Optolong Planetary Filter Kit
Optolong Planetary Filter KitOptolong Planetary Filter KitOptolong Planetary Filter Kit
Optolong Planetary Filter KitOptolong Planetary Filter Kit

Optolong Planetary Filter Kit

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This Optolong Planetary filter kit includes five filters: UV/IR Cut, R, G, B and IR685. 

Available in 1.25" and 2" sizes. 

What filters are used for Planetary photography?

The most effective way of Planetary imaging is to use a monochrome camera and acquire data through individual filters. As with DSO imaging the use of Red, Green and Blue Filters is very effective with luminance data shot through a UV/IR Cut Filter but in addition the use of an IR Pass Filter can produce very sharp images where the longer wavelengths are less affected by turbulent seeing.

The main aim is to capture the specific spectrum, such as rich carbon dioxide. One of the most common filters to use for this is the IR filter- infrared filter. 

Thus when imaging the planets you can improve the quality of your data by imaging in infrared, or near-infrared light, in order to reduce the negative influence of seeing. 

Optolong recommends the use of RGB plus the IR685 filter (IRRGB) for imaging Mercury,Venus, Uranus and Nepture and for Saturn and Jupiter the RGB Filters plus UV/IR Cut filters in addition to IRRGB.

IR685 Introduction

The Optolong IR Pass685 filter is designed to block the most visible wavelengths of light and can be used in IRRGB imaging to produce a sharper luminance image for the best planetary contrast, the advantage of the IR685 filter is to reduce the effects of atmospheric jitter. 

The sensors found in CCD or CMOS cameras are capable of detecting light in the 350nm -1100nm range including infrared wavelengths. The Optolong IR685 cuts off the visible part of the spectrum and allows near infrared light to pass so that the visible wavelengths which are the most sensitive to bad seeing are rejected. 

UV/IR Cut, R, G, B Filters Introduction

The Optolong UV/IR Cut filter is designed for ultraviolet and infrared wavelength blocking to improve sharpness of the image as most telescopes are designed for the visible spectrum, due to it being very difficult to create a lens that achieves the same focal point for the visible and IR spectrums. 

Most Imaging cameras do not have a built in IR/UV cut filter and are susceptible to UV and IR rays just outside the visible spectrum that can have a very negative impact on image quality. 

The Optolong RGB set divides the spectrum into its components Red, Green and Blue and are all parfocal with 1:1:1 ratios.

The UV/IR Cut Filter is also suitable for colour CMOS and CCD cameras and modified DSLRs;



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