ZWO ASiair Plus 256G Wireless Astrophotography Controller
ZWO ASiair Plus 256G Wireless Astrophotography ControllerZWO ASiair Plus 256G Wireless Astrophotography ControllerZWO ASiair Plus 256G Wireless Astrophotography Controller
ZWO ASiair Plus 256G Wireless Astrophotography ControllerZWO ASiair Plus 256G Wireless Astrophotography Controller

ZWO ASiair Plus 256G Wireless Astrophotography Controller

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Dave says

"This remarkable device has completely transformed how I do my imaging. It makes it so easy to find, centre, focus and image an object. Polar alignment and auto-guiding are built-in. The price is reasonable too.  

We truly are living in amazing technological times!"

About this product

Model:  zwo_asiair_plus_256
Part Number:  ZWO AIRPLUS-256G

Latest 2024 version 256G ASIAIR Plus. 

Please note: From early May onwards, this no longer has the TF card slot shown in photos and mentioned below. (Most people use a USB drive for expansion if required.) 

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Wouldnít be without it
29 April 2024  | 

This is my second ASIAIR plus. It really has transformed my efforts at astrophotography and makes life so simple that it almost feels like Iím cheating. The software is moderately easy to get to grips with, but there are a few areas that I took some time to fathom out, for example the menus to adjust the gain and frame rate when taking planetary videos were not easy to find. Well worth exploring the software prior to getting all set up and finding you are wasting precious clear skies. My new gear is all ZWO and as anticipated everything works seamlessly, but it is equally at home with my Skywatcher mount. The fact that it can be controlled with my iPad means I donít need to worry about power for a laptop, useful when away from mains power. No need to download drivers, it just works.

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20 October 2023  | 

Not used if fully yet, just playing with the setup and features, but it is a superb bit of kit to automate my astro imaging sessions from my tablet on the warm. Love it.
Also, as always great service from First Light Optics.

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This computer is everything that I wanted for an astrophotography rig.
15 October 2023  | 

Just upgraded to this from the first generation AsiAir (will use that for something else later) Here's my thoughts on it, firstly it's worth you knowing the rest of my setup. Mount: EQM35-PRO, Scope: WO SpaceCat 51, Camera: ZWO ASI533MC-Pro, Mini guide scope, ASI290MM guide camera and EAF with temp sensor. We just had two clear nights, so I got to use this setup properly for a couple of long nights. The combination of kits as a whole worked extremely well, and the AsiAir Plus is the brains of the operation. I've added a micro SD card, to store images, so that I don't use the emmc - but there's plenty of room to store lots of sessions worth of data.

The Polar alignment is super easy to use, with a full goto mount, it works much better, and can result in very fast accurate polar alignment.
Selecting the target couldn't be easier, there's star charting software, which allows you to select the target and command the mount to slew to the location.
Platesolving is quick (provided that the camera is in focus, more on that later) and allows the scope to be pointed at the desired tartget extremely accurately.
The auto focus routine takes a little while to run, you get to see a nice chart as it's focusing, no need to attach focusing masks. It takes care of it for you, just make sure that the mount does not have lots of backlash in the focusing mechanism.

Was running my whole setup, including dew heaters for about 6 hours at a time, and on my 500Wh battery, it looks like I'll be able to get about 3 complete nights of use from a single charge. So it's extremely power efficient.
Finally to add to the fun, there's a setting that allows the AsiAir to connect to my home network, so once, the polar alignment is completed, I can go inside where it's warm, and control everything in confort, With the temperature sensor, the AsiAir, will refocus the scope when it needs to as the temperature drops, and as the night progresses. And of course, I can connect to the AsiAir from my PC, to download the subframes over the wifi.

This is as close to a dream setup as I think you'll get for a long time to come.

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ASI Air plus
28 May 2023  | 

FLO have done it again. Super fast in answering questions and super fast with delivery. Astrophotography is such a complex subject with all the new terminology, software and hardware, why when i have a reasonable grasp of NINA to i invest in something new. Answer...because the ASI Air plus is an amazing piece of kit. Like most GUI it takes time to figure what does what but with some perseverance its well worth the change. The biggest advantage of moving to this compact device is that i can control my rig via wifi in the warm. If you are wondering to invest in a brilliant piece of kit i would say, go for it

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Great bit of kit
26 May 2023  | 

I have brought all my astro kit from flo and never disappointed with my purchases. The asiair has made locating and photographing so much easier. My kit was all connected up to a pc before and had so many problems. They have all gone since using asiair.


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