Baader 40mm Super Sky Surfer V Night & Day
Baader 40mm Super Sky Surfer V Night & DayBaader 40mm Super Sky Surfer V Night & DayBaader 40mm Super Sky Surfer V Night & Day
Baader 40mm Super Sky Surfer V Night & DayBaader 40mm Super Sky Surfer V Night & DayBaader 40mm Super Sky Surfer V Night & Day

Baader 40mm Super Sky Surfer V Night & Day

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About this product

Model:  bskysurferv
Part Number:  2957315

NEW 'Night & Day' model can also be used as a precise solar-finder! 

Water-resistant, shockproof, construction. 

The Baader premium Red Dot finder is in a league of its own with all-metal sealed tube construction and large 40mm coated glass optics for a clear and uncoloured view of the Sky.

Fits most Skywatcher and Celestron Newtonian, refractor and SCT telescopes.

Includes dew-caps/lens-shades and captive protective caps. 

Also includes the Baader Universal Quick Release Finder Base. 



  • Dual function day/night - now features a precise solar finder
  • Includes Baader universal quick release finder base
  • Sealed, waterproof, black anodised metal construction
  • Long dew shields either end to prevent fogging
  • 1:1 objective lens is non-reflective and minimised light loss
  • Weight: 282g / 394g with adapter.

What's in the box

  • Sky Surfer V Red Dot Finder
  • Dew Shields x2
  • Baader V-bracket
  • Baader Standard Base
  • Front dust cap with bounce cover and 0.7mm bore hole for use as a solar finder
  • Rear dust cap with clear glass insert to mount the opaque cross hair reticle
  • Diffusing opaque cross hair reticle for attaching to the rear dust cap for solar use if required

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Sky Surfer V
17 June 2023  | 

This is in my opinion the king of red dot finders. Itís very solidly built with a 40mm open tube. Full control of the brightness setting and the main reason for buying this was the fact that it could also be used as a daytime solar finder. Fast delivery again from FLO.

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Excellent Red Dot Finder from Baader.
03 September 2022  | 

Never had a RDF type finder before. Didnít like the look of the Telrad or itís adhesive fixing method. Other RDFs looked too small and flimsy to be of real use. So have stayed with optical finders, which are very good, but fiddly - especially if you take them off and have to put them back on at a later date- you pretty much always have to start from scratch - the ones sat inside rings are extremely fiddly.
I liked the look of the SkySurfer V because of its large aperture and itís sturdy build.
So i bought one. Though jury was still out, when I tried it- couldnít fault it, at all. Great build quality. Easy to assemble. Stays in perfect adjustment if you remove it and put it back on the scope. Optics are bright and the red dot is adjustable in brightness for all conditions. The adjustment of the red-dot is by 2 screws - very easy. When youíre done- just screw the cover caps over the screws.
I tried it last night to locate Saturn, after setting up the finder red dot on a distant object during the day. Found it straight away.
Initially used it with one eye closed, but you can use both eyes from a short distance back, when youíve got used to it. This way, the finder view naturally merges with rest of your view of the sky and makes it easier to adjust the telescope body on to the target.
Have ditched the optical finder now. This is a quick, repeatable, no fuss, grab and go-capable finder with bomb-proof build quality. A bit on the expensive side, maybe - but you are getting a solid product with great utility. Also, a lot cheaper than good quality optical finders.
Highly recommend.

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Baader Skysurfer V
25 March 2021  | 

Really happy with this, very straightforward to fit and adjust the red dot. Looking forward to letting this make my life easier over the next years. I have a push to encoder system used with sky safari and could've got away with a cheaper unit, but this one oozes quality and is very robust. The supplied baader base is good for other finders too. FLO wasn't the cheapest supplier of this in the UK, but has very fair shipping costs and is always quick to get stuff out the door, thanks guys n' gals

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The best red dot finder, works great for Solar too
25 December 2020  | 

This is by far the best red dot finder I've ever had. It's assembled in the blink of an eye and once mounted is very sturdy and stable.

Compared to other finders, this is so much easier to align with the FoV of the telescope. It took me less than a minute to align it whereas with the Celestron Starpointer Pro i wasted several nights..

And it works just great as a solar finder! Just close both caps and aim roughly at the Sun and a yellow dot will appear on the reticle. Fantastic.

I seriously love this finder and even though its military look doesn't really match my ZS73 this is officially my new best friend

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Good red dot, kinda expensive.
12 November 2019  | 

The good : a very sturdy large diameter red dot finder. Red dot position can be easily and precisely adjusted
Plastic caps on each side open/close the tube, can also be used as a solar finder when closed (does work)

The included "Baader Universal Quick Release Finder Base" is very good, does fit several scope, (and locks reliably with 2 screws).

The average : a bit heavy (for the scope, and the wallet).
I find the red dot intensity at minimum level too bright for astronomy but ok for daytime use (I suppose this will get better with the battery wearing out)

Field test : I mounted my telrad and the baader sky surfer V side by side and tried star hoping. At the end of the day (night?), I find the telrad easier, but this could be because I am more used to it.
My personal conclusion is that : a guider scope + a red dot could be superior combination to a telrad, but that a telrad is more helpful than a guide scope or red dot alone (even the best red dot there is).

Bottom line : unlike the provided "Baader universal mounting plate" , this red dot will not stay on my main scope (C8).
However, I will keep it for day time use on my small C5 (for birdwatching), because it will not break (in my backpack, in the field, or anywhere else).

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Baader SkySurfer V
06 February 2018  | 

I was very impressed by the quality of this product. It was slightly larger than I expected but fitted all my requirements for a joint night and solar finder

Rating (max 5):  
02 September 2017  | 

Quality production in real metal and not wobbly plastic. SUPERB engineering and attention to detail.
Sits at a perfect height to use as it should be, with both eyes open. Very fine red dot which locates without hiding the target star. Quick and accurate to it.
Expensive......well not cheap but when you consider that a Telrad may require a height platform addition, a dew shield (included on Surfer V) and extra bases to use on alternative telescopes its not much more expensive and it looks very well atop of your scope.
It also can be used for daytime solar work ( given the correct solar filters on your scope).
The only red dot finder I will ever need.

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No dew problems.
25 August 2015  | 

I liked my old Telrad but it did dew up from time to time. So far this one has not done so.
I use it with the lowest dot brightness setting so I can still easily see the stars I am lining up on. The battery has not run out even though I have twice accidentally left it on for days.

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Sped up star hopping!
03 August 2013  | 

Clear, adjustable brightness and dot position using covered dials (20p slots in easily to adjust). It's supplied with hoods that prevent dew.
It doesn't magnify, just simply place the dot on the sky.
Only thing I would have liked is a 90degree prism for high elevation targets.

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Want to get to targets quickly?
28 February 2013  | 

Just added a Baader Sky Surfer 5 to my CPC800 and WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT!!!

1. The sky surfer 5 oozes quality. Well made, all metal, dew covers. you adjust the dot position via a screw driver and every adjustment makes a lovely solid click sound that just gives you confidence that it aint going to slip out of alignment
2. Using the sky surfer reduces time to navigate by 95% compared to trying to use the supplied finder scope (and you also do not strain/break your neck in the process)

fyi, if youre interested there is an adaptor included that allowed attachment to the CPC800 without the need to buy any extra bits.

Overall I am well impressed.

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