William Optics Dec Adaptor For iOptron SkyGuider Pro

William Optics Dec Adaptor For iOptron SkyGuider Pro

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About this product

Model:  wo_m_iopsg_spm
Part Number:  M-IOPSG-SPM

Precision-machined red anodised declination adapter for iOpton Skyguider Pro. 

Enables you to fit a vixen style saddle to the top of your iOptron Skyguider Pro.

An optional William Optics small saddle is also available. 

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A great replacement for the stock SGP adapter.
12 March 2023  | 

I bought this as the stock DEC adapter for the SGP is OK but the two screws will cause problems at night when you are trying to adjust things as the angle of rotation is limited. The WO DEC adapter alllows 180į rotation and has 7 rubber screws that you can tighten as well as the main screw so that the whole thing is secured to the mount. Is it necessary? No but it is of better quality and gives me more freedom to rotate my DSLR in declination.

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05 June 2021  | 

This works really well, once you work out how tight/loose to tighten the screws so that you only need to use the silver knob to untighten, move in Declination then retighten. Id recommend getting the WO saddle too - certainly works perfectly with a WO ZS61

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Small part massive improvement
14 March 2021  | 

Using the ioptron Dec Adapter was a pain as it had too much play to be really accurate, this part fits like a glove with no play meaning easier to adjust to gain the target.
Worth the upgrade.

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I didnt know i needed this until i tried it...
09 March 2021  | 

Simply brillliant. I use a very heavy (and frankly expensive) lens mounted to the Ioptron dec adapter and the moment i loosen the knobs i have no confidence it will stay put! i also dont have great confidence that once retightened it is positioned 'flush' so there could be play in the adapter as the mount rotates. The WO version is a little less user friendly in the sense that i usually prefer leaving the adapter on the lens mount which means having a mini flat head screw driver to hand to loosen and tighten the 'grab nubs' that fixes the adapter to the IOptron but it is worth this slight extra faff. Once on, its only a single turn know needed to loosen/tighten the adapter to rotate it and it does so perfectly flush so its a smooth controlled movement. Makes minor adjustments on my 600mm lens alot easier and i have more confidence it is grabbing tightly. Its a no brainer this one. Dont tolerate the standard adapter, spent a small amount of money on this, you wont be disappointed.

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Worth the upgrade
19 November 2020  | 

The dec adapter on the skyguider pro is sub-optimal to say the least so I went for the upgrade using this adapter and the matching saddle plate. Itís a very snug fit and there are grub screws in 6 positions to make the fit perfect. That leaves you with a single bolt to clamp it tight. No discernible movement of the scope when tightened up which was a major issue with the ioptron stock adaptor. The saddle plate clamp is equally impressive and itís transformed my experience with the mount.


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