Tele Vue Twist-On Style Eyeguard Extender

Tele Vue Twist-On Style Eyeguard Extender

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Model:  tv_eyeguard_ext
Part Number:  EGE-0020

Tele Vue Eyeguard Extender

Concept: Many of our eyepieces, such as Radians, Delos, Nagler type 4, 55 Plössl, 41 Panoptic have adjustable height eyeguards to permit comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses.

Other eyepieces such as 35 Panoptic, 27 Panoptic, 40 Plössl, 32 Plössl have long eye relief that is comfortable for eyeglass wearers, but the eye relief may be uncomfortably long for some users without eyeglasses.

Enter "Eyeguard Extender"

Eyeguard Extender raises the eyeguard position by 8mm, and includes a rubber eyeguard and eyepiece cap (in case yours is lost or damaged.) Units are stackable: for example 2 units add 16mm height and make a 40mm Plössl very comfortable for solar viewing by blocking out stray daylight to maximize contrast in white light or hydrogen-alpha viewing.

Eyeguard extender is black Anodised Aluminium with anti-reflection threads.


The Eyeguard Extender attaches to the top of your eyepiece with the simplicity of a DIOPTRX™ corrector. It has two rings that thread together to clamp on the eyepiece: an inner-ring that holds the rubber eyeguard and outer ring that slips over the top of the eyepiece. Starting with the inner-ring backed off from fully tight, take off your existing rubber eyeguard, place the Eyeguard Extender in its place, screw-down the inner ring until the Eyeguard does not slip off.

How to Fit

Remove rubber eyeguard to reveal bare eyeguard flange. Mount Eyeguard Extender and your're in business.

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Made all the difference.
31 July 2020  | 

I bought one of these to try on my panoptic 27mm. I found the rubber eye cup on the eyepiece a little too soft and this made it hard for me to keep a steady distance. Once I fitted the extender, I used it with the rubber folded down. Perfect positioning for me and it was a more firm and felt like I was using a Delos. They fit my ethos as well and I’m considering doing the same with my e6 & e8 for the same reasons.

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TeleVue Eyeguard Extension Review
17 October 2019  | 

Bought for the 31mm Nagler. A well engineered accessory similar to the dioptrx but without the latter's astigmatism correcting lens and somewhat easier to fit (less head scratching involved) as it came with fitting instructions whereas my dioptrx did not. To fit either you remove the eyepiece's existing rubber eyecup drop the extender over the now exposed metal flange of the eyepiece hold the bottom of the extender in position and twist its top clockwise. When tight you flip up the extender's own rubber eyecup and you are good to go. Used thus the EXTRA extension achieved is in the region of 8-10mm. My own use is atypical as I use the extension fitted but with its rubber eyecup down. I have deeply recessed eyes and for me this gives almost perfect eye placement (no blackouts) with the added bonus of having something solid against which to rest my cheekbone.


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