Baader 6.5nm Narrow Band Ha Filter - CMOS Optimised
Baader 6.5nm Narrow Band Ha Filter - CMOS OptimisedBaader 6.5nm Narrow Band Ha Filter - CMOS OptimisedBaader 6.5nm Narrow Band Ha Filter - CMOS Optimised

Baader 6.5nm Narrow Band Ha Filter - CMOS Optimised

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Model:  baader_2961104
Part Number:  2961104

Introducing the new CMOS Optimised Narrow Band Ha filter from Baader Planetarium.

The new generation of Baader CMOS optimised filters feature

  • Increased contrast
  • Ever more narrow passbands
  • Reflex-Blocker™ coatings, for largest ever freedom from halos, even under most adverse conditions concerning aux-optics
  • FWHM on each filter category carefully designed to allow for 1:1:1 exposures, matched for typical CMOS quantum efficiency and s/n ratio
  • Identical filter thickness to existing standards, with utmost care for parfocality
  • Blackened edges all around, with filter-lead-side-indicator in the form of a black frontside outer rim, to additionally eliminate any reflection due to light falling onto the edge of a filter
  • Each filter coated individually, with sealed coating edge (NOT cut out of a larger plate with coatings left exposed)
  • Life-Coat™: evermore hard coatings to enable a non-aging coating for life – even in a most adverse environment
  • 6.5nm FWHM, recommended for optical systems from F10 to F3.5
  • Optimised for modern CMOS cameras, but likewise excellent for CCD camera technologies


Available in all the common filter sizes the new 6.5nm Ha Filter features Baaders Life-Coat: Limited-Lifetime-Warranty

A Baader Planetarium exclusive. Filters incorporating Baader Planetarium’s Life-Coat™ technology are so durable that Baader Planetarium warrants the coatings for the life of the filter. Baader Planetarium has developed Life-Coat™ using materials and processes that result in coatings which will not degrade or fail for a lifetime. Life-Coat™ coatings resist moisture, temperature extremes, and are hardened to withstand normal cleanings.

Baader Planetarium guarantees their Life-Coat™ coatings will not peel, flake or physically degrade and will withstand repeated cleaning with fine optical cleaning equipment. The Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to the original purchaser and does not cover failure from mis-use, physical damage through improper handling, or improper cleaning.

To make a warranty claim, simply contact your retailer where you purchased the filter with proof of purchase (commercial invoice) and a detailed failure description. The dealer will then advise of the next steps.

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First impressions
16 September 2021  | 

My Ha and Oiii filters arrived yesterday and amazingly there was a break in the clouds last night to give them a try. Things were stacked against me. The seeing was poor, a 9.5 day old moon was less than 20 degrees away and my target M16, which was very low in the sky. So, when the first sub came in it was a wow moment for me. The level of detail on the Ha sub, I was very impressed with. I am in a Bortle 4 sky, but being early in the evening my neighbours had their security lights on, but the filter cut through all of that. Certainly on first impressions the best filters I have used, so will be interesting to see what others who have more experience than me make of them.


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