Astronomik Max FR O-III Emission Line Filters for Fast Optical Systems
 Astronomik Max FR O-III Emission Line Filters for Fast Optical SystemsAstronomik Max FR O-III Emission Line Filters for Fast Optical Systems 

Astronomik Max FR O-III Emission Line Filters for Fast Optical Systems

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There is an ever-growing demand for filters suitable for high-speed optical systems, such as the RASA from Celestron or the Epsilon Astrographs made by Takahashi.

The new MaxFR emission line filters are suitable for very fast focal ratios. This new series of Astronomik MaxFR Narrowband-Emission line Filters are perfectly matched to the requirements of astronomical Deep-Sky imaging with fast optical systems with the three most important emission lines of Oxygen (OIII), Hydrogen (H-alpha) and Sulfur (SII).



Highest Transmission:
The new MaxFR filters have a completely new construction and are designed to work perfectly with fast optical systems. They incorporate the well-known MFR coating technique, which blocks the range of wavelengths from UV to IR! The advantage of this new design is extremely high contrast with minimal stray light and no halos or needle-sharp stars. The Astronomik MFR Narrowband-Emission line filters give you the best data quality.

For 12nm MaxFR filters, this means unlimited use from f/1.7 to f/1:8 and about 85% of the maximum transmission at f/1:1.4 as guaranteed.

For 6nm MaxFR filters, this means unlimited use from f/2.2 to f/1:8 with about 90% of the maximum transmission at f/1:2 as guaranteed performance data.

The SII filter is carefully designed to block all light from H-alpha and NII (nitrogen) for maximum contrast.

Imaging with Narrowband-Emission line Filters

If you have to observe from light polluted sites (as most of us do...), imaging with Narrowband-Emission line filters is the best way to take great images of emission nebula, as most kinds of light pollution can be blocked very effectively! With a Narrowband H-alpha filter, you can acquire deep and contrasty images even with very heavy light pollution or with the full moon high in the sky! 

H-alpha is the best choice for most emission nebula, but an OIII filter expands your imaging possibilities, and some emission targets are stronger in OIII than H-alpha or SII.

Planetary nebulae and star-forming regions are great targets! The SII filters complete the HSO set of filters. With these three filters, you can access full Hubble pallet images.

Quality aspects of the new Astronomik MFR Narrowband-Emissionline Filters:

  • MFR Coating: The 12nm Filters can be used on all instruments up to f/1.7, and the 6nm filters up to f/2.2.
  • High-Quality substrate: Astronomik filters are made with stress- and striae-free, optically polished glass. The filter itself is made of ultra-thin layers on this substrate!
  • Parfocal filters: All Astronomik Filters are parfocal! Due to the very small thickness tolerance, the focal plane does not shift when changing filters! We have supplied parfocal filters for optical systems as fast as f/1!
  • Coating: Astronomik filters have up to 130 layers of optical coating coated on both sides of the substrate. These layers form the filter itself and act as an Anti-Reflection Coating.
  • Durability: Due to our coating technique, all Astronomik filters are highly scratch-resistant, not sensitive to moisture and do not degrade with age. Every Astronomik filter will deliver its full performance and meet the specs at the point of shipping, even after years of use.
  • Integrated Blocking: All unwanted light is blocked in the spectral range from UV to IR! (You will not need an additional UV & IR-Blocker when imaging with the new Narrowband-Emission line Filters with MFR coating!)
  • Wide range of available sizes from 1.25"  to 50mm filters plus DSLR Clip Filters
  • Delivered in a high-quality Protection & storage box.
  • Due to the outstanding Coating technique, Astronomik provides a 10-year guarantee on all their filters.

Astronomik offers the highest quality possible with every filter, and due to their coating technique, the filters do not degrade with age. And, due to the new MFR coating, they are useable on nearly all instruments.


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