Starfield 102mm f/7 ED Doublet Refractor
Starfield 102mm f/7 ED Doublet RefractorStarfield 102mm f/7 ED Doublet RefractorStarfield 102mm f/7 ED Doublet Refractor
Starfield 102mm f/7 ED Doublet RefractorStarfield 102mm f/7 ED Doublet Refractor

Starfield 102mm f/7 ED Doublet Refractor

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About this product

Model:  starfield_102_f7_ed
Part Number:  SF-102F7-00

NEW Starfield 102mm f/7 ED doublet refractor for visual astronomy & astrophotography! 

This traditionally designed telescope features modern fully multicoated optics with Japanese Ohara FPL53 ED glass and Lanthanum so provides bright, high contrast views with very low chromatic aberration. Even at high magnifications! 

Other features include internal baffles to prevent stray light and a sturdy CNC machined 2.5”dual-speed rotatable R&P focuser for smooth, precise focus adjustments. The focuser is fitted with a convenient 2" twist-lock clamp and 2"-1.25" adapter. 

An optional matching 0.8x Starfield Reducer / Field Flattener is also available that enables astrophotography at f/5.6. 

An excellent choice for observing or imaging the Moon, solar system targets and brighter deep sky objects. 

Price includes CNC tube-rings and Vixen-style dovetail mounting bar. 


  • 102mm Aperture
  • f/7 focal ratio / 714mm focal length
  • Air spaced, adjustable doublet in temperature compensated cell
  • Fully multicoated optics for high contrast and maximum light transmission 
  • Extra low dispersion FPL53 and Lanthanum glass lens elements for very low chromatic aberration
  • Shorter cooling time than similarly specified triplet telescopes
  • Internally baffled to prevent stray light
  • 2.5" dual speed, rotatable rack and pinion focuser
  • Includes convenient 2" twist-lock eyepiece/accessory clamp and 2"-1.25" adapter
  • Supports 2" and 1.25" eyepiece accessories
  • Includes CNC machined tube rings and Vixen-style dovetail bar
  • Convenient retractable dew shield
  • Weighs approximately 4.2kg / 9.3lb with rings and dovetail attached and 3.7kg / 8.3lb without

Telescope Field of View Simulator


  • Tube length (dew-shield retracted): 66cm (24")

What's in the box

  • Telescope OTA
  • CNC Tube Rings
  • Vixen-style Dovetail
  • 2" to 1.25" Adapter


Aperture 102mm
Focal Length 714mm
Focal Ratio f/7
Resolving Power 1.45 arc seconds
Visual Limiting Magnitude 12.2
Weight 4.2kg / 9.3lbs
Length (Dew Shield Retracted) 66cm / 26"
Focuser 2.5" Rack & Pinion 
Micro Focusing 1:10 Dual Speed


Customer reviews

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Excellent Scope
18 October 2022  | 

Arrived in 6 days to Australia ...Brilliant ....!! Very nicely made / smooth focuser / solid tube / nice optics and FMC Coatings.
Came with 3 days worth of clouds ....not unusual when a new scope arrives.....very pleased with my purchase.
Colin .....( Australia )

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Starfield 102
12 August 2022  | 

I am really pleased with my purchase of the Starfield. The build and finish on the telescope is top grade from end to end. The focuser is a 2.5” R&P dual speed (10:1) and is fully rotatable 360. It also lockable and is buttery smooth. The rings are CNC machined and black anodized with the option of fitting an additional vixen rail for extras.The dew shield is fully retractable and has a black metal lens cap. The focuser is graduated and has the screw holes for two finder scope shoes. Now for the important aspect, the quality of the glass and views. I could not find a trace of chromatic aberration on the limb of a nearly full moon. I couldn’t see any either on a very bright Jupiter. The color correction is first class and the FPL53 paired with Lanthanum is a winner. The clarity was also right up there and when viewing Jupiter with my 6.5mm Morpheus eyepiece the detail was impressive. I have no negatives that come to mind. Definitely one of my best ever Astro buys.

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Starfield 102 f7 ED
19 April 2022  | 

I received the telescope only 5 days after ordering from FLO. This is fantastic considering I am in Perth Australia.
The scope came packed and sealed very well and there were no issues with the delivery. Everything was as described, and quality control appears excellent.
The focuser is smooth and sturdy. The matt white finish has a good texture and the metal anodizing is all very professional.
I was delighted to find the overall length is less than 24" with the focuser racked in and sliding dew-shield retracted. Online specifications state a length of 26". The scope fits perfectly in an Oklop 80/600 bag so long as you remove the diagonal and finder. The rings and dovetail can stay on.
I was able to complete a first light session on the evening of the day of arrival and found the optical performance to be very good. A nice star test typical of good ED doublets and extremely low levels of false colour.
Contrast is excellent. This is a really nice telescope for the price. It is light weight, versatile and satisfying to use. I am a visual only observer, and this scope will be a handy option for short back yard sessions as well as trips away from the city.
An early morning session observing the planets was very enjoyable even though the seeing conditions were not ideal. Saturn being highest in the sky was most rewarding especially just before sunrise when it was over 40 degrees above the horizon. Tiny Mars did not reveal much detail other than a hint of polar cap and some darker shading on the surface. Venus had no false colour and Jupiter though interesting did not reveal much in the way of detail being so low and subject to atmospheric blurring. I used a 2” GSO quartz diagonal and also tried a Takahashi 1.25” prism. I preferred the Tak prism for high powers as there was less scatter.
This is early days and conditions have not been ideal so this is just my initial thoughts.

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I'm a happy camper...and I snagged a bargain.
23 February 2022  | 

First of all , delivery of this telescope was amazingly quick. 6 days between placing my order to first light in my little town in Australia is remarkable. Secondly, I jagged an "open box" example, saving myself about 250 of your so called English "pounds". The only signs of use were a few marks on the mounting bar (which I've added to already)...

First light was delivery day - 23 Feb. (for once the "may contain clouds" warning was wrong). Skywatcher AZ-5 mount. Eyepieces: Explore Scientific 68 degree 28mm, Baader 17.5mm Morpheus, Baader 8mm Hyperion. A lovely warm summer evening, a new telescope, a. clear night and a couple of cold beverages. Life is good...

First target, M42 with the 28mm. Initial impression, "meh". However, this eyepiece has proven to be unfriendly with shorter focal length scopes (works great in an f12 scope I have). Switched to the 17.5mm - Holy smoke Batman, that's more like it. Crisp, clear, snapped into focus. Through the 8mm M42 filled the field of view, stars were pinpoints, and more stars than I'd seen before were embedded in the nebulosity. On to the southern skies. Cruising the area around the Eta Carina nebula was just stunning. So many faint clusters of stars I'd not noticed before. Even my non interested significant other was impressed with the view of Eta Carina.

I am delighted with this telescope. It replaces a Skywatcher ED80. I believe it shows stars about .5 magnitude fainter than that telscope, but man, that's a lot of extra stars. The ED80 goes on Gumtree tomorrow.

I didn't notice any CA, it's built like a tank, and the lens cover doesn't fall off all the time!

On a slightly less positive side, it's probably a little too heavy for the AZ-5 for high power work (but I have a Vixen GP that will be perfect) and I suspect it's way too heavy for my AZ-GTi, which will join the ED80 on Gumtree.

I'm well into my 60's now, but this is a telescope I hope I will have for a very long time (fingers crossed). It's a bloody ripper. I can't wait to get it to a dark sky site.

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I wish FLO had gotten these earlier
26 January 2022  | 

A wonderful telescope, CA non-existent to my eyes even at high mags, better than even my old ED100 and ED120 refractors. The build quality is amazing, really very solid indeed. I bought mine a year ago from another provider as FLO weren't selling them at the time, a pity as the customer service and communication at FLO is the best in the UK......period. If you are looking for a 4 inch refractor that you are going to use for years and years without wanting to up-grade in a couple of years, then visually (which is all I do) then this scope is the way to go.

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13 January 2022  | 

I am so glad that I purchased a Star field refractor. The FPL-53 glass objective that gives superb views of the moon and Jupiter . The built quality Is first rate..
thank you first light optics for such a great scope and a great service.


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