Gerd Neumann Ronchi Photographic Eyepiece

Gerd Neumann Ronchi Photographic Eyepiece

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Model:  gn-ronchi-photo-ep-10l_mm
Part Number:  10101151

In 99% of cases, the 10 lines per millimeter version is the one to choose :-)

Although all aberrations of an optic can be seen in a star test it requires steady air and lots of experience. The Ronchi star test works well with medium quality seeing and is easier for the beginner to perform an accurate analysis of a telescope after only a short period of learning!

With this version of the Ronchi eyepiece it is possible to take images of the Ronchigrams.

The Photographic Ronchi has the same high-quality grating inside, which is made of evaporated chrome on polished glass. (254 Lines per inch or 10 Lines per millimeter). Contrary to the visual version it has no 1.25" barrel but a T-thread on one side an M52 on the other.  With the T-thread you may mount the photographic Ronchi on nearly all instruments. On the other side of the Ronchi you may install your camera (with a normal lens installed!!) at the M52 thread. (You might need a matching Step-Ring for your lens.)

The surface of the grating is in the same plane as a outer rim, so the focal plane of any instrument can be found very easily.

The new photographic Ronchi may be used visually too without any restrictions.

The Ronchi Eyepiece is made from black anodised Aluminium and is supplied in a protective housing with a short manual in English.

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