William Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star Adventurer
William Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star AdventurerWilliam Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star AdventurerWilliam Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star Adventurer
William Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star AdventurerWilliam Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star AdventurerWilliam Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star Adventurer

William Optics Wedge for iOptron Skyguider Pro & Skywatcher Star Adventurer

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About this product

Model:  wo_wedge_vixen_style_high
Part Number:  YG-IO-SG01H-RD-P

Includes counterweight bar extension (Only suitable for the iOptron Skyguider).

A new wedge and counterweight bar extension from William Optics suitable for use with the iOptron Skyguider Pro and Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer.

Enables greater precision when polar aligning and setting the latitude which in turn will ensure better/longer tracking.

Provides more accuracy and stability than a standard photo tripod head.

Precision CNC made.

Two versions of this wedge are available: a High Latitude version with an adjustment range of 32 - 59 degrees, and a Low Latitude version with an adjustment range of 7 - 34 degrees.

Extension Bar length, 11.9cm,  weight 105g.

Weight:  990g

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Fantastic Upgrade
Thursday, 29 July 2021  | 

This is a great upgrade to the Skywatcher Star Adventurer Pro wedge, easier and more accurate polar alignments are possible with the William Optic wedge. The build quality is excellent and well worth the additional expense.

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The Rolls Royce of wedges!
Thursday, 15 July 2021  | 

I bought this Williams Optics wedge to replace the stock wedge on my new Ioptron SkyGuider Pro which is somewhat famously tricky to use and is a little unstable. The difference is like night and day. The controls are smooth and precise and obtaining the right settings is easy. It is very stable which is a must for deep sky astrophotography. It's not cheap, in fact it's very expensive, it's much heavier and larger than the stock wedge but I don't regard these as disadvantages as it makes the whole process of polar alignment so much easier and less frustrating.
I heartily recommend this wedge.

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Seems like an expensive indulgence but worth every penny
Sunday, 27 June 2021  | 

The wedge that comes with the Skywatcher Star Adventurer is solid enough once it's aligned and secured in place, but getting it there can be an exercise in frustration and a real time-waster. The William Optics Wedge seemed like an extravagance considering its cost relative to the mount itself, but as soon as I used it I knew it was money well spent. It's very sturdy and well made, and the precision and smoothness of the adjustment screws and securing bolts makes polar alignment quick and easy then once it's locked in place it stays that way. A worthwhile investment for anyone with a Star Adventurer.

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WO wedge.
Tuesday, 22 June 2021  | 

I ordered from FLO for the first time and it worked out very well and I would like to say that this dealer has another customer. And the shipping went above expectations from England to the Netherlands. So FLO gets a 9.5.

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Saturday, 5 June 2021  | 

As everyone else has said on the reviews, this product is excellent - miles better than the standard iOptron base. Solid, sturdy, accurate, easy to use. Nothing more to say.

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WO Wedge - perhaps the best value for money.
Friday, 28 May 2021  | 

Excellent workmanship, polar alignment is smooth and precise, reliable clamps.
The wedge is very easy to convert from high- to low-latitude and vice versa. The differences in models are purely a marketing ploy.

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WO wedge
Tuesday, 25 May 2021  | 

Great piece of kit, precisely machined and very satisfying to use, in my case with a SW sky adventurer. The original wedge appeared to be the weak spot for movement such as wind vibration and loosing PA. This item is much more solid and stable. Yes, the price is eye-watering but youíll have it for life

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Upgrade from Star Adventurer wedge
Friday, 26 March 2021  | 

Much less movement and play. All metal construction compared with plastic. Adjusting RA and Dec is more precise. More generously sized clamp grips SA more firmly. Overall, a super upgrade. I usually donít write reviews but felt strongly about this one.

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Why Have IOptron not collaborated with WO!
Tuesday, 9 March 2021  | 

I was sceptical that it could make that much of a difference. It does the same thing as the IOptron base and the IOptron one you assume would be fine as it was made for/with the tracker so what more can the WO mount really do? I was amazed by the results! i often shoot at 4-600mm on a heavy Sigma lens and despite my best efforts checking and rechecking polar alignment i am always readjusting and limited to maybe 1 minute exposure at 600mm before trailing or % of missed shots becomes too much. 1st attempt with the WO (inc the WO Dec adaptor which is also fantastic) I aligned, set up the composition and rechecked alignment. To my amazement it moved only marginally and a little tweak i was back perfectly aligned ready to shoot. I was able to get 2 minute exposures at 600mm with 80%+ success and id argue the failures were only due to me vibrating the gear or the mount rotation sometimes 'slipping' if you know what i mean. All in all a worthy investment simply for the fact it gives you the confidence that going out shooting for hours on end wont be a potential waste of time! It cant clear clouds though... sorry

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Worth the wedge
Monday, 25 January 2021  | 

The recommended addition of the Williams Optic Wedge is advice not to be ignored. The adjustment controls are far superior to those of the wedge supplied with the iOptron Skyguider, and make "locking in" to the polar star an absolute doddle with micro-adjustment precision. They also have friction locks to ensure they stay put. The accompanying extension bar is a useful additional accessory.

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