ROTARION The Eyepiece Wheel Base Unit & Remote Control Software
ROTARION The Eyepiece Wheel Base Unit & Remote Control SoftwareROTARION The Eyepiece Wheel Base Unit & Remote Control SoftwareROTARION The Eyepiece Wheel Base Unit & Remote Control Software
ROTARION The Eyepiece Wheel Base Unit & Remote Control SoftwareROTARION The Eyepiece Wheel Base Unit & Remote Control SoftwareROTARION The Eyepiece Wheel Base Unit & Remote Control Software

ROTARION The Eyepiece Wheel Base Unit & Remote Control Software

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Model:  rotarion_base
Part Number:  Rot

ROTARION The Eyepiece Wheel

Automatically quickly and accurately switch between eyepieces and other optics.

The AstronSCIENTIFIC’s ROTARION Eyepiece Wheel is a universal and automatic eyepiece exchanger. You can automatically quick-change eyepieces and any other optics. The eyepiece change is easy, fast, and accurate, without touching the telescope, and therefore avoiding disturbances or deviations in the positioning of the optical axis of the telescope.

ROTARION is a device of the highest quality, designed and manufactured in Barcelona, Spain with state-of-the-art techniques and the best materials and components from the US,  Japan and Germany.

Designed for daytime terrestrial observation and for nighttime astronomical observation its a unique device, patented in the European Union and the United States, to be used with any telescope with a 2" focuser and four of your favourite 1.25" eyepieces.

You can change the power or magnification of your telescope with just a simple click, connecting your ROTARION remotely to a Windows computer with the ROTARION REMOTE CONTROL software included in this box. No more searching in the dark for your next eyepiece! The automatic eyepiece change allows you to adjust the correct magnification on your telescope by increasing or decreasing the focal length of the eyepiece used, the "zoom effect"and re-locate lost objects out of the field of view due to improper alignment or poor tracking of the telescope. Quick change to your largest eyepiece in mm number to maximise visual field and re-locate. All with a simple Click!

Combine with other ROTARION accessories such as the handset to make eyepiece changes even easier or, for more advanced usage add the Photo or AutoFocus accessories to enable eyepiece projection through different eyepieces with automatic focusing. For expert amateurs or professions you can even combine with the Camera kit to attach multiple cameras enabling the remote control and switching of multiple pieces of instrumentation locally or even remotely.

Important: Photo shows additional accessories not included but available separately including the eyepieces and diagonal. Full included parts list is shown below.


  • Holds up to 4x 1.25" Eyepieces
  • Eyepieces held by Baader 1.25" Click-Locks for extra security
  • Includes a set of T2 / M42 extenders to adjust each eyepieces height
  • Connect to a telescope using the included SCT adapter or standard 2" nosepiece with 2" filter thread
  • Quick change between eyepieces without touching / disturbing your telescope
  • Includes free Rotarion remote control software
  • High quality CNC machined aviation standard Aluminium
  • Requires 12V DC, 2A center positive power supply
  • Weighs 1kg
  • 166mm Diameter, 29.5mm thick (without eyepiece-clamps or handles)
  • Designed & manufactured in Barcelona, Spain



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What's in the box

  • ​Eyepiece Wheel.
  • Windows Remote Control Software on USB Stick
  • USB Cable for Computer Control
  • Serial cable for Computer Control
  • AC Power Adapter 110-240 Volt / DC 12 Volt with international AC adapters
  • 12V DC Cable with Cigarette Plug
  • 4x Baader Click-Lock 1.25" Eyepiece Clamps
  • 3x M42 / 5mm Extension Adapters
  • 3x M42 / 10mm Extension Adapters
  • 3x M42 / 20mm Extension Adapters
  • 2x 30mm 2" Nosepieces with 2" Filter threads
  • 1x 2" Retainer Ring
  • User's Manual


Designed & Manufactured: Barcelona – Spain – E.U.

Telescope’s focuser connection: SCT thread, included standard 2″ barrel, black anodized, including a 2” filter thread.

Eyepiece-cups: 4 eyepiece-clamps, high quality 1.25” Click-Locks from German manufacturer Baader Planetarium, quick & safe.

Optic’s height adjustment: with a set of extenders T2/M42, included.

Camera connection: with the Rotarion Photo, standard T2/M42 thread; with Rotarion CAM TVO IS, SCT thread, 2″/M48, T2/M42

Electromechanical Shutter: automatic and integrated into the Rotarion Photo, closes the gap between the optics and the camera.

Material: high quality machining (CNC) in aviation aluminum and colour anodized.

Electronics: Circuit board with SMD components including 3 Toshiba synchronized motors to ensure smooth and precise movement.

Manual Control: with Rotarion Hand Control built in aviation aluminum with LCD illuminated in red.

Remote Control: via Windows computer and free software with USB or Serial connection.

Power supply: 12V DC, connector with central positive.

Consumption: 2Amp maximum.

Dimensions (Diameter x Height): 166,0mm X 29,5 mm (without eyepiece-clamps or handles).

Weight: 1.0 Kg. (2.2 lb/oz).

Rotary Safety:  2 safety systems a) three mechanical/elastomer friction clutches, b) max rotating time control.

Downloads / Manuals


ROTARION Eyepiece Wheel y ROTARION Remote Control (ENGLISH) CE

Rotarion Photo


Rotarion Hand Control


Rotarion AutoFocus


Tele Vue Optics 2″ Everbrite Diagonal for Rotarion

Assembly TeleVue 2inch Everbrite Diagonal for ROTARION for refractor telescopes

Rotarion CAM Kit


ROTARION CAM Kit Telescope System Adapters Map STEP 2

ROTARION CAM Kit thread parts adapters STEP 3 V2


ROTARION Remote Control PRO STEP 5

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