Takahashi EDP Flattener 1.01X for FSQ-85EDX
 Takahashi EDP Flattener 1.01X for FSQ-85EDXTakahashi EDP Flattener 1.01X for FSQ-85EDX 

Takahashi EDP Flattener 1.01X for FSQ-85EDX

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Model:  tak_tka37582
Part Number:  TKA37582

The Takahashi EDP Flattener has been introduced for the FSQ85 to correct for the mild field curvature and edge of field astigmatism that is visible when using larger format ultra small pixel sensors with the original telescope.

When the flattener is used it results in improved field flatness in a full frame digital camera or CCD/CMOS Camera.

The focal length of the system is increased to 455mm (F5.4).

Using the flattener will boost the FSQ85 to comparable levels of sharpness to that provided by ther FSQ106

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