Takahashi 2X Barlow 1.25''
 Takahashi 2X Barlow 1.25''Takahashi 2X Barlow 1.25'' 

Takahashi 2X Barlow 1.25"

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About this product

Model:  tak_tka00597
Part Number:  TKA00597

A premium two-element achromatic doublet Barlow / Extender.

Fully multi-coated optics and internally blackened threads for enhanced contrast. 

Initially designed for use in the optical path before a star diagonal to provide a 2x magnification but the short design (3.5") enables it to also be used after the diagonal - although the magnification factor is reduced.

Features a non-marring compression ring that holds your eyepieces without marring their nosepiece

Eyepieces are gripped with a convenient knurled twist-type collar (n losing thumbscrews). 

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