Takahashi Ortho Extender 2x
Takahashi Ortho Extender 2xTakahashi Ortho Extender 2xTakahashi Ortho Extender 2xTakahashi Ortho Extender 2x

Takahashi Ortho Extender 2x

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Model:  tak_tka00830
Part Number:  TKA00830

Takahashi Ortho Extender 2x

The Takahashi Ortho 2x Extender is perfect for lunar and solar photography and small celestial bodies such as planetary nebulae.

The recommended optical system is an objective lens of f/5 or slower with as few aberrations as possible.

For telescopes faster than f/5, please use an appropriate Takahashi Extender 1.5x/1.6x

When used with the Takahashi FS60C/CB, the focal length is increased to 710mm at f/12, making it ideal for photographing a total solar eclipse with a full-frame camera.

Although the Ortho 2x Extender's field flatness cannot quite match that of the CQ1.7x Extender, it is more convenient and makes for a more compact and portable instrument.

When used with the Epsilon 160ED, if you also attach the Epsilon 1.5x Extender, the Ortho 2x Extender will enable a coma-free Newtonian Reflector with a focal length of 1600mm  at f/10

When used with the TOA 130,  it provides an aberration-free optical system with a focal length of 2000mm  at f/15

The Ortho 2x Extender can also be used with the TOA35 Flattener.

Telescope is an m43x.75 screw thread and eyepiece side an M42x.75 T thread and a 31.7mm (1.25")  eyepiece opening.

The Manual can be downloaded here.


Lens configuration: 2 elements in 1 group

Magnification: 2x

Image circle: φ30mm (good image range)

Lens barrel side installation: M43P0.75 screw

Camera side installation: M42P0.75 screw/φ31.7 sleeve insertion


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