Sky-Watcher EQ5 Deluxe
Sky-Watcher EQ5 DeluxeSky-Watcher EQ5 DeluxeSky-Watcher EQ5 Deluxe
Sky-Watcher EQ5 DeluxeSky-Watcher EQ5 DeluxeSky-Watcher EQ5 Deluxe

Sky-Watcher EQ5 Deluxe

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About this product

Model:  eq5-mount-20464
Part Number:  20464

A well-established, tried & trusted German Equatorial mount. 

It is supplied with a sturdy, adjustable stainless steel pipe tripod with an accessory tray, bubble level, latitude adjuster with micrometre scale and an azimuth polar-alignment adjuster.

For convenience, slo-mo tracking cables and an optical polarscope (to aid polar alignment) are included. 

Optional single-axis and dual-axis D.C. motor drives can be installed for auto-tracking purposes. 

Approximate latitude operating range: 28-60°

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01 June 2023  | 

Good solid mount. Should last many years and much better than my last mount. Quick delivery a plus. Minor minor concern that one foot on a tripod leg fell off as I lifted it out of box. Reglued and sorted. Overall very happy.

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Rock soild mount
10 May 2023  | 

Strong rock solid mount, with an outstanding quality
Iím waiting for my 150mm maksutov to try it out

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Solid Mount
27 January 2023  | 

A very sturdy tripod and mount. It holds my Skywatcher 200 PDS OTA securely. My only complaint is that the supplied control knobs are difficult to fit and then when fitted can work loose quickly. I now use two sets of remote control arms. Much better.

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Better than the Bresser Exos 2
15 November 2022  | 

Unlike the Bresser equivalent, this mount is less wobbly and doesn't judder. Also, unlike the Bresser, you can fit a control knob on both sides of the mount. This means you can easily adjust the right ascension no matter where the scope is pointing. The EQ5 has slightly thicker and longer tripod legs. I'm using this mount to carry a Vixen SD 115 S refractor, which weighs 7.5 kg including the accessories. The EQ5 is perfectly adequate for visual use of this scope. The diagonal clears the tripod ok, so I haven't needed an extension tube. I have added an extension cable to adjust the declination. When star hopping, the EQ5 has just enough friction to not slip out of place before you engage the clutch leavers. In this respect, it's better than the original Vixen GP mount that I owned years ago!

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Very very solid
03 September 2022  | 

Firstly, for the price, I really doubt you'll get more mount for your money anywhere, this really is a sturdy bit of kit, weighty and rock solid. Luckily, I managed to use it the first night it came, best views of Jupiter I have ever had, purely because I could ramp up the power with no movement or shake, plus lovely moon less night. There are a couple of minor things that are poor quality the plastic and aluminium parts are a bit cheap plus one of the clutch levers is bound to get broken at some point, and a few of the previous reviewers have said some bits should have been included in the package, i.e. flexible slow motion knobs and a polar illuminator, but when all is said and done it really is a fantastic mount for the price. If like me GOTO doesn't interest you or astrophotography, just plain old visual is your thing, which after all IS astronomy this is the mount for you.

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EQ 5 mount
25 January 2022  | 

So it's reassuringly weighty, the tripod is a very sturdy unit, and ( once you work it out), it fits together quite easily. Quite a step up from the Star Adventurer and a camera tripod. Delivered within 48 hrs by Flo, who are now my goto for all things astronomy. Don't debate; just buy it!

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Wish I could give a fair review
17 September 2021  | 

The reason I gave three stars is I have no idea how good or bad the mount is as there have been no clear skies since I received it. However, I will say it's a wee bit cheapskate supplying control knobs rather than cables.

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Excellent Mount
31 July 2021  | 

Very good equatorial mount. Mine arrived with a damaged tripod but FLO organized for me the return and replacement of the broken part from France in 2 weeks. The bad surprise was for the delivery of the repaired tripod, DHL did not understand that it was a return from a previous delivery, I had to pay the taxes twice.

The mount is very good, arrived with a polarscope, I thought it was optional! I use it visually with a Maksutov 127. For astophotography I have mounted an EQstar belt kit and the first tests are very encouraging for the future setup with 200-500 mm FL scope.

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16 January 2021  | 

An excellent mount for medium-weight scopes. FLO were hit by shipping problems from China but kept me informed as to the progress of the shipment. All in, an excellent purchase from a top-rate company!!

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Great mount for my Sky-Watcher Startravel 120T
12 August 2020  | 

Since I own the Sky-Watcher Startravel 120T, I felt in need of a more sturdy mount than the small EQ-1 that I had with my Sky-Watcher Maksutov 90/1250. So, the EQ-5 was what i ordered from FLO. It arrived within a week, great! The 120T sits snugly on this mount. I have to get used to it though, it is so much heavier than the tiny EQ-1.
It took some effort to get the manual knobs for declination and RA attached. I used the smooth part of a 5.5 mm drill to extend the metal bushing within the knobs a little, so as to make them fit onto the axis. That did the trick, the knobs are now perfectly fitting and will not fall off again.
Now, all I need is sufficient spare time at night to get used to this mount more and more. The first impression is great. The small Mak 90/1250 can remain on its EQ-1, whilst the 120T appears perfectly fitted onto this nice mount. As a beginner, I cannot wish for a lot more right now, until I can call myself more experienced.

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