Sericho / Habaswin Skeleton Meteorite

Sericho / Habaswin Skeleton Meteorite

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Sourced from Spacerocks UK

We source our meteorites from David Bryant at Spacerocks UK. David has been a meteorite specialist for over 15-years and is a well known and respected figure in the industry - you might have met him at an event or attended one of his talks.

Spacerocks UK are also members of the prestigious International Meteorite Collectors Association (IMCA) so offer a lifetime guarantee of authenticity with all of their meteorites.

If you are looking for something larger or more unique than the meteorites offered here please contact us, we will do our best to source something suitable.

Genuine examples of Sericho / Habaswein pallasite meteorite skeletons.

These meteorite skeletons are what remains once the olivine crystals have eroded out of fragments of Sericho / Habaswein pallasite.

Please note - meteorites are unique and come in different shapes and sizes. We have photographed one intended to represent the meteorite you receive but the actual meteorite will differ slightly. The price displayed is for a single meteorite.

Sericho / Habaswin

Pallasites are generally believed to have originated at the core / mantle boundary of small planets. They consist of a nickel-iron matrix, in which are suspended fragments of crystalline minerals such as olivine and pyroxine.

Pallasites are very rare, and make up around 1% of all falls. The name Pallasite is derived from that of the German naturalist Peter Pallas who described such a meteorite he had found near Kransnojarsk, Siberia in 1772.

In 2016, a mass of over a tonne was found near the town of Habaswein, Kenya by two local residents looking for a missing camel. A US dealer visited them and purchased the initial mass, since when a further 1500kg of fragments have been recovered. The rounded olivine crystals found in the pallasite range in colour from dark brown, through orange to green. The fragments we are selling are 'skeleton' specimens from which much of the olivine has been lost through erosion.

Sericho appears to be stable, but in common with most pallasites we recommend that handling should be by the edge and kept to a minimum.

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