William Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star Adventurer
William Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star AdventurerWilliam Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star AdventurerWilliam Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star Adventurer
William Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star AdventurerWilliam Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star AdventurerWilliam Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star Adventurer

William Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star Adventurer

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About this product

Model:  wo_wedge_vixen_style_high
Part Number:  YG-IO-SG01H-RD-P

Includes counterweight bar extension (Only suitable for the iOptron Skyguider).

A new wedge and counterweight bar extension from William Optics suitable for use with the iOptron Skyguider Pro and Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer.

Enables greater precision when polar aligning and setting the latitude which in turn will ensure better/longer tracking.

Provides more accuracy and stability than a standard photo tripod head.

Precision CNC made.

Two versions of this wedge are available: a High Latitude version with an adjustment range of 32 - 59 degrees, and a Low Latitude version with an adjustment range of 7 - 34 degrees.

Extension Bar length, 11.9cm,  weight 105g.

Weight:  990g

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Upgrade from Star Adventurer wedge
Friday, 26 March 2021  | 

Much less movement and play. All metal construction compared with plastic. Adjusting RA and Dec is more precise. More generously sized clamp grips SA more firmly. Overall, a super upgrade. I usually donít write reviews but felt strongly about this one.

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Why Have IOptron not collaborated with WO!
Tuesday, 9 March 2021  | 

I was sceptical that it could make that much of a difference. It does the same thing as the IOptron base and the IOptron one you assume would be fine as it was made for/with the tracker so what more can the WO mount really do? I was amazed by the results! i often shoot at 4-600mm on a heavy Sigma lens and despite my best efforts checking and rechecking polar alignment i am always readjusting and limited to maybe 1 minute exposure at 600mm before trailing or % of missed shots becomes too much. 1st attempt with the WO (inc the WO Dec adaptor which is also fantastic) I aligned, set up the composition and rechecked alignment. To my amazement it moved only marginally and a little tweak i was back perfectly aligned ready to shoot. I was able to get 2 minute exposures at 600mm with 80%+ success and id argue the failures were only due to me vibrating the gear or the mount rotation sometimes 'slipping' if you know what i mean. All in all a worthy investment simply for the fact it gives you the confidence that going out shooting for hours on end wont be a potential waste of time! It cant clear clouds though... sorry

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Worth the wedge
Monday, 25 January 2021  | 

The recommended addition of the Williams Optic Wedge is advice not to be ignored. The adjustment controls are far superior to those of the wedge supplied with the iOptron Skyguider, and make "locking in" to the polar star an absolute doddle with micro-adjustment precision. They also have friction locks to ensure they stay put. The accompanying extension bar is a useful additional accessory.

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Expensive but so much better.
Monday, 11 January 2021  | 

Bought the iOptron Sky Guider Pro just over a month ago & considered at that time purchasing the William Optics Wedge. Decided to give the bundled iOptron base a go. Surely it would be adequate! After 4 sessions with the tracker I sent for the William Optics Wedge as I struggled with polar aligning the mount owing to the amount of play in the adjusters for latitude & azimuth. The difference is night & day!!! When you lock the latitude adjuster with the William Optics Wedge the star in the polarscope stays completely still and the same when you lock the azimuth. Polar alignment is now quick & stress free. Build quality is so much better, as it should be for an item which costs over 3 times more but it is worth every penny. Setting up the guider is now quick & easy rather than a frustrating exercise in guesswork. FLO shipped the item quickly as always with great communication throughout the process. Only wished Iíd chosen the William Optics Wedge originally as it would have saved me some time & a few less grey hairs.....!!

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A Worthwhile Upgrade
Tuesday, 6 October 2020  | 

In a different league to the standard wedges. No slack or jerky movements in either axis. Rock solid, quality engineering that instills confidence. This is a worthwhile upgrade for serious imaging with a star tracker.

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Well worth it
Saturday, 26 September 2020  | 

Using it on an AZ-GTI EQ conversion. With the Star Adventurer wedge it is fairly reasonable for damping, polar alignment, and stability. This blows it out of the water. The fit and finish is nothing short of excellent and it is rock solid when locked down. Adjustments are smooth and precise. Also got rid of a lot of vibration issues when focusing.

The price tag might be a bit scary but for the job that it does I would get it in a heart beat.

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William Optics Wedge
Thursday, 24 September 2020  | 

This mount is certainly an improvement on my original Star Adventurer mount. Adjustments are easier and more precise, particularly in declination. The only issue I have in use is the size of the levelling bubble which is so small as to be almost unusable if your mount is at a reasonable height. I do have 2 issues with William Optic's marketing of this product. It is bundled with an extension rod which is only usable with the iOptron Skyguider. The rod alone retails at about £30 so I have wasted £30 of the total cost. Secondly it is marketed as separate models for northern and southern hemispheres. They are identical in every way apart from the position of a stop key on the wheel which can be easily adjusted.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2020  | 

This may be expensive but absolutely brilliant bit of kit making polar alignment so much easier and more accurate, than using the ioptron standard wedge.

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A proper upgrade.
Friday, 24 July 2020  | 

I really felt like I overpaid when I clicked BUY button. Than i got item delivered and all regrets just gone. You can't even imagine how big of an upgrade this is. Build quality is extraordinary and polar alignment is much smoother than mine AZ-EQ6. I'm very impressed.

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Quality itemquality service
Wednesday, 22 July 2020  | 

Well engineered upgrade to skyguider pro. Not yet had chance to use as frustratingly cloudy nights even when clear forecast. Ace service from FLO Thank you

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