ZWO SeeStar S50 All-in-One Smart APO Telescope & Tripod
ZWO SeeStar S50 All-in-One Smart APO Telescope & TripodZWO SeeStar S50 All-in-One Smart APO Telescope & TripodZWO SeeStar S50 All-in-One Smart APO Telescope & TripodZWO SeeStar S50 All-in-One Smart APO Telescope & Tripod

ZWO SeeStar S50 All-in-One Smart APO Telescope & Tripod

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Steve Ringwood writing for Astronomy Now Magazine.

"... here is a new product joining the serried ranks of robotic telescopes, namely the SeeStar S50 all-in-one smart apo from ZWO. 

Featuring a 50mm, f/5 triplet apochromat, this combined telescope and mount incorporates an electric focuser, digital camera, ASlair intelligent controller, robotic alt-azimuth mount and a filter-switching device. It is all encapsulated into a mean machine weighing just three kilograms, or five kilograms if you include the tripod. 

Using Seestar's app on your smartphone, all you need to do is tell it (using WiFi or Bluetooth) what you want to image and it will do the rest via GPS, on-board sensors and plate-solving the stars in its view. You don't need to polar align or worry about tracking your target. If you have no particular targets in mind, then it will suggest them to you using its list of the night's best objects.

Once you have captured your images, you can use Seestar to directly communicate your success to other astronomers worldwide via AstroNet. All of this technology is available for what seems to me to be an astonishing price."  

About this product

Model:  zwo_seestar
Part Number:  SS S50

The NEW ZWO Seestar S50 is a remarkable product that integrates a telescope, electric focuser, astronomical camera, ASIAIR intelligent controller, altazimuth mount, and filter-switching device into a single unit! With a body weight of only 3 kg! 

Using the mobile app, you can easily capture several sky objects such as the Sun*, Moon, galaxies, and nebulas. 


SeeStar S50
Carbon Fibre Tripod
Solar Filter*
Type-C cable
Quick Start Guide

Minimum device specifications:

iOs/iPadOs:  OS 12 and up, iPhone 6s and later, iPad/iPad mini, iPad A/R, iPad Pro

Android:       OS 8 and up, all Android phones RAM >/= 4GB, Tablets with Android OS RAM>/= 4GB


* IMPORTANT: Never image the Sun without the solar filter fitted! 


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Worked straight out of the box
27 March 2024  | 

Down loading the app was very easy. My first picture of the Moon was really great. I followed this up with M1, M81, M82 and M83. The goto feature was very precise. Now waiting for more clear nights.

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ZWO SeeStar S50
14 March 2024  | 

OMG! For the price of this scope it's amazing & just wish I could share pictures on here (Dreadheaded1 on app). After a few teething problems only minor gripe I've got is the size of the tripod but a sturdy camping table sorted that out

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Zwo SeeStar S50
13 March 2024  | 

Ordered from FLO on Saturday 9th March ,arrived Tuesday 12th March great dispatching.
Have just tried it out on Scenery Mode really good. Just need not get rid of the usual problem to test it outside CLOUDS.
Thanks for the grate service again.

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ZWO SeeStar S50
27 February 2024  | 

Ordered from FLO on 14th February, after reading the review in March 2024 Sky & Telescope, and it arrived the next day - first class service. There have been two short breaks in the total cloud cover since then, but these allowed me to shoot a moon video, and also a 21 minute exposure of M32/M33. This is an absolutely outstanding product. After pairing both an iPhone and an iPad Pro, with the S50, connecting the phone with the scope and levelling the scope are the only setting up required. I had purchased the Astro Essentials Precision Tripod Level Adjuster, which I would thoroughly recommend to simplify the levelling - much easier than adjusting tripod legs. Go To, auto focus, auto exposure levels, tracking, OIII/hydrogen alpha filter and transferring results to iPhone all worked flawlessly; and the quality of the pictures produced I can only describe as amazing. A recent soft ware upgrade will now allow videos to be stacked, which I have yet to try. There is also no need to stand outside in the cold, as the app worked flawlessly for me from indoors. I have yet to try the dew heater. I did not find the instructions supplied particularly intuitive, but there are lots of excellent guides available on YouTube which answered all my questions. This is a brilliant device which I fully recommend.

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Zwo Seestar S50
26 February 2024  | 

Received my Seestar S50 from FLO in perfect condition as usual excellent service from FLO. Got a chance over the last few week to try it out, itís straight forward to use and the photos Iíve been getting Solar and Deep sky or excellent. I couldnít be more pleased with my purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in astronomy or nature Thank you FLO for your excellent service and prompt delivery

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SeeStar S50
24 February 2024  | 

I ordered Tuesday morning and it arrived Wednesday Lunchtime. I knew i had to buy one, and they were selling fast, i was right as now sold out and there were 19 left when i bought mine.
Communication with Ann from FLO was first rate and very helpful in arranging the delivery in case i was out.

First light was a trial run this morning on the sun - amazing the images are crystal clear and its so easy to use, switch on, download the app and away you go. It was incredibly easy to use, and it will absolutely revolutionise my evening in the garden complimenting my visual astronomy - it wont ever for me at least replace visual with a scope but it certainly compliments it well for those looking to image without extra expense or the hassle that AP can be - looking forward to many more great sessions with the SeeStar. I would high recommend this kit! Don't delay just get one!!!

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Seestar s50
20 February 2024  | 

Along with the excellent service and support from FLO, the Seestar s50 is exceptional.

Typically, it has been cloudy, but have managed to use it when the clouds have dispersed. Easy to set up and use - the results were impressive. So portable and light - it was not an issue to carry onto a plane as hand held luggage. Waiting for a sunny day so I can image the sun!

I definitely don't regret buying it.

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Major Advance In Astrophotography
07 February 2024  | 

For many years I have tried unsuccessfully to image the night sky. This was mostly due to not properly using the equipment I had and struggling with polar aligning etc. With the Seestar I have no such problems. It does everything for you. I can get it set up in around 10 minutes and it takes excellent pictures. It's all very straightforward being controlled from an app on my iPhone. In my view this is a major advance in technology, product development, ease of use, and affordability for astrophotography.

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Seestar S50
05 February 2024  | 

After an initial problem how to work the Seestar, everything seems to be fine. FLO was excellent in dealing with my question. Highly recommend.

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Seestar s50
05 February 2024  | 

Bought from FLO before always impressed with delivery came before time stated. support service exalent highly recommend

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