Starfield Gear80 80mm f/6 Triplet APO Refractor
 Starfield Gear80 80mm f/6 Triplet APO RefractorStarfield Gear80 80mm f/6 Triplet APO Refractor 

Starfield Gear80 80mm f/6 Triplet APO Refractor

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Model:  starfield_80mm_f6
Part Number:  G80-06-01

The Starfield 80 f/6 Triplet APO is a conveniently sized refractor telescope that appeals to both visual astronomers and astrophotographers. 

Fully multicoated air-spaced triplet optics with an FPL53 equivalent ED glass lens delivers high contrast and excellent colour correction. 

The telescope's compact size makes it convenient for use on most small / mid-sized astronomy mounts. 

The native focal length is 480mm (f/6). For astrophotography, a dedicated screw-on 0.8x reducer/flattener is available that reduces it to 384mm (f/4.8). 

The CNC-machined 2.5" dual-speed R&P focuser features 1:10 gear reduction, 360° rotation and 5kg / 11 lb load-bearing capacity. It also includes a 2"-1.25" adapter. 

A convenient retractable dew shield minimises dew and prevents glare from nearby lights. 

Price includes CNC-machined tube-rings, a carry handle that accepts accessories and a Vixen-type dovetail. 

A hard case and optical test report are also included. 



  • 80mm Aperture
  • f/6 focal ratio / 480mm focal length
  • Air-spaced, adjustable triplet with FPL53 equivalent ED glass
  • Fully multi-coated optics for high contrast and maximum light transmission 
  • Internally baffled to prevent stray light
  • 2.5" dual-speed, rotatable rack and pinion focuser
  • Includes convenient 2" twist-lock eyepiece/accessory clamp and 2" - 1.25" adapter
  • Connections on the eyepiece side: 2", 1.25" and M63x1 female thread.
  • Camera angle adjuster
  • Includes CNC machined tube rings and Vixen-style dovetail bar
  • Handle for transportation and mounting accessories
  • Convenient retractable dew shield
  • Weighs approximately 7.7lbs with rings and dovetail attached and 3.7kg / 8.3lb without
  • Optional 0.8x adjustable reducer and 1.0x Flattener available.  Threaded for a secure connection to the focuser with no flex.



Focal Length 480mm
Focal Ratio f/6
Objective Multicoated APO triplet lens with ED glass equivalent to FPL53
Weight 7.7lbs
Tube material CNC-machined aluminium
Dew Shield Retractable
Focuser 2.5" Rack&Pinion Focuser
Connections Eyepiece Side 2", 1.25" and M63x1 female thread.
Finish Black-anodised aluminium and durable white matte powder coat (tougher than paint). 


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