SharpStar f/4.5 0.8x 61EDPH Reducer
SharpStar f/4.5 0.8x 61EDPH ReducerSharpStar f/4.5 0.8x 61EDPH ReducerSharpStar f/4.5 0.8x 61EDPH ReducerSharpStar f/4.5 0.8x 61EDPH Reducer

SharpStar f/4.5 0.8x 61EDPH Reducer

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Model:  sharpstar_61edph_ii_reducer
Part Number:  61EDPH Reducer

Optically-matched 0.8x reducer/flattener for the Sharpstar EDPH 61 telescope

This impressive reducer/flattener, with triplet air-spaced optics, reduces the telescope's focal ratio to F/4.5 and provides excellent image quality, field flatness and illumination over a 44mm image circle, so it works with sensor sizes up to 35mm full-format. 

The 2.3" draw tube has a female M63 x 1 thread that attaches to the telescope’s focuser. The camera side includes an external male M48 x 0.75 thread with a 55mm back focus distance for connection to popular M48 Camera adaptors and M48 threaded filter Wheels and Cameras. 

The back focus can be extended to 99mm by unthreading the reducer's back adapter, giving access to another M63x1 thread to attach additional accessories, such as an Off-Axis Guider that normally takes up more than 55mm of back focus.

The reducer also includes an internal female M48 x 0.75 thread for attaching a filter and a camera rotator. 


  • Suitable for Sharpstar 61 EDPH / 61 EDPHII 
  • Reduces from f/5.5 to f/4.5 focal ratio
  • 44mm Fully illuminated image circle
  • Fully multi-coated,  air-spaced triplet optics
  • 66mm Outer diameter
  • 55mm back-focus (can be increased to 99mm by removing the end adapter)
  • 95mm total length (including M48 thread)
  • Total Length: 95mm (including M48 Thread)
  • Weighs only 0.45kg

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