Starfield 102mm f/7 ED Doublet Refractor
Starfield 102mm f/7 ED Doublet RefractorStarfield 102mm f/7 ED Doublet RefractorStarfield 102mm f/7 ED Doublet Refractor
Starfield 102mm f/7 ED Doublet RefractorStarfield 102mm f/7 ED Doublet Refractor

About this product

Model:  starfield_102_f7_ed
Part Number:  SF-102F7-00

NEW Starfield 102mm f/7 ED doublet refractor for visual astronomy & astrophotography! 

This traditionally designed telescope features modern, fully multicoated optics with Japanese Ohara FPL53 ED and Lanthanum glass for bright, high-contrast views with exceptionally low chromatic aberration. Even at high magnifications! 

Other features include a temperature-compensated lens cell (doesn't 'pinch' the optics at low temperatures) and internal baffles (prevents stray light reflecting inside the tube, so enhances contrast).

Fitted with a sturdy CNC machined 2.5”dual-speed rotatable R&P focuser for smooth, precise focus adjustments. The focuser includes a convenient 2" twist-lock clamp and 2"-1.25" adapter. 

An optional matching 0.8x Starfield Reducer / Field Flattener is also available, enabling astrophotography at f/5.6. 

An excellent choice for observing or imaging the Moon, solar system targets and brighter deep sky objects. 

Price includes CNC tube-rings and a Vixen-style dovetail mounting bar. 


  • 102mm Aperture
  • f/7 focal ratio / 714mm focal length
  • Air-spaced, adjustable doublet in temperature-compensated cell
  • Fully multicoated optics for high contrast and maximum light transmission 
  • Extra-low dispersion FPL53 and Lanthanum glass lens elements for very low chromatic aberration
  • Shorter cooling time than similarly specified triplet telescopes
  • Internally baffled to prevent stray light
  • 2.5" dual-speed, rotatable rack and pinion focuser
  • Includes convenient 2" twist-lock eyepiece/accessory clamp and 2"-1.25" adapter
  • Supports 2" and 1.25" eyepiece accessories
  • Includes CNC machined tube rings and Vixen-style dovetail bar
  • Convenient retractable dew shield
  • Weighs approximately 4.2kg / 9.3lb with rings and dovetail attached and 3.7kg / 8.3lb without

Telescope Field of View Simulator


  • Tube length (dew-shield retracted): 66cm (24")

What's in the box

  • Telescope OTA
  • CNC Tube Rings
  • Vixen-style Dovetail
  • 2" to 1.25" Adapter


Aperture 102mm
Focal Length 714mm
Focal Ratio f/7
Resolving Power 1.45 arc seconds
Visual Limiting Magnitude 12.2
Weight 4.2kg / 9.3lbs
Length (Dew Shield Retracted) 66cm / 26"
Focuser 2.5" Rack & Pinion 
Micro Focusing 1:10 Dual Speed


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Starfield 102 f/7 ED Doublet
22 December 2023  | 

What a nice surprise this scope has been i have a up market triplet apo and testing the starfield against that on the same night the starfield 102 came out the winner with CA and image was very sharp,the focuser is silky smooth and the finish is first rate this is one hell of a nice scope for the price.

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Starfield 102
13 November 2023  | 

After several weeks of checking out reviews and trying to decide what to replace my Skywatcher ED100 DS Pro with (damaged by accident) I decided to buy the Starfield 102 f7.
As usual delivery was very fast.
My first impressions of the Starfield 102 are that it is absolutely superb!
The build quality is streets ahead of the SW ED100. The focuser is in a different league altogether!
My SW 0.85x reducer flattener fits perfectly so I can use that, saving me some money.
I only had to wait a couple of nights for first light and what a first light experience!
Wow! What a difference in clarity and image quality compared to my 4 year old ED100.
I love this scope already after getting 4 images over the weekend.
If you are debating which 4 inch (100/102mm) refractor to buy then this is the one I would go for.
I definitely made the right choice!

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12 May 2023  | 

I purchased this scope along with the adjustable 0.8 reducer, and what a combination it makes! I wish I had got this sooner. Aesthetically, the scope looks superb. Results wise, like others, very little CA and great stars across the field right into the corners. On the few clear nights we've had in the last fortnight since purchasing, it's worked great and has produced wonderful images of the Moon and Needle Galaxy using a HEQ5 with a DSLR.
Very happy with my purchase, ordered 11am, received 8am the following day! Superb service, and thanks again to all at FLO for the help and assistance provided in choosing a new scope.

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Happy Starfield owner
06 May 2023  | 

I recently got one of these along with the 0.8x adjustable reducer/flattener as part of my first proper astro-photography setup. A really nicely constructed scope, a great focuser and excellent imaging results with no obvious distortion or chromatic aberration, even when heavily zoomed in on a computer. A great tool for me to explore the skys!

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Has to be the best value high-spec doublet.
25 April 2023  | 

Now this scope is a little gem. It's beautifully made, sturdy and has great glass. FPL-53 and Lanthanum are a superb combination, producing excellent contrast, no noticeable CA and pinpoint stars.
I had the chance to compare it with a 92mm triplet recently (costing twice as much) and the SF stomped all over it.
The only downside is the twist lock, which is stiff and difficult to adjust, but I'm a Baader Clicklock fan, so I use one of those instead.

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Nice telescope at a great price
15 April 2023  | 

Purchased this from Australia taking about 10 days to arrive by DHL. Arrived undamaged and double boxed. Fit and finish is excellent. Dew shield is very snug and the focuser is nice and firm with no play noticeable. Really like the 2" self centring locking ring for adding my 2" accessories and flattener to the scope.
Done star tests under slightly better than average seeing and showed a fairly nice airy disk. Pushed to x500 just to study the diffraction pattern with good results. Optics are at least diffraction limited or better. No false color (CA) noticed at all. Under imaging no CA also seen on bright stars or the limb of the moon.
The only thing is the locking screw on the rotatable focuser has to be done up real tight to stop rotation, but should be a easy fix.
Very happy with purchase! And totally recommended!

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Starfield F/7 102mm Apo - Stunning Telescope
06 March 2023  | 

Having had this scope for a couple of months, I'd only been able to use from my house in the middle of my town (Poole), under Bortle 7 skies, so plenty of light pollution getting in the way of visual astronomy. Nonetheless, views of Jupiter, Mars and the Moon were fabulous despite relatively poor seeing. Last week I managed to get to some Bortle 4 skies, and what can I say. WOW!
M81 & M82 were easy. M42 & NGC1975 revealed lots of detail, with the Trapezium a cinch. Several of the popular open clusters were like stunning diamonds piercing the inky black background. My partner was particular thrilled with these big-hitting objects, but I was most impressed that I was able to split Rigel, which is somewhat tricky in a 4" scope given wide magnitude difference!
Just finalising my imaging setup, but the above experience bodes well. Great value for money & highly recommended!!

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Starfield 102 F7 ED
23 February 2023  | 

Firstly, thanks to FLO for great service. This is the third scope I have purchased from FLO amongst other bits and bobs. The Starfield 102 is a quality piece of kit. Construction is lightweight, but every component is solidly made. The focuser, as said by others, is buttery smooth.
The new scope arrived yesterday and had it's first light last night. I had a slither of a crescent moon which was very clear and detailed considering heavy light pollution. In between clouds the view of the stars was spectacular. Jupiter on the other hand didn't reveal much detail. | have had problems with this planet recently in other scopes and suspect that this has nothing to do with any of my telescopes, but atmospheric conditions. I would love to see what this scope can produce under dark skies, but I suspect it will perform very well. Great scope, highly recommend this instrument. I also highly recommend FLO. Friendly and helpful staff.

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Excellent Scope
18 October 2022  | 

Arrived in 6 days to Australia ...Brilliant ....!! Very nicely made / smooth focuser / solid tube / nice optics and FMC Coatings.
Came with 3 days worth of clouds ....not unusual when a new scope arrives.....very pleased with my purchase.
Colin .....( Australia )

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Starfield 102
12 August 2022  | 

I am really pleased with my purchase of the Starfield. The build and finish on the telescope is top grade from end to end. The focuser is a 2.5” R&P dual speed (10:1) and is fully rotatable 360. It also lockable and is buttery smooth. The rings are CNC machined and black anodized with the option of fitting an additional vixen rail for extras.The dew shield is fully retractable and has a black metal lens cap. The focuser is graduated and has the screw holes for two finder scope shoes. Now for the important aspect, the quality of the glass and views. I could not find a trace of chromatic aberration on the limb of a nearly full moon. I couldn’t see any either on a very bright Jupiter. The color correction is first class and the FPL53 paired with Lanthanum is a winner. The clarity was also right up there and when viewing Jupiter with my 6.5mm Morpheus eyepiece the detail was impressive. I have no negatives that come to mind. Definitely one of my best ever Astro buys.

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The main telescope body is 105mm diameter so will match 105mm tube rings.

The dew shield is approximately 122mm diameter so will work well with 40cm length/circumference dew straps or shields and 122mm diameter Bahtinov masks or similar.

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