BST StarGuider 60º 5mm ED Eyepiece
BST StarGuider 60º 5mm ED EyepieceBST StarGuider 60º 5mm ED EyepieceBST StarGuider 60º 5mm ED Eyepiece

BST StarGuider 60º 5mm ED Eyepiece

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About this product

Model:  bst_sg_5
Part Number:  SP10851

BST StarGuider ED eyepieces offer remarkably high performance-per-£! 

Features include two ED glass elements and fully multicoated edge-blackened optics for excellent colour, enhanced contrast, high light transmission and minimal ghosting. 

The six-element / four-group design minimises field curvature for a nice flat field, even when used with telescope f-ratios as low as f5. 

Modern twist-up eyecups, 16mm eye relief and 21mm diameter eye-lens make them comfortable to use, even when wearing eyeglasses. 

The tactile rubber grip and milled indentations make them easy to handle in the dark.

The 1.25“ nosepiece accepts 1.25" astronomy filters and has a machined safety undercut, so the eyepiece is less likely to slip out of the focuser. 


  • Two ED glass elements minimise chromatic aberration. 
  • All air-to-glass surfaces are fully multicoated for high contrast, high light transmission and minimal ghosting. 
  • Blackened lens edges reduce internal reflections and further increase contrast.
  • Six-element / four-group design minimises field curvature for a nice flat field. 
  • 16mm eye relief (suitable for spectacle wearers). 
  • Large 21mm eye-lens diameter for comfortable observing. 
  • Convenient screw-out eye cups. 
  • Tactile rubber grip for easy handling in the dark. 
  • 1.25“ nosepiece with milled safety undercut. 
  • Accepts 1.25“ astronomy filters. 
  • Suitable for use with telescope focal-ratios f/5 and above. 

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Customer reviews

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Very good value
07 August 2023  | 

I had other Starguider eyepieces before buying the 5mm, and like the rest of the range, it gives a good performance at the price. I can't see any obvious faults with the definition, which is maintained well even at the edges. There's a bit of pincushion distortion, but very few eyepieces are entirely without this, in my experience, and it isn't as serious a fault in an eyepiece as it would be in a photographic objective. I've bought the entire range, because of the reasonable price, with the exception of the 15mm, which is too close to the 12mm and 18mm if you already have these. Because of the cost, I've been able to buy two examples of some of them, to use with a pair of 100mm binoculars. They fit this purpose very well, as the rigid screw-up eyecups can be rested precisely against the orbital bone around the eye, which makes it easier to keep the exit pupils of the binoculars aligned with both eyes at once. This is also useful on a telescope, where these eyecups help to keep the eyepiece accurately positioned in bright light at high magnification, when you have to aim a narrow exit pupil into your narrow eye pupil.

Rating (max 5):  
Happy customer
08 July 2023  | 

Used with skywatcher 127mm to take it to 300x. Live in bortel 4 area . Very good build quality and will last for years. Great views of venus edge to edge. Slight blaring at this range but still good. Nice 60 degrees FOV. No aberration noted. Getting about 35 seconds before adjusting the tracking. Very good quality and very please. Would definitely recommend.

Rating (max 5):  
Surprisingly good.
09 December 2022  | 

I've read many positive comments about this eyepieces before buying one. I must admit that the hype is real. These are very good value for money. Sharp all the way to the edges, excellent AC control, comfortable EF, good build quality. All this goodies for an excellent price. I'll be buying another one for sure

Rating (max 5):  
Fantastic value
10 May 2022  | 

I decided to upgrade from the basic plossl eyepieces I got with my scope (a Skywatcher 8inch dobsonian). There’s a lot of choice out there, some of which are really expensive. I didn’t want to go really low budget but also didn’t want to break the bank. I decided upon BST 5mm and 12mm starguider eyepieces. As I’m mostly viewing the moon and planets, these seemed the right fit for me. In a word “amazing”! It’s like I’ve bought a much better telescope. I’ve had 4 nights of using them on the moon so far, the detail is crystal clear and the FoV and eye relief are excellent (I wear glasses). Going to try the 25mm next. Highly recommended.

Rating (max 5):  
Great high power eyepiece
15 February 2022  | 

Best suited to moderate focal length telescopes to deliver a high power view. Generous field of view and eye relief make it a pleasure to use. Excellent value.

Rating (max 5):  
BST StarGuider 60º 5mm ED Eyepiece good quality
21 January 2022  | 

I'm using it with 72ED. works quite nice. The image quality is good. Jupiter feels very close when I'm using it.

Rating (max 5):  
BST Starguider Ed 5mm
30 November 2021  | 

Well put together eyepiece that gives a decently corrected image on axis and out to about 80% of the field. Comfortable twist up eyecup. This range of eyepieces are a very good stepping stone from the ones supplied with most telescopes

Rating (max 5):  
10 November 2021  | 

Really impressed with the quality feel of these eyepieces. They are a 110% improvement on my previous eyepieces giving a bright, clear and sharp view.

Rating (max 5):  
5mm BST Starguider with Sky Watcher 200mm/8" 1200mm dob.
23 September 2021  | 

I spent several hours enjoying the views with this scope with it's supplied eyepieces then, during weeks of cloudy skies, I ventured down the rabbit hole of selecting some new eyepieces.
The Stargazers Lounge forum was incredibly helpful (thanks to FLO for sponsoring it) and led me to getting 5mm, 8mm and 15mm BST Starguider eyepieces, (giving 240x, 150x and 80x with this scope. I later added a 32mm plossl for low magnification.)

The difference is staggering! For a start the wider field of view (60deg) means less of the "looking down a long thin tube" effect at higher magnifications. To my eyes the images are bright, sharp and show very little distortion. This 5mm is about on the limit for magnification for our skies (Bortle 4, in theory) but, on those good-seing nights, it shows the finer detail of Jupiter, Saturn and the moon really well. It is ideal for splitting double stars too.
Even at this magnification (240x) It is still relatively easy to hand guide the dob.

For me and for this scope they have been an excellent (and inexpensive) upgrade. I thoroughly recommend them.

FLO's service, speed of response, quality of packaging and choice of courier are all excellent. (I live in France - express delivery took just 3 days!)

Rating (max 5):  
16 June 2021  | 

Thankfully my package didn't arrive with clouds and I was able to try them on the first night. I'm quite impressed. The fine detail I can see in the moon with my Heritage 130p is mind blowing compared to the eyepieces that came with the scope. And for the price (especially with the discounts of buying more than 1), I feel it's a great deal that anyone interested in expanding their eyepiece collection should take on.
Also, props to the FLO team for their professionalism and swiftness. I'll be returning here as a happy customer in the future.

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Q1. But aren't these the same as ........ ?

Probably... BST (BarSTa) Starguider ED eyepieces are available under a number of brands but we source them with their original factory name.

Q2. Are these noticably better than the 10 & 20mm eyepieces supplied with my telescope?

Yes. Definitely :-)

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