Meade White Light Glass Solar Filter 1200 (Inner Diameter: 305mm)

Meade White Light Glass Solar Filter 1200 (Inner Diameter: 305mm)

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Model:  meade_gsf_305mm
Part Number:  629008

Meade White Light Glass Solar Filter 1200 (Inner Diameter: 305mm)

Meade’s all new white light glass solar filters provide a SAFE way to view the Sun! 

Observe sunspots and solar granulation in detail. 

Available in 10 different sizes for viewing and imaging the sun in white-light. 

The reflective helios solar glass filters are mounted in an aluminium cell that is fitted to the front of the telescope with nylon thumb screws and felt padding (included). 

The filter blocks 99.999% of incoming light and is ISO certified, guaranteeing safety with correct use. 

This 12" (305mm) Glass White-Light Solar Filter is compatible with Meade's:

  • LX90 10"
  • LX200 10"
  • LX600 10"
  • LX850 10"

Warning: Meade White-Light Solar Filters are intended for use only with closed tube telescopes. They should NOT be used with open tube or truss designs such as the Meade 10", 12" and 16” LightBridge Dobsonians. Incident sunlight allowed in by the open tube design can damage to the telescope and cause instant and irreversible eye damage, potentially including permanent blindness! A light shroud is not sufficient protection from harmful solar rays.


  • Fits Optical Tube Diameter 295mm to 302mm / 11 5/8" to 11 7/8"
  • Safe for viewing the Sun
  • Blocks 99.999% of incoming light
  • Compatibility: LX90 10", LX200 10", LX600 10", LX850 10"

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