Baader Laser Collimator
Baader Laser CollimatorBaader Laser CollimatorBaader Laser Collimator

Baader Laser Collimator

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Model:  BaaderLaser
Part Number:  2450343

Latest Mk III model.

The Baader Laser Collimator has a precision-etched reticule featuring hundreds of tiny cross-hairs which light up brightly when the reflected laser beam touches them.  Easily visible from any viewing angle.  Even if the optics are off to a large degree, the reflected beam can be traced right through to the reticule and the telescope optics adjusted until the beam falls back on itself.

Note 1: Prior to using a laser you will need to first check/set a Newtonian telescope's secondary mirror using a sight-tube. Fortunately once set it rarely needs further adjustment. 

Note 2: For any laser collimator to be effective it needs to be fitted to a well-made focuser. The regular rack-and-pinion style focuser fitted to many beginner/intermediate telescopes lacks precision and rigidity. If in doubt please contact us for advice.

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It's very good for the price, makes collimating my F4 newtonian a breeze. Laser could be brighter however.
05 July 2022  | 

As best as I have been able to tell, it arrived in good collimation itself (adjusting its rotation in the focuser did not change the location of the dot on the primary mirror), and the results in my images on an F4 scope reveal it is genuinely creating a well collimated setup, as the tolerance at F4 is rather tight.
The only way it would be better, is if the laser were a bit brighter, and if the beam were more consistently sharp when showing up on the acryllic screen when it returns from the secondary mirror. Sometimes it shows up as a nice dot and other times it seems rather smudgy. Still, results speak for themselves and it seems to be a very good product.

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This works
30 May 2022  | 

Neat piece of kit and it works. You certainly know when you have collimated your scope.

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Baader Laser Collimator
16 February 2022  | 

The Baader Laser Collimator was easy to use , and gives additional confirmation of the collimation provided by the collimation cap . It will be especially useful to tweak
the collimation ( if necessary) when the telescope is on the mount at night by small adjustment of the primary mirror screws . I have no issues with this product ..

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A must have peice of kit!
06 February 2022  | 

The Baader Laser Collimator is a great peice of kit, well engineered, and make's collumating a breeze. It has been designed well so not to loose columation itself!
Only slight negative is that the batteries are very small and will sometimes flip when trying too drop them in toget the right polarity.

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Easy collimation
14 July 2020  | 

Having struggled with an ordinary Cheshire I decided to try a laser after seeing videos. Adjusting the secondary was a breeze, but due to the flat screen it took two of us to collimate the main mirror on my 12 inch Newtonian. The red dot on the screen was nice and bright and showed up clearly on the centre of the main mirror for the secondary adjustment. With lasers you can make the small adjustments as the locking nuts are tightened and re -check so easily any time. I didn't time it but it felt that the whole job took only a couple of minutes. Brilliant.

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Best Budget Laser Collimator
19 August 2013  | 

This is the best Budget Laser Collimator I have used. It's not going to break the bank. Most important of all, the collimator fires a single tight round laser dot. I have found it very good when collimating my F5 Newtonians.


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