Dual-speed Crayford 1.25/2'' for Sky-Watcher Explorer
 Dual-speed Crayford 1.25/2'' for Sky-Watcher ExplorerDual-speed Crayford 1.25/2'' for Sky-Watcher Explorer 

Dual-speed Crayford 1.25/2" for Sky-Watcher Explorer

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Dual-speed Crayford 1.25/2" for Sky-Watcher Explorer

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About this product

Model:  skywatcher_focuser_explorer
Part Number:  20241

Designed to retro-fit to Sky-Watcher Explorer & Skyliner 150/200/250/300 telescope models supplied with a 2" single-speed focuser.

Featuring dual speed focusing with a fine focusing knob. Gear Ratio 10:1.

This is the same focuser that is now supplied with the Explorer P-DS models.

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A really useful upgrade
07 March 2024  | 

I've an older Skywatcher 200 and this focuser is a straight swap out. So far I've only use it aligning my finder to my OTA as I gave it a bit of a knock last night but I can already tell this two-speed focuser is a huge improvement over the original. I lined up on my usual target which is the top of an electricity pylon about 5 miles distant. Control of the new dual-speed is on a completely different level from that of the original focuser. Fine tuning with the original was a bit hit and miss with a slight twist here and a bit of pressure on the wheel there. Focusing with this replacement is a dream. The two-speed allowed me to quickly focus down to show the individual rings on a pylon insulator without any of the unpredicatlbe nudging I've become used to.

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Does not fit Skyliner 150p Telescope
28 January 2024  | 

Purchased this as an upgrade to the awful rack & pinion focuser on my Skywatcher 150p Dob. Ordered Thurs afternoon and it arrived Saturday morning. On Sunday I went about replacing the focuser on my Dob only to find that the new Skywatcher focuser is too big at the base to fit the hole in the telescope. I double checked the website and it says it fits my model of scope but it does not.
I would have ok with having to drop new screw holes but didn’t fancy cutting a bigger hole to accommodate the new focuser. Just in case anyone is interested, the hole for the stock focuser is 76mm and the base of the Crayford focuser is 91mm.
I contacted FLO and the were quick to respond and offered a full refund if I return it (which I will)
Great service from FLO but unfortunately misleading info about the product. I felt giving less than 4 stars would have been harsh as the service was great, just a shame the product did not fit.

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A Great Upgrade for the Sky-Watcher 300p
12 December 2023  | 

Looking for an upgrade to my single speed focuser, I came across this product from First Light Optics. Ordering was simple, oversees delivery to the US was quick and the product arrived in perfect condition due to excellent packaging. This dual speed focuser fit perfectly in my Sky-Watcher 300p and it appears to be the exact same type of focuser that comes preinstalled on the larger 14 and 16 inch models. This was a great upgrade and I appreciate the excellent customer service of First Light Optics!

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Exceeded my expectations.
02 March 2022  | 

I purchased this focuser for two reasons number one, I wanted a two-speed focuser for my 12-in collapsible skywatcher telescope. The reason number two, I couldn't find a supplier a dealer who could sell me one and guarantee that it would fit my telescope in the states United States.
It arrived here in less than 5 days in excellent condition and well packed. The focuser was a "direct drop in " for my 12" Skywatcher. 4 screws/nuts, a quick collimation and I was looking at Orion using a really nice (smooth as butter) focusing experience.
I also have to add that the help, information and pertinent e-mails I received before and after my purchase was excellent.
Thanks Guys, I'll be back!
CD. Florida,U.S.A

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A vast improvement
11 August 2021  | 

This is easy enough to fit. You need to use the original nuts and bolts, so don't lose them and don't let them fall down onto the mirror. The original signal speed focusser was very easy to knock out of focus accidentally, and even tightening the locking screw seemed to throw it slightly out. This dual speed one holds its position even without locking and you can easily get sharp focus using the fine adjustor. I've found it useful getting precise focus when changing lenses that are billed as par focal but in practice need a slight adjustment.

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Dual-speed Crayton 1.25/2" for Sky-Watcher Exlporer
09 February 2021  | 

While enjoying the planets & stars , the view for me just wasn't I felt as sharp as it could be. Now that I have received & fitted the dual speed eye piece what s difference. From the Moon to early January looking at Jupiter all I can say is OMG what clear views & sharp.

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15 September 2020  | 

A replacement for the 200P that comes with a single speed focuser, this makes such a difference, well worth it and easy to fit

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Dual speed Crayford focuser
03 June 2020  | 

My 254mm Skywatcher Dobsonian came with a single speed focuser which I found rather coarse when in use. I had seen a two-speed Crayford on another 150mm optical tube and felt it would improve my ability to focus on objects to allow simple photo imaging. This device was easy to fit following the simple enclosed instructions, making sure of course that I didn't drop the internal nuts!!! After installation, I did a standard collimation to ensure correct alignment.
This is a vast improvement on my old single - speed focuser, highly recommended.
The service from FLO was first class too!

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Worth the extra cost.
28 May 2020  | 

I bought this with my Dobsonian because I wanted the fine tuning focus from the beginning of my astronomy hobby. It fits perfectly, looks great and handles just “fine”

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Perfect replacement
22 August 2019  | 

I ordered this focuser while i am not sure if it will fit on my Newtonian without drilling, well, it did, WOW, what a focuser, great and solid, i am happy with this item and the service of this site, thanks a lot!

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