Astro Essentials M48 Camera Adapter
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Astro Essentials M48 Camera Adapter

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About this product

Model:  ae_m48_cam_adptr_canon_eos

For attaching a DSLR camera to Sky-Watcher 0.85x Focal Reducers, Esprit Flatteners and other accessories with a M48 Male thread. 


Optical length (when connected to a camera):

  • Canon EOS: 11mm (55mm from sensor)
  • Canon EOS-R: 10mm  (30mm from sensor)
  • Nikon F: 8.5mm (55mm from sensor)
  • Nikon Z: 10mm  (26mm from sensor)
  • Sony A: 10mm (55mm from sensor)
  • Sony E: 37mm (55mm from sensor)
  • Micro 4/3: 9.5mm (29mm from sensor)
  • Pentax: 9.5mm (55mm from sensor)

If you are trying to achieve a 55mm back focus you may need to use additional extensions for some of these adapters.

Customer reviews

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Cheaply made.
16 January 2024  | 

When I attach this to my cc it comes loose, and when I tried tightening the thread it broke the grub scews rendering it useless.


The grub screws are used to tighten the two parts together. It should not be possible to break a grub screw so please get in touch, and we will replace this.

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A good fit
19 October 2023  | 

As a new person starting out doing astrophotography, I was little confused about T rings and m48 and m42. So Asked about this and saw a T ring, and ask would this fit my camera to my telescope, he said yes. So I ordered one from FLO and came by post. And it fits nicely on my camera to my telescope. Thanks for a great service, will be using FLO again.


Rating (max 5):  
Yet another one
08 October 2023  | 

As a relative newcomer to all this malarkey, I am somewhat perplexed at the fact that I now own 4 different adapters for my either my DSLR or camera lenses. They're great, don't get me wrong, but I never realised when I signed up, that M48 and M42 doodads of varying dimensions would be such a prevalent thing in my life. Shopping with FLO is always a delight and such an educational experience as well! Happy days

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Seems pretty good.
01 July 2023  | 

Used this m48 adaptor to connect redcat51 to canon dslr eos200d. Correct backfocus acheived. Seems like a nice piece of kit. Sturdy.

Rating (max 5):  
Cheap for a reason
27 December 2022  | 

Received along with a Sharpstar 61 EDPH and reducer/flattener. The first times I used the setup, I had severe tilt in my images. Upon googling, I found that it was a common occurrance with the reducer/flattener which has a built-in rotator with 3 adjustment screws. I loosened, turned and made sure that they were all tightened with the equal amount of pressure, but the tilt was still present. Today on a whim, just for the sake of testing, I switched the Astro Essential M48 ring with the M48 from Sky-Watcher I have mounted on my Sky-Watcher 80ED, and the tilt completely disappeared. Get a proper Adapter, not this one. I've already ordered a replacement.


Hi Tommy,
We are baffled and perplexed.
This product normally recieves excellent reviews and is, at least, equivalent to many more expensive brands.
We can only assume yours is faulty.
Please email us to arrange return and refund.

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I wish i'd known that this was already included...
14 November 2022  | 

I wasn't aware that this adapter was included with the scope I ordered - would've been nice for FLO to follow up with an "are you sure" email to be sure I really needed it - after all why would someone order a second one when you can only have one camera connected to the scope at a time...

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t2 mount
09 August 2022  | 

good product quality , thank you to FLO for their professional and quality service.

Rating (max 5):  
Does the job
08 December 2021  | 

Using one on the Stellamira 90mm Triplet with the Stellamira 2" 0.8 Reducer and a modded Canon 600D. Does what it supposed to do, not much to say really. I would knock it down half a star as there's a little play between the camera and it but it's not effected my images in anyway.

Rating (max 5):  
26 January 2021  | 

I bought this to use with my sky-watcher evostar ed72 telescope. It fits perfectly and works well. Quick delivery

Rating (max 5):  
Well engineered product
26 January 2021  | 

This adapter is a perfect fit on my EOS camera and Skywatcher ED80 coma corrector.

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