Howie Glatter Laser Attachments

Howie Glatter Laser Attachments

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Model:  Glatter-HG-adapter-HGHA-square
Part Number:  SI-Hola-Square

Holographic attachments for Howie Glatter lasers.

These optional holographic attachments screw into the laser aperture and have a white screen front surface. They contain an optical element that diffracts most of the laser light into a diverging symmetrical pattern around the central beam. The projected pattern is useful for centering optical elements by making it symmetrical with the edge of the optic.

Three different patterns are available:


Please Note in Autumn 2020 the manufacturers have changed the thread type from a fine to a coarser thread. if in doubt please check with us before ordering. New Laser Units will have the coarser thread.


  • A 10x10 line square grid pattern is supplied as standard unless otherwise requested because it is the widest pattern. It spreads 21 degrees which allows centering of optics as fast as f/ 2.7. This pattern is recommended for general use because it can be used with the fastest telescopes likely to be encountered.

  • A nine-concentric circle pattern is available that spans 10 degrees and will reach to the edge of f/ 5.7 optics. This pattern is recommended for scopes around this focal ratio or slower. Because the laser light is spread over a smaller area it is brighter than the square grid pattern, and this makes it particularly useful with Cassegrain scopes, where the pattern impact is sometimes scrutinized on the mirror surfaces. The projected pattern is seen only by light that is scattered from dust, dirt, or optical roughness, so a brighter pattern is better, especially if the mirrors are very clean.

  • A cross-hair and circle “scope” pattern is available that spans 10 degrees. It has utility for non-Barlowed, conventional Newtonian primary collimation, where the primary is adjusted to return the reflected central laser beam back into the laser aperture of the collimator. The cross-hair intersection makes it easier to see when the return beam is centered on the collimator face

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Perfect for Ritchey-Chrétien
30 January 2023  | 

The Concentric Circle Holographic pattern makes it simple to colminate my Ritchey-Chrétien Telescope. Top product and an absolute "must have".

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Glatter on another laser...
10 April 2020  | 

I bought this to help collimate my RC. I have installed it on a third party laser - a Kendrick 2". I took the element of the barlowed adaptor of my Kendrick out, then enlarged the hole in it with a 7.25mm drill bit. Next, I tapped the hole to 5/16" UNEF (32tpi) to match the Glatter Holographic adaptor, and screwed it in. Bingo! It produces a nice set of concentric circles, ideal for RC collimation. Great service from FLO during the Covid-19 period.


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