Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2 / EQ-3 PRO GOTO
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Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2 / EQ-3 PRO GOTO

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About this product

Model:  150eq32-1
Part Number:  10912/20448

Now supplied with 1.25/2-inch Crayford focuser!

"Good for advanced observing"....."Saturn was a stunning sight"  BBC Sky at Night review of Explorer 150p pdf


  • Magnifications (with eyepieces supplied): x30, x60, x75, x150
  • Highest Practical Power (potential):x300
  • Diameter of Primary Mirror: 150mm
  • Telescope Focal Length: 750mm (f/5)
  • Tube assembly available separately
  • Dual-fit 1.25/2-inch Crayford focuser
  • Direct SLR camera connection
  • Supplied complete with 10mm & 25mm eyepieces
  • 6x30 finderscope
  • x2 Barlow lens 1.25" (with camera adaptor)
  • Parabolic Primary Mirror
  • 0.5mm Ultra-Thin Secondary Mirror Supports
  • EQ3-2 Deluxe Equatorial Mount
  • Built in Polar Alignment Scope Holder
  • Aluminium Tripod with Accessory Tray
  • 33% more Light Gathering than 130mm
  • Tube rings and dovetail mounting bar

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Successful Birthday Present
Tuesday, 29 December 2020  | 

Bought this for my partner for his Birthday, complete success. Delivery took forever so was slightly delayed arrival but Dave and Alex were excellent at keeping me up to date with when it was to be expected and any delays. Arrived in perfect condition and whilst i am no Astonomy buff my partner loves his telescope and on his second night had some excellent imaging of the Moon, Mars & Andromeda. Would 100% recommend both this telescope and First Light Optics.

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Great telescope, the mount is the only slight downfactor
Thursday, 26 November 2020  | 

This telescope's optics are amazing, as a beginner, I have seen the Orion Nebula, the planets, and the moon. All of which look stunning. The only thing I'd change is make the mount a bit stronger/ increase the load capacity by about 2 kilos or so, as with a camera on the RA motor struggles (the counterweights don't go out far enough). As for the service by FLO, within 2 days both halves of the telescope were delivered with all things included, can't fault them. All-in-all, great optics, sturdy tripod and a mount that's almost always running at full capacity. If you have the money, invest in an EQ-5 or an HEQ5

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Maybe Ill get to a 4 over time.
Monday, 22 June 2020  | 

Initially the telescope looks impressive and was very well packaged. Used collimating cap and verified was well aligned. On first crystal clear night (With no moon) went out and aligned with Polaris. Then viewed Vega as it was easy to find. Vega looked the same in the 10mm, the 25mm with or without the Barlow. I was expecting a little magnification. Next I moved on to Jupiter as I figured that should show some detail and I was pretty disappointed. In both eye pieces with or without the Barlow all I could see was a small orange ish planet. It was maybe the size of a pencil head, if that. I couldnt make out any details or the giant spot which should have been visible at the time I was looking. I then moved on the M81 but was unable to find it in the wide angle 25mm eye piece. After that I called it a night. I hope to maybe see more next time.

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Exemplary Service!!
Thursday, 13 December 2018  | 

I ordered the Sky-Watcher Explorer 150P EQ3-2 along with a BST Starguider 12mm eyepiece on 11th December and both items were delivered on 13th December.....Great service!! Thank you FLO for your expert advice and prompt delivery.

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Fantastic quality and great service
Saturday, 8 December 2018  | 


I've been a good boy this year and my wife bought me the 150P on the Eq3-2 for my Birthday. I've opened it up today and assembled, which was very easy and although provided the instructions were not needed..

The quality of the mount is surprisingly substantial and feels sturdy, and the scope itself looks fantastic with the same feeling of quality.

Obviously the weather this evening is very poor and I am unable to use it, however I have collimated it, which was a doddle to do.

I know FLO and the team have been great too, so thank you all.

Can't wait to get out and use it now, but at least I have some time to get familiar with my Philips Planisphere.

Thank you FLO.

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Great Views of Jupiter
Wednesday, 9 May 2018  | 

This is my first ever telescope and I'm an absolute beginner. I have managed to take it out twice and was able to see Jupiter in suburban conditions but was even better in dark conditions. Being new I have not had a chance to discover Deep space objects but I can't wait to take it out again. Easy to set-up if like me you do your research and understand the basics before buying.

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Saturday, 28 April 2018  | 

I love my Telescope. It's as simple as that. I'm a bit of a newbie and I settled on this after researching on various forums and was not disappointed. Simple to set up and I was getting beautiful crisp views in no time. I progressed into Astro photography and though many people said it was not possible with this scope, ignore them, it is. I have a canon 1100d and with a t ring adapter I can attach it and I reach focus easily. All in all a great observing telescope and entry level photography is possible.

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1st scope.
Saturday, 29 August 2015  | 

Had this a few months now,can't fault it,can't wait for the clear skies of winter.One night recently took it to the local Astro club and viewed saturn through their 14" cassegrain and was astounded how good this little 6 incher really was.Thanks FLO.

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A gem of a perfomer
Thursday, 5 December 2013  | 

I bought this telescope to take on holiday to the Maldives for a couple of weeks fully aware of the risks of transporting it, but I wanted a bit of aperture and resolution and was fully prepared for the scope to get totally trashed in transit at the price. However Turkish Airlines did a good job there and back with the scope remaining in full collimation throughout. The only extra I added to it was a 2 inch 28mm Skywatcher eyepiece to easily find objects.

I was more than impressed, E and F in Theta Orionis were easily and consistently visible, Some stars in M15 were resolved and Jupiter was a delight of detail. The telescope provided the best views of Mercury and Venus I have ever had.

I should have taken a slightly higher magnification, this scope can easily be pushed beyond the X150 sold with it.

I was fully aware the german mount wouldn't perform flawlessly on the Equator but it was the most robust for the price and did in fact perform well for what is best described as casual observing either in ALT-AZ or equatorial mode.

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A brilliant first telescope
Thursday, 4 July 2013  | 

I have had a very similar telescope to this for over ten years now, it was my first telescope and it's proved to be a fantastic buy. (mine was a Helios, but the mount and scope are the same save for a couple of improvements on this newer model)

The telescope is large enough to show you some really excellent views, without being so big as to take up too much space or be cumbersome to move around. Once you get the hang of the mount it's wonderfully easy to use and a very solid platform.

If you're not going for the GOTO mount, I strongly recommend you buy the single axis motor. Not having to follow a target with the RA knob means less vibration, better views and improves the experience all round I found.

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