Baader 2'' ClickLock M54 Clamp
 Baader 2'' ClickLock M54 ClampBaader 2'' ClickLock M54 Clamp 

Baader 2" ClickLock M54 Clamp

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Model:  baad_clicklock-m54_2956254
Part Number:  2956254

This Baader 2" ClickLock M54 Clamp fits Sky-Watcher / Celestron / Orion Telescopes with an M54 thread on the focuser.  E.g. Sky-Watcher Explorer Newtonians 150mm upwards and 130P-DS.

The Baader Planetarium 2" Click-Lock Eyepiece Clamp brings eyepiece holders into the 21st century. With a simple twist, 2" eyepieces and accessories are instantly locked with such strength that they can literally support an entire telescope without slippage. Simply grip the rubber-knurled outer collar and lightly twist. Easy. 


  • Optical length: 30mm
  • Weight: 143g
  • M54x1 male/external thread for M54x1 female/internal threaded focusers.
  • A small rotation by 20° with gentle fingertip pressure to the knurled lever is enough to securely clamp every 2" accessory.
  • Ratchet function – features acoustic and haptic display of the clamp-position. This way you can hear and feel in darkness without looking if the clamp is opened or closed.
  • Compression tension-ring of thick-walled hard bronze, keeps its shape even after many years of use and holds expensive accessories securely - without causing scratches or pressure points on your accessories.

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great, must buy
21 January 2024  | 

It has made changing gear so quick, fantastic. Screwed right into my ED Pro 72, it has made adjusting the rotation of my dslr simple as anything

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Baader M54 clicklock
29 December 2023  | 

I use the Baader Clicklocks wherever I can as I think they are unequalled for the security of your equipment. This model is the same as the rest and that is excellent. Fast dispatch and delivery from FLO as usual.

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Excellent Accessory
13 January 2022  | 

Bought one of these for my StellaLyra 6" RC to hold the camera and filter wheel assembly - the last thing you want is your expensive kit hitting the ground due to the screws on a standard focuser not gripping tight enough.
I bought this one for my Skywatcher 72ED for the exact same reason. The clicklock holds the camera etc like it was in a vice without leaving any screw marks, and also keeps everything correctly centred, it's so easy to release too.
I usually attach a lanyard to my camera assembly just for safety - mostly in case I drop it as I'm removing it (I've had a few close calls) but I can assure you your gear will not slip out of the clicklock once locked in position!
Highly recommended and of course service from FLO is first class as usual.

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ClickLock saves the day
27 November 2021  | 

Yes 5 stars for the ClickLock. Similar to another review, I have used a Baader MPCC Coma Corector for years without issues.
I then started experimenting with Powermates and the MPCC and had terrible results due to movement of the MPCC in what ever clamp was in use.
On returning to original setup, the movement was still hapening.

Any way fitting the ClickLock has solved all the problems. Great.

The only down side is the ClickLock takes up 30mm of back focus! I managed to re-order where I fit my T2 spacer and can achive fous with a couple of mm spare.
SW Quattro, D2 LED filter, MPCC, T2 Spacer, SX wheel ASI1600mm,
One day I may move the primary mirror to get a bit more fredom in the system.

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Limpet lock 🔒
12 May 2021  | 

I purchased a click lock as the m54 compression fitting I had wasnít holding my camera with a baader cc mk3 very well , now this may be purely down to the groove on the baader nosepiece as standard thumb screws on the drawtube fitting catch on the edge of the baader groove , having had a few near misses of camera slippage decided on a click lock , though expensive not as expensive as a new camera, I tried it out on the scope (200pds) and iíam impressed itís rock solid, just push the single long knob , great for everyone as no fiddling with little screws in the dark and camera clamped like a limpet , gave it a good shake , can honestly say if you using a baader cc or Hyperion fitting ,use this on your scope , I havenít tried it on a normal smooth eyepiece but would assume will clamp just as well as it uses a compression fitting obviously itís purposely made to hold baader fittings better , now ordered a baader m48 nosepiece for my backup camera should I not want to use the cc , Highly recommend .

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Baader Clicklock M54a
11 November 2020  | 

Well it took 11days to arrive in Canada, and I was fortunate enough to use, it the same night, it fits my Skywatcher10" Quattro very good and holds the collimation laser straight, but with the p4 skywatcher coma corrector on and my ASI294mc Pro i though it was a little heavy, and could slip with the Baader grip , so I added a velcro strap to camara in case it slipped out, other than that all works well, be careful Image's

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Fits a Skywatcher 150PDS, but DSLR owners beware...
27 December 2019  | 

Excellent adapter which does exactly what it says on the tin, and very well. This would be a five-star review however... the thickness of the adapter added in to the imaging train of a SW 150PDS and a DSLR (in my case a Canon EOS 200D) meant that I could no longer achieve focus (too far out). I had to purchase longer mounting screws and springs for the primary mirror and move the mirror about 20mm further in before i could achieve focus. I am still very happy with the adapter, though. (A friend with a 250PDS was able to move the mirror on the standard SW screws without needing to change them).

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Baader M54 Clicklock for skywatcher newtonian
23 August 2018  | 

The clicklock fitted easily onto the threads of my SW 250PDS focuser , feels so much more secure holding my equipment and is much easier to lock and release cameras or eyepieces. I had previously replaced the original EP holder with a compression ring type but always struggled to access the tensioning screws especially with filter/camera fitted .


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