Starizona SCT Corrector IV - 0.63X Reducer / Coma Corrector

Starizona SCT Corrector IV - 0.63X Reducer / Coma Corrector

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Model:  starizona_sct_corr_4
Part Number:  SCTCORR-4

Starizona 0.63x SCT Reducer/Coma Corrector

This 0.63x Reducer/Coma Corrector is designed to work with all Celestron standard SCT Telescopes from the C6 through to the C14.

Camera Adapters

The SCT Corrector IV has a nominal image circle of 27mm, accommodating most popular CCDs and DSLRs. 

Because the back focus of the SCT Corrector IV is fairly critical, for best performance Starizona makes a variety of camera adapters, and custom adapters are also available for less-common camera setups.

The nominal back focus is 90.3mm from the base of the threads on the camera side of the SCT Corrector IV. For the largest compatible cameras, this should be kept within +/-2mm, while smaller format cameras may work fine at slightly larger tolerances. 

Telescope Adaptors

The SCT Corrector IV, like the original SCT Corrector, has a 2" barrel that allows it to fit into a 2" visual back or 2" focuser. If your telescope does not have such an adapter FLO can supply a suitable SCT to 2" Adaptor.

Telescope            Focal Length            Focal Ratio

C6                        1220mm                  F8
C8                        1450mm                  F7.1
C9.25                   1525mm                  F6.5
C11                      1760mm                  F6.3
C14                      2365mm                  F6.7

Please note: The SCT Corrector has a reduction factor of 0.63x, but the C6 and C8 are actually closer to f/11 natively, and they have a shorter back focus compared to the larger scopes so the reduction is a bit less.  The C14 is f/11 natively.


The front (telescope side) of the SCT Corrector IV is threaded to accept standard 2" (48mm) filters.


  • 0.63x focal reduction factor
  • 2.5x faster than SCT's native f/10
  • 1.4x faster than original f/7.5 SCT Corrector design
  • 27mm image circle
  • 2" barrel diameter
  • 2.5" length excluding threads
  • Threaded for 48mm filters
  • SCT Corrector Top Thread: M42 x 0.75mm T-thread
  • Mechanical Back focus (thread shelf to focal plane): 90.3mm (3.56”)
  • Black anodised, machined aluminium housing
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • 5-element optical design with extra-low dispersion (ED) glass





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