Planewave Delta T Heater

Planewave Delta T Heater

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Model:  planewave_1329110
Part Number:  1329110

The Delta T controller is an optional accessory for dew prevention on CDK14 through CDK24 OTAs and the CDK700 system.

CDK14 to CDK24 and CDK700 telescopes have primary and secondary mirror dew heating pads (CDK700 adds tertiary mirror heating) which are ready to accept the Delta T controller.

Controlled via PWI3 software for CDK14 through CDK24 OTAs (PWI2 for the CDK700).

Provides full control of primary and secondary heaters using PlaneWave Interface (PWI 3) software.

Monitors current temperature of primary mirror, secondary mirror and surrounding ambient temperature.

Automatically maintains mirror temperature set point as outside temperature changes.

Displays real time graph of all temperature sensors.

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