Takahashi EDP Flattener 1.01X for FSQ-85EDX
 Takahashi EDP Flattener 1.01X for FSQ-85EDXTakahashi EDP Flattener 1.01X for FSQ-85EDX 

Takahashi EDP Flattener 1.01X for FSQ-85EDX

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Model:  tak_tka37582
Part Number:  TATKA37582

The Takahashi EDP Flattener has been introduced for the FSQ85 to correct for the mild field curvature and edge of field astigmatism that is visible when using larger format ultra small pixel sensors with the original telescope.

When the flattener is used it results in improved field flatness in a full frame digital camera or CCD/CMOS Camera.

The focal length of the system is increased to 455mm (F5.4).

Using the flattener will boost the FSQ85 to comparable levels of sharpness to that provided by ther FSQ106

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Elongated stars fixed
31 March 2022  | 

Bought my FSQ-85 in 2010 and used it for a number of years with an SBIG8300. Kids came along so I put Astrophotography to one side but got back to it with the wave of interest in 2020. I upgrade to an ASI1600 that year and an ASI2600MM the year after. With both of these cameras and especially the APS-C I though my FSQ-85 had somehow lost collimation. I donít remember it have such bad stars in the corners. Turns out itís not a collimation issue but a small pixel issue. The optical design of the FSQ-85 is not fit for any of the popular CMOS cameras. This flattener is marketed as something to improve full frame sensors. However for both my 4/3rds and APS-C itís completely fixed the issue and I now have nice round stars in the corners. The flattener does come packaged with the FSQ-85 now but from my experience you have to use it. Which kind of defeats the purpose of a quadruplet design that you need two flatteners to get round stars. As Takahashi glass goes this was a relatively cheap fix and it worked great so giving it 5 stars.


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