ZWO Mini Finder-Guider & ASI 120MM-Mini Bundle

ZWO Mini Finder-Guider & ASI 120MM-Mini Bundle

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The Mini Mini auto-guiding solution.

Compatible with the new ZWO ASiair smiley

ZWO's ultra-compact Mini guide-scope with 30mm f4 objective lens and rotating helical focuser fits most telescope finder-shoes, including those from Sky-Watcher, Celestron, Orion, Baader and Prima-Luce.

The ZWO ASI120MM-Mini is a very capable guide camera (also suitable for lunar & planetary photography) with a peak QE of 75% (better than the ICX618) and no Fixed-Pattern-Noise! Supports 35FPS at its maximum 1280X960 resolution and long time exposures up to 1000s! 

All ZWO products include a 2-year warranty. 

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Good little guidescope and canera
15 June 2023  | 

Bought after lots of advice from FLO answering the daft questions of a newcomer to guiding. Seems to work well, maybe would benefit from a uv/IR cut filter to reduce bloating?

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Works well for me
10 August 2022  | 

This is my first guide camera and scope, so I didn't know what to expect. I am using it with an ASIAir Plus, and plugging in the camera the app recognised it straight away (as I would have expected). Initially to test I just focused on a tree at the end of the garden and was very suprised to find the ASIAir would happliy try and guide on the light coming through the leaves! To get a better focus for night time use, I then focused on some trees on a distant hill. When I did come to use the camera and scope at night, I could see out of focus stars and it was very quick to get a sharp image. Overall I am impressed.

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Starter Kit
25 April 2022  | 

Thanks to the amazing FLO team and customer service.
Right from the get go, Dave was quick at responding and listed out the steps required to start and set things up, and also everything I would need to start guiding with my Star Adventurer and DSLR. Even so far as a 5m USB cable (also available from FLO ) to connect back to a laptop inside the house for PHD2.

Package arrived quickly, has worked faultlessly and was easy to set up. Only slight issue is achieving focus for a first time, but once found (and it doesn't have to be perfectly in focus), you can just keep it mounted and never take it apart!

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27 May 2021  | 

I've used this bundle last night with my SkyGuider Pro and was blown away.
Without guiding, I usually could do 2-3 min exposures with round stars, but had to throw away about 15% of the images.
With guiding, I could get 4-8min (that's just what I've tried for now) with consistently round stars. None needed to be thrown away (standard polar alignment using the built-in polar scope).
For now, my setup is a DSLR + 200mm lens + 3D printed mount for the Guider.

Additionally, the product was sent extremely fast and was packaged well.

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Starter Guiding Setup
19 March 2021  | 

Ordered the Guidescope & Camera bundle as a neat entry into autoguiding. So far so good although the guidescope focusing is a little fiddly without a proper helical focuser. Managed it eventually after moving the camera forward & back. Works faultlessly with PHD2 on the Mac platform. Fantastic service from FLO with the items arriving within 24 hours of ordering. Just need some clear skies which are a little harder to come by.

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08 January 2021  | 

Finally getting all the pieces together so I can do some astrophotography. These items go a long way to achieving that. I have always been impressed with ZWO quality, and again, not disappointed here. I think the tricky bit is going to get the focus correct. Full marks also go to the guys and gals at FLO. Excellent service, advice and speedy delivery. Thank you all.

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ZWO Mini Finder-Guider & ASI120MM-Mini Bundle
25 October 2020  | 

We bought the ZWO mini Finder guider and ASI120mm - mini bundle as part of a portable rig that included the iOptron SkyGuider Pro, the William Optics RedCat v1.5, iOptron Ball Head, iOptron tripod and the ZWO ASIair Pro. We ordered all at the same time but were aware that some had a longer lead time than others. Throughout FLO were brilliant at keeping us informed and shipped some items earlier than agreed because we were still waiting for the tripod. Previously we have only used a GoTo Celestron 8SE so getting used to the small rig has required some effort but there are some great YouTube videos out there to help and we now we feel we can write a review of the components.

The mini scope has been working well; initially the focus ring was very stiff to move but it is working smoothly now, however, getting a tight focus has proven a bit tricky for a beginner. The camera appears to be working well with the ASIair and iOptron tracker but we need some more clear nights to fully assess its performance especially over longer runs and we might also need to play around with some of the aggressiveness settings on the ASIair to achieve optimal results.

FLO have commented that the mini guide scope can be tricky to focus, the focus zone is quite small and easy to overshoot. Luckily as long as focus is 'good enough' it won't really affect guiding performance, once you have it close you should be fine.

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A great litte bundle
30 March 2020  | 

After a useful discussion with Martin and Grant about the best guider & camera to use with a William Optics Z61 (which I had also bought from FLO), they suggested this bundle. It, and an appropriate finder shoe, arrived well packaged. The camera with the mini-finder, since it weighs very little works a treat with the above scope sat on an ES iEXOS-100. The finder's helical focuser needs to be screwed almost all the way out and the camera pulled back somewhat - or use the supplied extender - to achieve focus, but this is easily done and the ZWO software is perfectly suited to this. I'm very happy with the bundle, and the next step is to try guiding with PHD, and I'm seeing no potential problems on the horizon.

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Good value guiding package for small refactor
29 September 2019  | 

Bought this as a guide scope for my 72mm refractor (WO Megrez 72). I set it up in day time using the ASICAP software from the ZWO website to check all was working and to get rough infinity focus by adjusting the camera position within the miniscope. Fine focus was then achieved under the stars using the helical focuser. The only problem I had was that initially my PHD2 guiding software wouldn't recognise the camera (though it did recognise my other ZWO imaging camera). After updating to the latest version of PHD2 this problem was fixed.

It was a little off-putting to see how much less sensitive/noisier the guiding output is compared to my imaging output, and I do wonder whether a 50mm guide scope might be a better combination with the ASI120. But having said that so far the guiding performance has been good and appears well-matched to the imaging optical chain. And the scope/camera combination is very good value so I'm very happy with my purchase.


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