Sky-Watcher Skymax 127 OTA
Sky-Watcher Skymax 127 OTASky-Watcher Skymax 127 OTASky-Watcher Skymax 127 OTA

Sky-Watcher Skymax 127 OTA

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About this product

Model:  mak127ota
Part Number:  10672

A compact but powerful, high-contrast, high-resolution Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope. High-transmission multi-coatings are employed on all optical surfaces for optimum performance.

Review of Skymax-127 OTA:

“…Optically, all the lenses are multicoated and the internal baffles had no shiny surfaces that could cause reflections of bright objects…The Focuser was quite smooth with very little image shift…The field was sharp across 80 percent of the view…We were pleased with the quality of the view even when pushing the telescope to higher magnifications…Mars and Saturn bore high magnifications well…The rings of Saturn appeared sharply defined…Turning to the Moon, it was a revelation through the Skymax…This telescope certainly does a good job on the more detailed Solar System objects…In the deep sky, the Skymax performed well on everything to galaxies to nebulae”  Sky At Night Magazine



  • Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied) are x60 & x150
  • Highest Practical Power (Potential) is x254
  • The diameter of Primary Mirror is 127mm
  • Telescope Focal Length 1500mm (f/11.81)
  • Eyepieces Supplied (1.25") 10mm & 25mm
  • Red Dot Finder
  • 90º Diagonal
  • 55% more Light gathering than 102mm
  • Fitted Vixen-type dovetail

Weight: 3.2 kg (7 lb)

Supplied with soft carry-case. 

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Sky-Watcher Skymax 127 OTA
06 April 2024  | 

Same day processing. Very fast... Was able to image the sun with a solar filter and the Devil´´s comet during Easter, as well as M101 and some other galaxies and star clusters. Will be using it to capture the partial solar eclipse here in Iceland. Very compact and cute little telescope.

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Super Mak!
05 April 2024  | 

As usual arrived quickly and well packaged from FLO.
Was able to star test it the first evening on my EQ3/2 Pro mount, which held its 3kg or so nicely.

Collimation was great out of the box, didn't have to adjust anything.

I've had some nice visual views of Jupiter, red spot and moons before it sets into the Spring evening murk.
Worked well with my 8-20 zoom lens.

Focus knob was actually quite smooth and not juddery.

Also added a solar filter and had good views of the sun through my 32mm wide angle eyepiece.

Overall, I think so far it's a much better fit for my mount the Skywatcher 150PL which the EQ3/2 really struggled with.
It's held tracking on Jupiter, the sun and stars without issue due to the lower weight and shorter tube.
Much easier to grab and set up as well.
Wish I'd got this ages ago!

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Skywatcher skymax 127 OTA
18 January 2024  | 

Quick Delivery,well packed,great telescope fits well on my tripod
great communication now thinking need better eyepieces,highly recommended michael

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Sky-Watcher Skymax 127 OTA
13 July 2023  | 

I have just purchased the 127 Max for visual and photos of the planets. I have always been keen on Luna astronomy and this 127 Max will be just great for that. It is very well made and the focus is good and sharp, with excellent definition
of the Luna craters. This is mounted on an Ioptron AZ pro, which I also purchased from FLO. Excellent service as always.

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Riddled with assembling faults
25 October 2022  | 

This is a mixed review on both the scope and the service. I was initially thrilled the Mak 127 made it to Israel in two days, and proceeded unbox and insulate it for immediate testing. That’s when i noticed the wobble on the focuser and the very shoddy drilling at the back - raised scalloped edges sharp enough to cut your hand on. Contacted flo, who might have been busy or tired at the end of the day and didn’t quite follow, then loosened a little the focuser micro screws to try adjust its position. Thats when the metal shaft just fell in - it wasn’t fixed ay all- never to be seen again. From the little i could focus before that, collimation seemed imperfect. I thought i might exchange the scope for an in- store tested one (although with such bad qc, maybe staying away from the brand would be best?) but FLO proceeded to tell me first that they were not offering an exchange only a return (even though the return paperwork said returned for repair not for refund!), then came a second email requesting that i stopped buying at FLO at all. The reason? Ten returns. Which never happened - in reality there were two, both faulty items, but they added to the count the enclosed small accessories such as an (also faulty) rigel, dewshield etc. Turns out FLO is ok with sending overseas imperfect equipment and having me pay taxes here, as long as i do not return them! That’s taking a loss on shipping! So my suggestion to them is, begin charging a small fee for double checking the equipment before shipping to overseas customers. Other good suppliers do just that and it saves their customers all the headache and money loss. Needless to say, I will not order from here again.


Oh my! Where to start. This is an unusual situation.
It is true Daphne dismantled her focuser then was unable to reassemble it. We offered to collect the telescope then refund.
It is true we found it hard to follow her communications. Daphne sent multiple separate emails, rather than respond to our replies, so we needed to find, assemble them in order then reply.
It is also true we respectfully declined to send Daphne another telescope. After considering the the number of items returned (7x, not 10x as originally thought because Daphne later cancelled 3) over a short period we respectfully asked her to no longer shop at FLO. There are other trustworthy astronomy retailers so our decision should not inconvenience her.
All Daphne’s return requests were accepted. We arranged collections and refunds promptly and all our comminications were courteous.

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Superb little Grab n Go Telescope
07 April 2022  | 

This telescope is marvel to move around, its light enough for the aperture size. Scope arrived in perfect collimation and star tested very good at max high power with an artificial star; looked very similar with star patterns both sides of focus, smooth clean diffractions. Clear, crisp high contrast views of the Moon on several nights of observation. Little minor issues with some chromatic aberration in the outer last 10-15% of FOV (field of view) - as tested with many eyepieces, but this was very minor and the rest of the field was sharp and clear with no other dicernable aberrations. Small arcing light flares were noticed on bright objects that were just outside the FOV not too distracting and a minor thing to note. Highly recommended and would consider this as an excellent purchase at a great price! Thanks FLO the scope arrived super fast and secure to Canada.

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Great scope with clear views
05 January 2022  | 

I’ve only had the opportunity to use this a handful of times so far with the weather we’ve had, but I’m really pleased so far.
I found the red dot finder a little tricky to get aligned - I find I lose sight of the object behind the dot, which in comparison to the field of view is quite large.

So far most of the planets have been too low on the horizon for me to get any views, but I have had a some great views of Jupiter and several of its moons - surprisingly good considering this was one of my first attempts and the conditions were not ideal (low angle, bright and quite turbulent seeing).

Really looking forward to getting out again with this!

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Quality telescope
08 November 2021  | 

This is a fine optical instrument. Really clear, bright views of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. Not really had a chance to properly use it yet as mostly cloudy with intermittent clear patches. I would highly recommend FLO. Speedy delivery and excellent customer service.

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Love it!
08 September 2021  | 

I've had this for a few years now and it never disappoints. This has to be one of the best purchases I've done here. Even with the eyepieces in the box I can easily spot Saturn's rings. Recommended!

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A handsome looking telescope
01 December 2019  | 

Sky watchers colour scheme has changed recently and the green anodised dovetail bar and lining really lift the scope above the ordinary as far as appearance goes. As I unboxed the 'scope and looked at it in the polythene bag the first thought I had was "that is a handsome looking telescope". I mounted it on a heavy duty camera tripod and took a look at the upside down world around me and in particular my favourite test target, an electricity pylon about 400 or so yards away, to spot the female companion to the sparrow hawk that hunts in my garden, taking a rest on top of it. The image was sharply defined and clear and very pleasing. Unfortunately the nights were cloudy and it was not until about ten days later I had an opportunity to test it under the cold November sky.
I started with a look at the moon and was blown away by how sharp and clear everything was. Then a quick peek at Saturn which was not well placed in the evening sky and the rings showed up nice and sharp. Later in the evening when Orion came over the horizon I focused on M42 and found it with no problem even though it was surrounded by light pollution. I then star hopped my way to M31 and again found a beautiful sight filling the eyepiece.
I bought this 'scope as a grab and go 'scope to mount on an EQ5 that I am awaiting parts for and I have not been disappointed. It performs as well as it looks.
Thanks also to FLO for their trademark speedy service.

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Q1. Does this come in the Black Diamond Version (all Black)?

Yes - this telescope has a black tube colour.

Q2. I have a skywatcher 130p az goto synscan, will this fit the stand and will I need to purchase anything else for it to fit, I understand the finderscope may be in the wrong position can this be overcome?

The 127 OTA will fit straight onto the AZ Goto Mounts but you are correct, this will cause the finder to be in a different postion to normal.

You can fit a Rigel Finder or a Telrad Finder to the OTA as these are supplied with double sided sticky pads to attach the finder base to the OTA. This will allow you to fit the finder in a position that you find most comfortable.

Q3. Does this scope take a 2" diagonal and therefore 2" eyepieces?

No, the 127 Skymax will only accept 1.25" fittings, diagonals, eyepieces etc...