ZWO Dovetail Clamp for ASiair Pro
 ZWO Dovetail Clamp for ASiair ProZWO Dovetail Clamp for ASiair Pro 

ZWO Dovetail Clamp for ASiair Pro

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About this product

Model:  zwo_dove_air
Part Number:  ZWO DOVE-AIR

This dovetail clamp is designed to attach the ASIAIR Pro to a Vixen compatible dovetail plate.

To fit the dovetail clamp to an ASIAIR Pro

1. Remove the original dovetail plate from the  ASIAIR PRO.

2. Fix the dovetail clamp to the ASIAIR PRO using the screws from the original dovetail plate

3. It is recommended to put the bolt towards the box side as shown in the photo to not obstruct the USB ports and status indicators.

ZWO ASIAIR Pro shown in photo not included smiley

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25 May 2023  | 

The build quality is great, as expected.

But ai wanted to mount it to the AsiAir plus on the long axis, i.e, with the silver clamping know below the Asiair.

But you can't, the silver clamping knob's diameter is too large and it sits below the flush of the clamp base, meaning it binds to the AsiAir and can't be tightened.

So, the clamp must be fitted with the knob outside the asiair footprint.

Such a shame, a silly design error IMHO.

Hopefully, Zwo will realise this and make the knob a tad smaller.

So now I begin the hunt for either spacers or an alternative clamp.

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Slightly pricey, great quality.
01 June 2022  | 

Bought this to go with the Asiair plus (currently on back order). It looks great and works really well. I tested it on my Star Adventurer 2i (with the dovetail and counterweight fitted) and the 2i was gripped very tightly. Since this is only ever likely to have the Asiair attached, I've no reason to doubt it will fail in any way. Recommended.

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Fast delivery
23 April 2022  | 

Shocked at how fast this was delivered, ordered on a Friday afternoon delivered to Northern Ireland Saturday morning - wel done!

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Small but strong
14 September 2021  | 

I have an Asiair Pro and had it sat to the side of my RedCat 51 with a Velcro strip. It was adequate but I needed something more sturdy and strong to hold the AAP in place. I then ordered this little clamp and WOW it not only matches the RedCat in colour but it does the job perfectly. I now have it securely attached to my long length dovetail. Itís a strong and secure clamp, well made.

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Effective at its job
06 April 2021  | 

This clamp 'does exactly what it says on the tin' and I have used it to mount the ASIair Pro onto my Redcat51 dovetail.

The product is good quality and machined well. It is effective in mounting ASIair onto my Redcat51 allowing for head on or side on mounting. The colour matches the Redcat well keeping the aesthetics of my rig (obviously important!!).

My only downside it the city of the product. it's slightly pricey for what it is but at least it works and is of good quality.

As always, impeccable service from FLO - cheers!

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Brexit issues
10 March 2021  | 

Received the item after 15 days of transit, Brexit is really a problem!
Will be attaching the item to my asiair pro and redcat 51 this evening! I'm pretty sure it's going to be a good fit 😉
Will try and avoid smaller shipments as the Post office / Postnord isn't a feasible option in my opinion!

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"Ronseal" Does what it said on the tine
22 February 2021  | 

Good quality fits nice. Correct colour

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Use of the ZWO Dovetail Clamp for ZWO ASI Air Pro.
11 February 2021  | 

Nice item well made and does the job of support nicely. 5*

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ASIAIR Pro Dovetail clamp
05 February 2021  | 

Iíve had my eye on this for a while and had to wait for it to be back in stock, as I expected from ZWO good quality throughout nice colour match as it sits under my Redcat51 dovetail perfectly, I used the screws that came with the ASIAIR Pro which were made for the job. My cable management is now so much better, no more velcro straps for me. I would recommend this clamp to anyone with a Redcat51 looking for a solution to mount their ASIAIR Pro.

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The usual great quality but ridiculous design floor!
13 January 2021  | 

Just received one of these little gizmos and out of the box as you would expect, great looking quality. For the price two screws would have been very helpful but what is of much greater concern is the major design fault. There is a recessed cross slot in which you pass the screws to connect to the base or edge of the AApro - all beautifully machined and pretty red but its only possible to mount the AApro in the short axis direction as the telescope vixen mount clamping knob binds on the case of the AApro long before it is tight.I have had to find 8 heavy duty m6 washers and extra length screws to pack it away from the pro body. Such a shame for such a good and needed idea! Perhaps they will send me a freebie when they have done the design tweak!!!


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