has no way of interfacing with your telescope.

The encoders are attached to your telescope’s axes and send signals to your DSC, letting it determine the position of your telescope.

The VAMO Traveler Encoder Installation Kit is created for AYO’s VAMO Traveler mounts.

There are two versions of the encoder kit - the current model (with holes for mounting the encoder readers) and the old model.

Installation instructions can be downloaded for the current model: Here

And the old model: Here

What's in the box

  • 2 x encoders (311,296 steps)
  • 1 x installation hardware set
  • 1 x 40cm straight encoder cable
  • 1 x installation instruction booklet

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