SharpStar M54 Adapter for 76EDPH Reducer
 SharpStar M54 Adapter for 76EDPH ReducerSharpStar M54 Adapter for 76EDPH Reducer 

SharpStar M54 Adapter for 76EDPH Reducer

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About this product

Model:  sharpstar_76edph_r_m54_adptr
Part Number:  M54 Adapter for 76EDPH Reducer

SharpStar M54 Camera Adapter for 76EDPH Reducers

Simple adapter that lets you swap the M48 adapter on the 76EDPH reducer to an M54x0.75 adapter instead.

To attach, you need to remove the rotator from the reducer and then undo the retaining ring inside the rotator to remove the M48 adapter. Replace it with this M54 adapter, tighten up the retaining ring and then re-attach to the reducer.

Made from black Anodised Aluminium.


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