StellaLyra 8'' f/6 Dobsonian
StellaLyra 8'' f/6 DobsonianStellaLyra 8'' f/6 DobsonianStellaLyra 8'' f/6 Dobsonian
StellaLyra 8'' f/6 DobsonianStellaLyra 8'' f/6 DobsonianStellaLyra 8'' f/6 Dobsonian

StellaLyra 8" f/6 Dobsonian

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About this product

Model:  stellalyra_8_f6_dob

The UK's BEST 8" Dobsonian telescope! 

Designed and manufactured to a very high standard by Guan Sheng Optical (GSO) in Taiwan. 

With 8" aperture this easy to use Dobsonian telescope is an excellent choice for visual astronomy.

Viewing the lunar surface will feel like you can reach out and scratch plaster! Venus and its phases are also viewable. In good seeing conditions you can observe Mars with surface shading and polar cap, Jupiters weather bands and a number of its Moons and Saturn with its rings, including the Cassini division, are also clearly visible. So too are many deep sky objects such as galaxies and nebulae. For many owners this telescope will provide a lifetime of observing. 

All StellaLyra Dobsonian telescopes are fitted with a quality GSO aluminised parabolic primary mirror with minimum 93% reflectivity and a silicon-dioxide protective overcoat to ensure the surface remains bright for years to come.  

Collimation knobs on the primary mirror cell provide easy collimation adjustment, without tools, and an integrated fan provides fast cooling. 

This 8” model also features an impressive CNC-machined 2" Crayford focuser with 1:10 dual-speed focus adjustment for smooth, precise focusing. And no image-shift!

The focuser includes a 2" to 1.25" adapter so you use both 2" and 1.25" eyepieces and accessories. Brass compression rings grip them securely without marring their nosepiece. A convenient 35mm focus extender is also supplied so you can achieve focus easily when using most long focal length 2" eyepieces. 

Two fully multicoated eyepieces (1.25" 9mm Plössl & 2" 30mm SuperView) are included so views will be clear and sharp, from the outset.  

The Dobsonian base is delivered flat-packed and is easy to assemble. 

A robust roller bearing assembly provides smooth reliable azimuth adjustments. Metal plates above and below the bearings prevents them from sinking into the softer wood (no divots!) so the movement remains smooth, even after years of use. 

For altitude adjustment a robust steel shaft and CNC-machined metal plates with large knurled tension adjustment knobs, one each side, provide smooth, precise movements and adjustable tension. 

The mount also features a convenient balance adjustment mechanism with engraved scale that enables the telescope to be moved forward or backwards for precise balance. This is useful when changing from a small eyepiece to a large heavy one, or when adding a second finderscope or binoviewer. 

For comfort and convenience a Right-Angled Correct Image 8x50 finder scope is includes, so no cricked neck!  

NOTE: Assembly instructions are generic for 8", 10" & 12" models so please don't be concerned if your telescope is supplied with less screws than shown in instructions. 



  • 203mm (8") Newtonian reflector optics
  • 1200mm focal length
  • f/5.9 focal ratio
  • 25% secondary mirror obstruction
  • Parabolic primary mirror with minimum 93% reflectivity
  • Aluminium and silicone dioxide (SiO2) protective mirror coatings
  • Sturdy primary mirror-cell with easy grip collimation knobs
  • Cooling fan brings the primary mirror to ambient temperature quickly for best performance
  • Rigid, steel telescope tube with 4-vane, all metal secondary Spider and adjustable primary cell
  • CNC-machined 2" dual-speed Crayford focuser with non-marring brass compression rings 
  • 2" to 1.25" adapter enables use of both 2" and 1.25" eyepieces and accessories
  • 35mm focus extension enables focus when using long focal length 2" eyepieces
  • Smooth, stable Dobsonian mount with tension adjustments, 4 slot eyepiece holder and front carry-handle
  • Supplied with fully multicoated 1.25" 9mm Plössl and 2" 30mm Superview eyepieces
  • 8x50 Right-Angled Correct Image finderscope for comfort and convenience


  • 2" dual-speed Crayford focuser
  • 10:1 fine focus adjustment for precise focusing
  • Crayford design provides smooth focusing, with no image shift
  • Includes a 2" to 1.25" adapter so you can use 2" and 1.25" eyepieces and accessories
  • 35mm focus extension enables focus when using long focal length 2" eyepieces
  • Brass compression rings holds items securely without marring the barrels
  • Handy measurement scale makes it easy to remember focus positions when changing eyepieces

Dobsonian Mount

  • Supplied flat-pack but quick and easy to assemble
  • Altitude tension clutch on the sides provides smooth, accurate movement and easy adjustment to suit different payloads and personal preference
  • The azimuth axis (on the bottom) features a 'Lazy Susan' style roller bearing assembly for smooth 360º movement and an adjustable tensioner
  • A handle on the front makes the Dobsonian mount easy to move around the garden
  • A handy 4-position eyepiece holder on the side provides convenient storage for eyepieces and accessories

8x50 Right Angled Finderscope

  • Straight through finderscopes can be uncomfortable and inconvenient so most StellaLyra dobsonians are supplied with an 8x50 Right-Angle Correct Image finderscope. So no cricked neck! 
  • Large 50mm aperture helps spot dimmer targets
  • Cross-hair reticule for precise alignment
  • Two adjustment screws and a sprung loaded tensioner make it quick and easy to align the finderscope to the main telescope (can be aligned during daytime when aimed at a distant pylon, but be careful not to point it anywhere near the Sun)!

Primary Mirror Cell

  • Robust primary mirror cell holds collimation well.
  • Collimation is easily adjusted using oversize, easy to grip adjustment and locking knobs.
  • Primary mirror cooling fan helps draw air over the mirror for faster cooling. The fan can be powered using the supplied AA battery holder (batteries not included) or a separate 12v DC power supply with centre positive 2.1mm/5.5mm DC jack.

Other Accessories

  • 35mm 2" focus extension tube with brass compression ring for eyepieces and accessories that require additional back focus distance
  • 9mm 1.25" 52º Plössl eyepiece with 6mm eye-relief
  • 30mm 2" 68º Superview eyepiece with 22mm eye-relief
  • 8x AA battery holder with 2.1mm DC plug to fit the primary mirror cooling fan


Telescope Field of View Simulator

What's in the box

  • 8" Newtonian Reflector Telescope
  • Dobsonian Mount
  • 8x50 Right Angled Erect Image Finderscope
  • 9mm 1.25" Super-Plossl Eyepiece
  • 30mm 2" Superview Eyepiece
  • 35mm 2" Focus Extension tube
  • 2" to 1.25" Adapter
  • Cooling Fan & Battery Holder


Model 8" f/6 Dobsonian
Optical design Newtonian Reflector
Aperture 203mm (8")
Focal ratio f/5.9
Focal length 1200mm
Primary mirror BK7 Parabolic primary mirror, minimum 93% reflectivity
Mirror coatings Aluminum and silicone dioxide (SiO2)
Secondary mirror Minimum 93% reflectivity
Secondary mirror holder 4-vane all metal spider
Secondary Mirror Obstruction 25%
Focuser 2" dual-speed Crayford
Mount Dobsonian mount with tension clutch control
Finderscope Right Angled, 8x50
Eyepiece 1 9mm 1.25" 52º Super-Plossl with 6mm eye-relief
Eyepiece 2 30mm 2" 68º Superview with 22mm eye-relief
Accessories 35mm 2" extension tube, 2" to 1.25" eyepiece adapter & 12v battery holder for the cooling fan
Tube outside diameter 230mm / 9.1"
Tube length 1150mm / 45.3"
Mount Base Height 600mm / 23.6"
Mount Base Diameter 500mm / 19.7"
Tube weight 9.5kg / 20lbs 15oz
Shipped size OTA 128cm x 40cm x 35cm / 50.4" x 15.7" x 13.8"
Shipped size Base 58cm x 68cm x 14cm / 22.3" x 26.8" x 5.5"
Shipped weight OTA 15kg / 33lbs 1oz
Shipped weight Base 12kg / 26lbs 7oz

Downloads / Manuals


StellaLyra 8" / 10" / 12" Dobsonian Assembly Manual

Customer reviews

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First scope - initial impressions
Monday, 22 August 2022  | 

Easy ordering from FLO and delivery by DPD within two days. All tracked, and absolutely secure with no damage. Great service.

Instructions downloaded from the site and then assembly of the base was straightforward as with any flatpack. Quality of finish, machining and alignment of screw holes was perfect. Even the Allen key didn't round off. And operation of the turntable with the roller bearings was perfectly smooth. Even if that began to fail, another stout lazy Susan would sort it.

I feel the base warrants carrying handles either side, especially if moving even a short distance with the scope mounted. To that end, I've placed two rope handles to facilitate this. The base would also benefit from a soft bump stop to buffer the primary end if it inadvertently swings, and padding where the tube may bump down on the front face. But these are personal tweaks not warranting any star deduction.

Having read up on collimation at length, I was pleased that the scope was almost perfect out of the box. Minor tweak to two of the black primary knobs, and that was it. I used a 6 Rigel cap. The 8x50 RACI finder is excellent - great optics and easy to focus and align. The great test came looking at Polaris, then Arcturus, then Jupiter, testing the az-alt movement and getting comfortable on a chair. Once I'd got the hang of focusing with the various accoutrements, all was pinpoint. So pleased to see Jupiter and three of its moons - the moons perfect bright points in the 30mm supplied eyepiece.

Overall initial impressions for my first scope, customer service, the extras supplied, assembly, finish, quality and machining et. al., I reckon I made the correct choice with a StellaLyra 8" Dob.

Guess what? It's chucking it down with four days of cloud cover promised. C'est la vie!

Rating (max 5):  
My first telescope, very happy with it 🙂
Tuesday, 9 August 2022  | 

Very pleased with the overall quality of materials and machining given the price point.
It is heavy but manageable if moved in two pieces.
I was dithering & nearly got the Ursa Major 6" because it's smaller but uses same quality mirrors. I might go for that in a few years if it's still available. However it's good to have the extras on this model ( RACI finder, 2" dual speed focuser etc)
Assembly of the base needs a little care, it's possible to get a couple of bits the wrong way round looking at it.
I've managed to confirm for myself that the moon is not made
of cheese so far. Next, I look forward to seeing if Saturn really does exist and has those funny rings around it. I might need to bury myself in star charts and calendars first.

Rating (max 5):  
Good mid end Dobsonsian
Tuesday, 26 July 2022  | 

I had a looked at the Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian but the Stellalyra just seemed a lot better value for only a little bit more money. What I wanted was something that would let me do some quick visual sessions in a fairly light polluted back garden.

Ease of setup is very appealing, a couple of minutes to carry the base and tube into the garden take some dust caps off and then your away!

Compated to other dobs of the same price this has a better focuser, one that doesn't slip even with extension tubes and 2" eyepieces. It comes with two good usable eyepieces rather than the really cheap ones that often get bundled in. Assembling the mount was easy, its very sturdy but at the same time its smooth so you need hardly any effort to move the telescope to find objects. I have had no issues with the tube wobbling when its windy.

Resolving double stars, some nice views of craters on the moon and jupiters/its moons have all looked great. A good choice as a serious begginers visual scope that will last you as you become more advanced.

I would advise buying the badaar laser colimator and watching some tutorials on collimation.

I added a Telrad (as I already had one), I find this easy to use but the supplied finder scope is very very good and as its right angled its far easier to use.

Rating (max 5):  
My review of the Stella-Lyra 8/f6 Dosonian telescope.
Saturday, 5 March 2022  | 

Reasons for Purchase:
I decided on an 8 Dob after spending lots of time researching which telescope would best suit my current requirements. For me it was the ideal compromise between aperture and portability and the price point left me some budget for additional items I knew I would need.
I opted for the SL 8/F6 Dob from FLO because from what I could tell by looking at photos, videos, reviews and other information available on-line, the build quality seemed a cut above other manufacturers equivalents. The specification and clear bright images on the FLO website show the detail of quality and when the physical product arrived I was not disappointed; it really is a nicely built and well-designed product.

Un-boxing and assembly:
The scope arrived on time, delivered by DPD, with tracking information sent so I knew exactly where the product was during shipment. The scope was well boxed a box inside an outer box. Inside generous polystyrene packers, boxes containing EPs, etc, everything in poly bags. Cant ask for better than that really. The base comes equally well boxed.
Assembly of the base is very easy and once built provides a stiff and robust support for the OTA. The tension knobs allow friction to be dialled in just-so and results in a beautifully smooth operation. The finder scope is well built, easy to use and fits well to the mount. Once assembled it is stiff and stays in place.

Operation first impressions:
I was lucky in as much as I had a few clear nights soon after the scope arrived and got to first-light pretty soon. Moving it to the back garden in two halves is easy. I kept the polystyrene box inserts for the OTA to use as a rest when I removed it from the base whilst taking the base to the garden. The tube is quite large to carry but pretty light and easy to slot in place in the base in the dark.
I have never used a Dob base before but was delighted with how very simple it was to use. Also at how steady the scope is when looking at an object. Fine moves are easily executed with a light nudge in the needed direction and the image settles quickly after a move. What a great design.
I was quickly able to find targets using the finder scope and bring them into sharp focus. The 2 30mm EP is a substantial piece of glass and very nice to use. M42 was easily found and observed. The Pleiades looked stunning and I kept coming back to them time and again to study the view. The 10mm EP is also not bad but didnt really knock my socks off. I intend to purchase some higher quality EPs probably the Explore Scientific EPs.

The scope arrived reasonably well set up but not perfect, this is to be expected. After much research on which collimation device to purchase I ended up buying the OCAL electronic collimator. I will leave a separate review of this. The summary however is that this great gadget allowed me to very nicely dial in the collimation and because it is PC based I have evidence of correct alignment that I trust.

Buying experience:
I placed my order on 20-11-21 and knew the product was not in stock showing 30 to 40 days. I was prepared to wait as in my mind this was the best of the 8 Dobs out there and I know I would not be happy with another brand. FLO kept me informed of delivery date when I checked in with them as the 30 and then 40 days lead time approached. In the end the scope actually was shipped from FLO to me around mid-Feb 2022. This is fine for me and is completely out of FLOs hands as logistics globally are un-predictable at present. And it was worth the wait anyway so overall the buying experience was as expected.

Would I recommend?
Yes, in a heartbeat. I am delighted with my purchase and it was worth the wait. The quality of product at the price point paid represents good value for money in my opinion. As well as that my product choice of an 8 Dob was also a good one as the size / weight / ease of use / optical quality factors are all in that sweet spot given what I was looking for. Not being able to physically view the product before purchase I was unsure whether this would be the case but thankfully it has turned out to be a good purchasing decision.

Rating (max 5):  
SL 8" dob.
Wednesday, 23 February 2022  | 

This is one quality piece of kit. Optically, it's as good as or better than the competition, but where it really scores is everywhere else! The mount runs smoothly in both alt and az, its focuser is smooth with no issues and it's very well equipped: RACI finder, integrated cooling fan and adjustable altitude bearings to achieve balance. Look to your laurels, Skywatcher!

Rating (max 5):  
StellaLyra 8" f/6 Dobsonian
Thursday, 11 November 2021  | 

After many hours of researching telescope options and opinions I finally decided to give Astronomy a go. I made 2 good decisions; the first was to purchase from FLO, the second was to go for the StellaLyra 8" Dob.

I emailed in to FLO with some questions and got some really helpful advice, and they sold the StellaLyra to me, with the extra quality of the finder, the eye pieces and the fine tuning on the focuser.

So I ordered it. Great service, well packaged and delivered next working day.

Size of the scope is impressive; quite easy to set up even if it does require a bit of guess work as there are no assembly instructions provided.

The finder scope is easy to adjust to line up with the main scope. I had to google how to focus the finder - but then that was a 2 minute job to sort out.

I've been lucky enough for the clouds to break a few times and got some good views of Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon. Straight away I could see the cloud bands on Jupiter and the moons. Saturn was a bit more illusive, and although I could see the planet and the ring with the supplied 9mm eyepeice; couldn't quite see the Cassini division. Maybe need a 6mm to get a little closer. Telescope is rock solid in the mount and there is not shaking, and seems very steady. I also like the adjustability on the friction for the az and alt movement. I had not problems setting the balance point, just took a few times of trial and error to get it where I wanted it.

Only one slight niggle, and I think a previous reviewer has also mentioned that the supplied 2" eyepiece won't focus unless pulled out slightly from the focusser. Doesn't affect the quality of the viewing experience, just doesn't match the quality and feel of the rest of the scope.

All in all; very pleased with my purchase. I just need a 6mm eyepeice and collimator to compliment the package.

Rating (max 5):  
Absolutely delighted
Sunday, 7 November 2021  | 

Im so glad I purchased this scope. Although, I already own a 10 Meade LX200 GOTO, an equatorially mounted 4 refractor and a Meade ETX70 GOTO, I have been hankering after a grab-and-go telescope with a large aperture for some time.

After comparing specifications from various companies, I opted for this FLO StellaLyra 8 owing to the inclusion of a 10:1 Crayford focuser, a right-angled finder scope and a mirror-fan (which is so quiet I cant tell its even on).

Its also supplied with a 2, 30mm focal length eyepiece and a 1 1/4, 9mm Plssl. Collimation was a breeze with a laser collimator (though dont forget to check your laser collimator is itself collimated), the main mirror having a usefully marked centre spot. It only needed a slight tweak to bring it into collimation.

Overall impressions are very high and both the telescope and its Dobsonian base are very solid. The altitude and azimuth movements are very smooth with no stiction.

Both axes have tension controls and the main tube can be slid along its bearings to facilitate balancing. Constructing the base from its flat pack presented no problems, and the base incorporates a useful carrying handle and an eyepiece tray.

I was tempted to buy the 10 version, but I wanted minimum weight vs maximum aperture or else it would no longer be a grab-and-go, so I opted for the 8 which is easily transportable in its two component sections (scope and base). I can set this up in 5 minutes, with the mirror fan aiding rapid acclimatisation.

My first views of Jupiter and its Galilean moons were really crisp and bright at x200 power. Since then, its been cloudy!! It took a bit of getting used to having to star hop again after using GOTO scopes, but great fun.

Customer service from FLO was second to none. I ordered it one day, and it was delivered the next, along with great communications from FLO. Well done, in these days when good customer service is sadly so unexpected.

At 449, for such a great telescope, its amazing value, especially with the all-metal silky-smooth Crayford focuser and accessories.

Rating (max 5):  
A well-priced, handsome and versatile scope
Wednesday, 3 November 2021  | 

This is my fifth telescope in the last 10 years. 3 were "goto" scopes with automated targeting for celestial objects. However, I have been intriqued by the number of experienced amateurs who have been advocating dobbies so I thought I would try one myself. Firstly you need to know that weighing in at around 20 kgs this scope is not easy to move around. Separating the scope and mount makes it possible, but an "assistant" is useful. However, once in position, I can see what the fuss is about. It is amazingly easy to point and stays in position while you fiddle with eyepieces. The very good right angle finder is essential, and makes finding a target relatively easy. The brightness and resolution of the image is terrific and the choice of eyepieces absolutely spot on. It is a handsome scope - my wife has allowed it in the living room. My only (slight) gripe is that the excellent option to adjust the centrepoint of the telescope to balance it is marred by the fact that the scope needs to be almost at the end of the adjustment to achieve balance. The instruction manual needs to be downloaded, but only really concerns assembly. I had to contact FLO to check which of the knobs on the end were the collamination screws (black) as opposed to the locking screws (white), avoiding an expensive mistake. But overall a handsome versatile and well-priced scope.

Rating (max 5):  
Stella Lyra 8 Dobsonian
Tuesday, 5 October 2021  | 

Im really glad that i decided to go for this scope over the Skywatcher. The dual speed focuser and the 9x50 upright finder scope with a diagonal clinched it for me. The finish on the telescope is good and was very straightforward to assemble, although I had to look online for the assembly details. The collimation was almost spot on and only required a tweak. The optical performance was very nice with lovely crisp images. For visual astronomy you cant go wrong with this telescope. This will keep me occupied while Im saving for my astrophotography rig. The delivery and packaging was excellent, as was the service from First Light Optics

Rating (max 5):  
Stella Lyra 8 F6 Dob An Excellent well thought out quality Dob
Saturday, 25 September 2021  | 

The Stella Lyra scope comes double boxed and very well packaged , on inspection its both wrapped and sealed inside the box so no water ingress is possible .
The base is of chipboard construction with quality hardware and captive nuts inset with a press fit into appropriate holes for a good fit the lazy Susan style azimuth plane is put together with roller bearings between two steel plates not friction plates as other models seem to have I added some lithium grease to the bearings to aid in manoeuvrability. The center bolt also has a bearing washer betweeen two washers which is a nice touch and aids free adjustable movement . It has a stew eyepiece tray with room for one 2 and 3 1.25 EPs and is held securely to the side panel .
The OTA came in perfect condition and has the nice addition of some features which I fee put it at a different level to the other comparable options ; it has conical altitude bearings housed in a CNC aluminium block which is both adjustable for tension and balancing the scope itself . This is one part of the scope I think that is worth its weight in gold on other scopes you need to tension the alt bearings to get a balance OR add extra weights etc to balance it . This scope doesnt need that and as such leaves you with a much sharper visually appealing scope that doesnt require additions to work as it should the balance in operation and infinite adjustments to the centre of gravity allow me to completely loosen the alt bearings and have an extremely smooth motion to this scope whichever EP or accessory I choose to add .
It had a 2 dual speed CNC machined focuser which seems to be of excellent quality being both extremely smooth in operation and fully adjustable for tension etc being a Crayford it doesnt loose collimation
It is well made and includes a 2-1.25 adapter which also has threading for a filter although with long barrel EPs it may not be that useful so be careful with a filter short barrel lengths only .
It has brass compression rings so will not mar your eyepiece collection and keep everything in good condition .
The primary has a center dot to aid in collimation and the collimation and lock bolts are both of an ergonomic design which can be done with gloves on etc a nice feature 😀
It also comes standard with an equalising fan and battery box to quickly acclimate your mirror to get observing faster the fan is quiet and effective .
Moving back up to the top of the OTA we have a nice 8x50 RACI finder scope with coarse adjustment once focused it produces a slight amount of CA on bright subjects such as the planets and moon but none that I can see On a normal star field , the field of view is relatively good for an 8x finder and is easy to adjust so far it has not lost accuracy and has stayed in good collimation to the main OTA .
Included accessories are a 30mm 2 EP which is good but does show some Coma around the edges but very useable (Im impressed) a 35mm 2 extension piece 2 to 1.25 adapter a 9mm 1.25 EP of reasonable quality but eye relief is quite tight and the battery pack (AA batteries) to power the fan
Its well built and a lot of thought has been put into the use-ability fit and finish of this scope .
In use as standard (after collimation) it provides very good images and the optical quality of this scope is very good , a great deal of time and attention to detail has been put into the design and accessory package of this dobsonian making it extremely useable with nothing else needed .
As far as I can tell so far in use I can only fault it on two points .
1, the 30mm Eyepiece wont come to focus unless you eithe use the extension or ; pull the eyepiece out slightly all my other EPs from 32 down to 2.5mm have worked perfectly .
2, this is more a niggle than a fault .
The main OTA dust cover that sits Over the spider seems to be quite thin and has no apeture mask/ stop ports which are common on other brands its not a game changer by any means and is a personal preference from me .
My overall opinion and observing through this scope I have detailed in other messages but I would highly reccomended this both on price fit finish attention to detail and the truely outstanding service I had (24hr delivery) through First light Optics of which I bought it from here in the Uk 🇬🇧.

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