Unihedron Weatherproof Housing

Unihedron Weatherproof Housing

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About this product

Model:  unihedron-housing
Part Number:  SQM-H

This weatherproof housing is designed to protect the Unihedron SQM-LE/LU Sky Quality Meters from normal outdoor conditions including weather and insects.

Specifications and mounting instructions


  • White surfaces reflect the hot summer sunshine.
  • Opening on bottom to allow moisture to escape.
  • Glass top to prevent scratching when removing ice.
  • Raised glass surface to prevent dirt and leaves from collecting.
  • Small glass opening to minimize internal heating due to the Sun.
  • Cable opening at bottom sealed with open-cell (breathable) foam prevents insects from entering.
  • Marine silicone seal rated for outdoor use.
  • Silicone seal around glass extends beyond glass-plastic interface to prevent ice from building in crevices.
  • Hose clamps for easy mounting to pole.
  • Staples for easy mounting to wood surface.

Includes housing with removable top cap, 2x adjustable clamps, 2x staples for mounting to wood and instruction sheet. 


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