Sky-Watcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian

Sky-Watcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian

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About this product

Model:  dobsky250px
Part Number:  10668

One of our most popular Dobsonian telescopes. It is generally considered to be the largest aperture solid tube Dobsonian that can still be comfortably setup and moved around the garden single-handed.



  • Magnifications (with Eyepieces supplied): x48 & x120
  • Eyepieces Supplied (1.25"): 10mm & 25mm
  • Highest Practical Power (Potential): x508
  • Diameter of Primary Mirror: 254mm
  • Telescope Focal Length: 1200mm (f/4.7)
  • Dual-Fit 1.25"/2" Crayford-style Focuser
  • Parabolic Primary Mirror (Pyrex Glass) with Protective Silicon-Dioxide Overcoat
  • Diffraction Limited Optics
  • 0.5mm Ultra-Thin Secondary Mirror Supports
  • 9x50 Finderscope
  • Direct SLR Camera Connection
  • Super-smooth Azimuth Movement with Teflon Pads
  • Wooden Alt-Azimuth Mount with Accessory Tray
  • 56% more Light Gathering than 200mm

Customer reviews

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An absolutely amazing telescope!
Wednesday, 25 December 2019  | 

(Son writing the review)
Compared to my old telescope, this telescope is literally a beast! Wherever I point it I'm able to see stars, some of the brighter stars have clear colour differences! Tonight was my first night using it, I was able to find a few star clusters and even Andromeda, the views were incredible.

The weight of the telescope is completely fine for me, despite the telescopes size. I highly recommend transporting the mount and the telescope separately, it's very easy to do and makes the weight bearable.

Assembling and collimating the telescope was very simple and easy to do, just follow the instructions and nothing will go wrong. I recommend doing the collimation with a laser collimator, it saves a lot of time.

I haven't noticed any chromatic aberration or coma when using the scope, which means the views are very clear and detailed! If you're into visual astronomy and basic astrophotography (e.g. taking photographs of the Moon and Jupiter, I wouldn't recommend trying to capture DSO's as it isn't motorised, this telescope is a must!

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The best scope money can buy
Sunday, 18 February 2018  | 

This scope is excellent if you want to observe both the planets and DSO's (deep sky objects). I have had this scope for almost a year, and I have had many good times with it, even tho I hav only had the opportunity to observe from my light polluted flat.
I will divide this review into two sections:
Observing deep sky objects. and observing the planets and our moon.

This is a very large scope so if you are considering to buy this for you kid, I would only do so if you can be there to carry it outside for him/her. When I say kid I mean about ten years and below. I am 15, and every time I am going to observe, I carry the telescope out in two parts, the base and then the tube itself. This works very well, and if you are going to travel with it, then I would do the same when you put it in the car.

I have been using this scope with my explore scientific 82 degree eyepieces.
Observing the deep sky objects:
This is a very capable scope since its primary mirror is 250mm/10 inches. This makes it one of the best, if not the best telescope for the money when observing deep sky objects. I have seen galaxies, star clusters and both planetary- and emission nebula through this scope, and you have to remember that this is from a light polluted city.

Observing the planets and our moon:
People often consider the dobs in the 6"-10" size as a good all-around scope and I couldn't agree more. With this scope I have seen the moon in great detail and with the explore scientific 4.7mm eyepiece I have resolved craters with a diameter down to 3km.
The planets I have observed are Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune.
Observing Jupiter with the 8.8mm eyepiece the cloud bands are as clear as day, and the moons of Jupiter can be seen as bright stars. The most beautiful thing I have seen was probably when there was a double moon transit on Jupiter. The banding was clear and two black dots on the planets disk was easily resolved. You could also tell a difference in the size of the two shadows. When observing Uranus only a very small disk and a faint trace of color can be seen, and on Neptune, you can just be able to tell it's a disk rather than a dot. This is still very good, and no telescope in this price-range is going to outmatch this.

All in all, I would really recommend this telescope if you want something that is capable of showing you the planets and many deep sky objects.

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Great first scope
Thursday, 14 March 2013  | 

I bought this last week and got to use it properly for the first time on Monday and then again yesterday. It is really easy to use being on the dobsonian mount and is not to big to lug around. The tube fits perfectly across the back of my peugeot 306 with the base easily going in the boot. Assembly is very quick and takes almost no time. So far I have been able to find the Leo Triple galaxies, Andromeda galaxy, Beehive Cluster and a few other deep sky objects. The lenses that are included are ok but not brilliant. The 25mm is better than the 10mm. The service from FLO (Martin specifically) was also fantastic. I ordered the scope on Tuesday at about 2pm and it was with me the next day (just a shame the clouds seemed to come with it too! lol)

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an excellent scope!
Thursday, 7 March 2013  | 

I have had the sky-watcher 250xp dobson now for about three weeks, only had chance to use it a couple of times.
first impression when I received this scope were; very well made, easy to assemble. on using the scope; collects alot of light and very clear views although the lenses that come with this scope are not that good, so I would set aside a few pounds for some decent ep's..I have looked at Jupiter and the light gathered from it is excellent!! I have ordered a decent barlow lens and a good 10" ep so the scope can show what it can really do!!
I was undicided on this scope and the sky-watcher

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An amazing piece of kit
Friday, 27 May 2011  | 

I have now owned this telescope for two years in a semi rural location. It does exactly what you would expect for a large dob scope. It collects so much light which has allowed me to see over 400 galaxies!

Its limiting magnitude in practice is around 14.2!

It is also a fantastic scope for planets, double stars, star clusters.

The low F ratio does mean that you have to choose your eyepieces carefully to avoid the seagulls effect at the edge of the field.

It is just at the limit of portability when the tube and mount are carried sepately.

Would I buy this scope again. You bet!


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