TS .95x Maxfield Coma Corrector
TS .95x Maxfield Coma CorrectorTS .95x Maxfield Coma CorrectorTS .95x Maxfield Coma Corrector

TS .95x Maxfield Coma Corrector

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About this product

Model:  ts_tscpmacor
Part Number:  TSKomakorr

TS 2 " MaxField Newton coma corrector suitable for all Newtonian telescopes with a 2" eyepiece extension.

Combines the benefits of a short 2-element coma corrector with the excellent field correction of the Wynne corrector and GPU.

Provides 100% illumination up to 35 mm in diameter and 95% illumination up to 43 mm in diameter so suitable for most camera sensors, including full-frame. 


  • Suitable for Newtonian telescopes with a focal ratio f/4-f/6.
  • Very good illumination of 35 mm due to the short construction and M48 thread connection - also suitable for full format
  • Finer stars on the axis and in the field thanks to the 3-element design
  • Improves the focal ratio by a factor of 0.95 - the telescope becomes more luminous
  • The focus position remains upright
  • 2 "filter thread on the telescope side
  • Length only 72 mm for better illumination. The corrector does not protrude into the telescope tube
  • 55 mm working distance from the M48 thread - ideal for DSLR and astro cameras


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