Shelyak Alpy 600 Guiding Module

Shelyak Alpy 600 Guiding Module

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Model:  shelyak_alpy_600_guide
Part Number:  PF0036

The Alpy 600 Spectroscope can be used on the table or in the laboratory: in this case, it is sufficient to put the light source to observe in front of the slot. But when we want to observe the spectrum of a star, a problem arises: how do we know if we are pointing at  the right star, and ensure that the star is perfectly positioned in the slot?

The guidance module answers this question : it allows to visualise the field of the telescope, as well as the slot (observed by the front of the spectroscope), with a guide camera. It is an indispensable aid to point as well as to guide and guide the telescope as soon as your observation lasts more than a few seconds.

The principle of the guidance module is simple: replace the standard slot of the Alpy 600 with a reflective slit and slightly inclined, which returns the image of the telescope on the guidance camera (or an eyepiece, with the optional eyepiece holder ). 


  • Slit of 23μm (length 3mm).
  • telescope interface M42x.075 (supplied with a 50.8mm / 2 "flange).
  • mechanical pull (backfocus) to the telescope: 34mm (distance between the body of the guide module and the slot).
  • C Mount for guide camera (17.5mm standard mechanical draft). If you are using a CS mount camera, consider putting on a C-CS Conversion Ring.
  • light weight: 260g
  • compact: 90x65x75mm (excluding camera guidance)

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