Baader Narrowband CCD Filters 1.25''

Baader Narrowband CCD Filters 1.25"

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Model:  baader_ccd_7nm_125
Part Number:  2458382

Baader's new Narrowband CCD Emission Line & H-Alpha Filters deliver the absolute highest contrast deep sky images in H-Alpha, H-Beta, Oxygen III, and Sulfur-II, with the shortest exposures possible.  Their ultra-narrow bandwidths have extremely high transmissions, while completely rejecting light pollution as well as the important blocking of longer wavelengths. 

The high optical quality of Baader narrowband filters guarantees no loss in sharpness or contrast.  Each substrate is fine-optically polished plane parallel to deliver a smooth and accurate 1/4 wavefront over the entire surface.  This special custom polishing operation sets Baader filters apart from the standard commercially precision polished filter substrates used by most other filter manufacturers. 

In addition to their special transmission properties, the Baader coatings were developed with another key goal in mind - to reduce the annoying reflections present in other astro-filters.  To achieve this, along with excellent out of band blocking, required careful design and testing of the coating stacks. 

Coatings are professionally applied in Germany by the most sophisticated equipment available today, ensuring high consistency for bandpass centreing, transmission, and out of band blocking.  The anti-reflection coatings are designed to prevent halos and balanced to prevent deformation of the substrates. The ultra-hard ion beam deposition ensures the coatings will never degrade from use or normal cleaning.  

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Baader Narrowband CCD filters
24 October 2018  | 

Having been a keen astrophotographer for a number of years, I have primarily focused on planetary and lunar imaging (with the excellent ZWO ASI290mm camera) and some deep sky imaging with a digital SLR camera. However, the use of narrow band filters opens up an entirely new method of capturing truly spectacular deep sky images of emission nebula.

Unlike imaging in broadband using Red, Green and Blue filters, narrowband such as H-alpha, OIII and SII capture only a slither of the spectrum of light. This means that the effects of light pollution are totally removed!

Having purchased a set of Baarder narrowband filters, I was impressed that they arrived well protected in individual containers. The build quality of each filter was exceptional, but it was in the quality of their enhanced contrast in which they excel.

Since all narrowband filters pass less light, it is necessary to increase the exposure time of each frame. Therefore, to aid focusing, I also added a Baarder clear focusing filter to my usb filter wheel. I am now confident that each narrowband wavelength is perfectly in focus without having to run longer exposure tests.

My set-up, like most astronomers, is continuously evolving. In order to further enhance the autoguiding capabilities, I will be looking to invest in a skywatcher Evo-guide 50mm in the future. This will reduce my current payload weight and also provide the option of wide field astrophotography. Just donít tell my wife!

I have been a customer with First Light Optics for over fifteen years, having purchased my very first serious telescope from them (Skywatcher 8Ē Newtonian on an HEQ5 pro mount). I have always found FLO to provide a friendly, excellent service and to quickly address any issues or questions if they arise.


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