Canyon Diablo Meteorite

Canyon Diablo Meteorite

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Sourced from Spacerocks UK

We source our meteorites from David Bryant at Spacerocks UK. David has been a meteorite specialist for over 15-years and is a well known and respected figure in the industry - you might have met him at an event or attended one of his talks.

Spacerocks UK are also members of the prestigious International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA) so offer a lifetime guarantee of authenticity with all of their meteorites.

If you are looking for something larger or more unique than the meteorites offered here please contact us, we will do our best to source something suitable.

Lovely specimens of the famous Canyon Diablo IAB coarse octahedrite meteorite.

This is a piece of the meteorite that produced the Barringer Crater in Arizona. Meteorites have been found around the crater rim and are named after the nearby Canyon Diablo which lies 3-4 miles west of the crater.

These make fantastic gifts for astronomers and people interested in space - children and adults alike!

Please note - meteorites are unique and come in different shapes and sizes. We have photographed a number intended to represent the meteorite you receive but the actual meteorite and packaging will differ slightly from those photographed. The price displayed is for a single meteorite. The Storm Trooper is not included ;-) 

Canyon Diablo is a nickel-iron meteorite, classified by the width of its Widmanstatten pattern as a coarse octahedrite. The original huge mass fell approximately 30,000 years ago in Arizona, about 4 miles east of the Canyon.

The meteorite has been known and collected since the mid-1800's and was known and used by Native Americans. From the late 19th to the mid-20th century the crater was the centre of a long dispute over its origin. Despite the fact that the site shows no evidence of volcanism, many geologists assumed it was an extinct volcano. The debate was settled in the 1950's following cometary astronomer Eugene Shoemaker's study of the crater.

This specimen is stable and treated with light gun oil, it should require minimum maintenance.

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