Takahashi FSQ-106EDX4 f/5 Quadruplet Petzval APO Refractor

Takahashi FSQ-106EDX4 f/5 Quadruplet Petzval APO Refractor

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Model:  tak_tqe10641
Part Number:  TQE10641

Takahashi FSQ106-EDX f/5 Quadruplet Petzval Apochromat Refractor

This is the telescope most imaging refractors want to be when they grow up!

Quadruplet Petzval Design

The modified Petzval design of the FSQ-106ED, with field-flattener integrated into the tube, makes it possible to cover all the photographic formats from 35mm SLR/DSLR to 6x7 cameras!

No other 4" refractor offers the same 88mm diameter imaging circle (field of 9,5°). Can be used with large sensors without risk of vignetting or loss of definition in edge of field.

The objective is entirely collimateable so mechanical and thermal stresses can be adjusted out, should it ever be necessary (we advise the telescope be returned to Takahashi for collimation). 

New 4" Focuser

This latest model FSQ106-EDX IV is fitted with a newly designed heavy-duty 4" rotatable focuser with an integrated camera angle adjuster. It will lift up to 11 lbs, and hold it there without slipping!  

It also includes a micro-edge fine focuser for precise focus adjustments. Combine that with a 2" or 1.25" eyepiece adapter and you'll be prepared to tackle any operation.

Takahashi manufacture their own focuser and Aluminium castings and adjust them individually for consistent, high quality.

The EDX IV features 178mm of back focus to enable easier assimilation of accessories such as filter wheels and off axis guiders.

The package version includes Tube Holder, 6x30 Finderscope and Bracket.


The spot-diagrams of the FSQ-106ED are eloquent. At prime focus, at the edge of the field (nearly 44mm of the optical axis) the stars remain sharp. The QE-Reducer (F/3,6) specifically designed for this telescope retains the high optical performance.


Telescope Field of View Simulator

Mechanical Drawing

  • Tube length (min/max): 580mm/675mm (with standard accessories)
  • Tube diameter: 125mm
  • Tube weight: 7kg

System Charts

What's in the box

OTA Only Includes:

  • FSQ-106EDX4 OTA
  • TKP38003 Coupling n 8L for focal reducer

OTA Package Includes:

  • FSQ-106EDX4 OTA
  • TKA00551 6x30 Finder
  • TKA00563 Finder bracket
  • TKA29420S Tube holder with aux. balancing plate
  • TKP38003 Coupling n 8L for focal reducer


Spec. FSQ-106ED
Optical design Modified Petzval quadruplet apochromat
Aperture 106 mm
Focal length 530 mm
Focal ratio F/5.0
Resolution 1.09"
Limiting magnitude 11.8
Light grasp 220x
Image circle 88 mm
Photo field 9.5°
Back focus 186.38 mm
Metal back 178 mm
With Extender-Q 1.6x
Focal length 850mm
Focal ratio F/8
Image circle 44 mm
Photo field
Metal back 117.5 mm
With QE-Reducer
Focal length 385mm
Focal ratio F/3.6
Image circle 44mm
Photo field 6.5°
Metal back 72.2 mm

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